Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990 Travel Time Chrono – Reference 5990/1A-001 Review

This review is on the Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Reference 5990/1A-001. The 5990 is crème de la crème when it comes to stainless luxury watches.

There are Nautilus watch models for every taste out there.

The stainless steel Patek Philippe 5990 is just like the Nautilus 5980, but on steroids!

This Patek Philippe Chrono has a dual timezone feature. Of Patek’s chrono line, it’s one of my favorite pieces. Like the 5980, I consider the 5990 a Grail watch.

Other than the too easy to push button on the side of the case, which changes the hour hand in increments of one, I really like this watch. I consider the pushers on the Rolex Daytona to be a lot better. Actually, the Patek’s pusher could be a lot better if it had a bit of click to it.

The 5990 has a nice, charcoal gray colored dial that’s very appealing, which includes two window openings for you to keep track of the current time and the extra time zone. This featured was modeled after the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164.

The retail price on the Patek Philippe 5990 is $57,300 and you could probably buy a preowned version of the watch from $52,000 to $54,000.

There aren’t a lot of these watches around because the current craze to bling out the watches with diamonds has caused a shortage in the market.

The 5990 is a bit of a “stealth” watch. One that you wouldn’t want to wear if your sole purpose was to be flashy.

So how do you feel about this beautiful stainless steel watch of the Patek Philippe line?

Leave me your comments with your views and opinions about the Patek Philippe 5990 Travel Time Chronograph. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and other social channels below:



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WatchAficionado says:

Hating on the 5711??? Won’t the WIS Police come and arrest you?!

Ilija Petrovic says:

Watch for the winners!

Introduce Forex says:

Very elegant chrono from Patek Philippe. Great video.

Rafael Reyes says:

Beautiful and classy watch

hasan noor says:

Would you prefer a Audemars Piguet over a patek considering the price?

Austin's Crypto Playhouse says:

Amazing watch and review. The 5990 is truly a stainless stealth beauty!

Kyle Anderson says:

Been looking foreward to this review. This is definitely my favorite Patek and favorite stainless watch.

Hoopluh says:

can you please unblock me on instagram? ig: davidjones_34

King Carl says:

wanting to throw a 5711 in the garbage? what the actual

Honda 208 says:

“Little league player” lol

B Bando says:

Hey Eric, great review as always. Could you recommend a nautilus around 20-35k ? As a first patek?

Daniel Wong says:

Greetings Eric,
Im having a hard time choosing between the 5990 or the 5980r/001. I’ve seen both your videos on these watches and it seems to me i should go for the 5980r. May I have your personal opinion on this? I currently own a 5164R too. Thank you.

TheJuroSVK says:

Great video. Can you make one about iwc ? big pilot

Mario Sandoval says:

Great reviews. One of the best watch channels on youtube.

Ghujvan'Dumènicu Ghjuvan'Dumènicu says:

Great video Eric!
I also sold my 5711…something wasn’t working for me…I bought a 5712G and a 5167R.
If I had to go again with a full SS 2 hands watch,I will certainly go for an AP 15202st 40th anniversary.

john strachan says:

Great vid and watch. Cheers Eric.

Leon Kalogeropoulos says:

I honestly almost felt off my chair when the camera perspective kicked in! Please warn us next time before you do such shocking things!
Still really nice Video about an awesome watch

Steven Vaquer says:


A P says:

Hi Eric, can you review the Patek Philippe 5905P? What do you think of it? Thank you.

Day Trading Tutor says:

One of my favorite Patek Philippe watches. Very subdued and low key, but still amazing.

Thomas Russo says:

My man love your videos and love the watch but the 5711 is as smooth as they come

Christopher Wilson says:

This is easily one of my favorite Pateks

amirjon says:

Hey Eric, 
I agree that the pushers are easy to accidentally press in and I can’t understand why PP hasn’t done anything to rectify that. Patek already knows this is an issue and has a lock mechanism on the 5524 Pilot Travel Time which prevents the pushers from accidentally being pushed in. 

And I have to disagree with you on the gold standard of pushers; the Daytona is fantastic but I think Lange & Sohne’s pushers are from another planet!! Have you ever worked the Datograph?!?! You’d love it.
Another great video ma man!

paul mccoy says:

Wich dial you think is the best for a stainless steel 5980??

PlanetPowerHD says:

Wtf happened to the spiraling, hypnotic background musical intro compadre

Chacho Guevara says:

I love this channel so much. 5990 definitely an amazing travel watch. Not to change the subject but how hard would it be to get the 5168G? I’m between the 5990/1A & the 5168G Not sure which would be a better watch for me. I’m leaning towards the 42mm 5168G as it’s got a beautiful blue dial, with the applied white gold markers, and the blue rubber strap to that white gold case is just so different to me and I feel it’s more a more youthful look. Let me know what you think if you get a chance Eric. Best big bro

CodeNameGabriel says:

An AWESOME watch in my opinion. Thanks for the review.

Alan Klement says:

Sick watch

ssssfaisalssss says:

Bro for me always 5980 stainless with gray dial is the best Nautilus EVER .

Andi Valentinus says:

Best Nautilus by far

Maxim Lubimov says:

Hi Eric, nice review, keep up the good work. One question – Luminor PAM 351 on brown leather or radomir PAM 512 on black? Thanks in advance

Marcelin Photography says:

You guys have the best watch channel on YouTube! Love it!

Stanley Johnson says:

Better bracelet than the AP RO?

makana n says:

What do you think of the 5712?

Captain Z says:

Great piece and all but for that price I’d expect some precious metal.

Dan Alvarez says:

The Patek Philippe 5990 is a true gentleman’s watch.

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