Patek Philippe Nautilus Alternatives – Federico Talks Watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus Alternatives – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk alternatives to the iconic watch, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the most in demand sports watch in the world. However you can get the look and feel for a lot less money. Some alternative are the Piaget Polo S, Hublot Classic Fusion, Girard Perregaux Laureato and the Glashutte Senator 70s. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below!


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Tom Saint says:

Good list, nothing surprising but some nice info in a pill. That GP is one cool watch…

Michael Oelgeschlaeger says:

Great video. I wouldn‘t have come up with the Glashuette, but the watch looks nice. The other timepieces are stunning, each on his own right. It wasn‘t my understanding, that the list of alternatives is complete. But I can imagine, that some fans miss their favorites in this video.

Ian Woollard says:

Why is the Patek Philippe Nautilus so expensive and the waiting list so long? The design is very simple only time and date, and being such a successful and famous watchmaking company expanding their business to produce more watches annually not difficult?

HH C says:

The Overseas is actually NOT a Genta design, it was by Jorg Hysek

David Rosin says:

I have Oris aquis and Jean Richard terrascope, similar vibes as well

K.D.P. Ross says:

Big fan of the Laureato — it does read a bit like a hybrid of the Nautilus and the RO, but in the best possible way … I’ll have to try on the 38mm version at some point!


Armand Nicolet j09

Tony Ng says:

Federico is so much more relaxed in this video – a great sign! Keep it up! (I love the GP Laureato, too!)

duffmanohyeah says:

I love how Fed always qualifies his past association with Piaget when he speaks of the company. The transparency is much appreciated. I wish other watch channels would follow the example.

Tal Buset says:

Love the Hublot…were can I find one!

Wilfredo Moisés Bautista says:

The Constellation should be on the list

Ismo Mattila says:

Hublot looks cool but sellita for +6000€ (what it cost’s here) is an INSANE ripoff. And for many if not all the others.. although beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think they are not all that good looking 🙂
Royal oak and Nautilus are my grails but I will never buy them … not if I don’t win the lottery or something. Can’t justify the price.. so in other words too poor 😀

Peter Cervelli says:

I really like these videos about alternatives. Keep it up

G Posada says:

Yes yes Glashutte! Great choice

PrivTrd says:

there can only be one, LOL it is just the way it is. The alternatives are nice but if you want a Nautilus there is not other way to really scratch that itch. However the process of getting one is ridiculous just ridiculous.

Mohammad Alqubaisey says:

Federico : You never talked about the high-end fashion/luxury watches as Chanel,Dior,Bulgari,Chopard and Van cleef and arpels for men , no one talks about watches like you ! please consider this .

jochen487 says:

I really don’t like the style of these watches, therefor all alternatives aren’T my cup of tea

Chris Salih says:

You forgot one important watch the original IWC engineer …. Gerrald Genta porthole design and integrated bracelet

Ashwin Kumar Thiruvengadam says:

A Panerai luminor on a metal strap could also be on this list right, Federico !!!!

mitchell wnorowski says:

glad to see you back doing your own thing. like to see some more affordable vintage videos.

Andreas Huttenlocher says:

Big yay for the return of the Alternatives series!!!!! Keep the episodes coming 🙂

charbel tohme says:

What are your thoughts on Frédérique Constant

Thomas Cala says:

Great video love all of the alternatives.

Kahveh Kavhhveh says:

Wow…love that Senator 70. Never had heard of it. Thanks!

OldSport says:

For a second there, I thought you were going to bust out the bagelsport.

mohammad amin says:

Piaget is Beautiful with Great Heritage , Many Celebreties were Piaget lovers .

J S says:

Grand Seiko sbgv015. Case shape pre-dates the Nautilus!

Alan Hegarty says:

Tried the Piaget on a couple of months ago, absolutely beautiful, the chronograph with the grey dial was very nice also, will be added to the collection

flukom says:

“I am the great Portholio”

Hidden Emperor says:

That type of design is nauseating the lines are really is complimentary to my eyes to the n’th degree, but hey happy the world diverse, it is just not for me. Talking the Patek I love Patek and Vacheron but the overseas is also nooot nice has the same vibe to it.

LimaBravo 130 says:

In all honesty, there is NO Nautilus alternative!

jumboJetPilot says:

Hard to justify a spring bar and pinned Nautilus at its pricing point. I’ve liked the Polo S from day one!

craigblykins says:

I must agree about the Glashutte. I stumbled upon one of these in a boutique last year and immediately thought, “Nautilus Killer”. Of course, it is not. People that want, and can afford, the Nautilus will not settle for less. Having tried the Glashutte and also the Polo S, I walked away purchasing neither. I love the lume on the Glashutte. But the watch wore just a bit too big on me. The Polo S’ color of blue is a bit too bright (young) for my taste. It took me two years to even find a 5711 to try on my own wrist…and it was a let down…in interior lighting the blue dial on the Nautilus was just rather blah…and the clasp is just fussy. If I did get a Nautilus it would be the 5712, which at least gives you some interesting complications for about the same money as the inflated 5711. I understand why you left the Holy Trinity out of this episode. That said, a used Royal Oak, or VC Overseas can easily be found in the $12K ballpark. Having tried on both I would, prefer either a used Royal Oak or an Overseas to the Glashutte or the Polo S.

David Salchert says:

IWC Engineer??

dougiet says:


Time with Don says:

I like that new GP

Brandon Crow says:

Great list

Unadulterated Mischief says:

I’ll have the pleasure of crapping on Hublot.

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