Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990 fully hand engraved

Instagram: bramramon_engraver
Patek Philippe Nautilus 5590 full hand engraving proces! Please respect copyright! Have a look at my other videos to! 😉


Александр Мачтин says:

wow amazing, but I have a phone

TopTens says:

Patek Phillip should hire him, just beautiful

BilinearWheel48 says:

That’s a beautiful piece and a great hand-made job, awesome result!

David Mergl says:

Whats the price on this. And is there a way i can order something like this online

Vy Chi says:

Wow, what a talented man. Beautiful piece of art.

MrSting17 says:

I asked if that was platinum in another video. Isn’t “Pt” a harder metal ?

I heard a jeweler talk about platinum and that it was a joy to work with.

It is cheaper than gold right now too.

กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ says:


pannenkoekspek says:

Where can you learn this skill?

george w kush says:

Usually I would say altering such a watch is blasphemy, but my god. This took my breath away, absolutely fantastic work and craftsmanship. Just out of curiosity, how much do you charge for such work?

Noggsy joggsy watches says:

Beautiful strap terrible bezel

craik says:

you put the life back in the watch! fantastic work of art.

john strachan says:


Ismo Mattila says:

Wow this looks absolutely breathtaking! :O

Mark W says:

Nice handy work. But the watch looks better the way it was.

John Eli says:


Underdog says:

patek should have you work on a ltd 50 run of the nautilus bram ltd 50.

jamespgleason says:

I’ll take two

Fredrik Granberg says:

How much for engraving just the watch-case? This is a true piece of art.

Abdullah Bin Abbas says:

can somebody please tell me whats the name of the background music? 🙂

Scott Fulps says:

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Daniel Magnante says:

Impeccable craftsmanship

Aramis7 says:

just out of curiosity, how long does the engraving process take? (as shown here)


Please … I Love the Videos and Detailing but , no Piano Music .. Its getting on my nervs. There is much nicer Musc then this … believe me . Do some nice happy Mozart or something .. Something that Chears up and is Harmonious . Not this kind of Bull …Thanks !

Aramis7 says:

That is effin STUNNNING!

Harvard Ford says:

I normally dont condone into messing about with a watch’s design due to the fact that designers took a lot of time to make it look the way they are, and for these higher end watches I’m pretty sure they took their sweet time.
I dont know how old you are, but once i become successful, and i will be!!!! i hope youre still alive by the time that happens cause this is freaking immaculate
you will be engraving my patek philippe Caltrava

Nick G says:

Fucking Amazing!!

ferw swer says:

price ?

andr27 says:

cnc made it faster, more precise, cheaper, and look better. Why the fuck still by hand? to make excuse for out of space price?

NM P says:

Absolutely fantastic. That kind of ability is almost non-existent nowadays. Engraving used to be a respected profession but who does it anymore?

Chimera Aretina says:

golden hands!
Impressive work.
Good vidéo Thank you

Thomas Lee says:

i wanted to hate on this SO BAD …. but can’t. #artisan

W Ippolito says:


Max Bel says:

omg thats art

Mallar GHosh says:

is he cutting steel by thumb pressure?

Howzer The man says:

Stunning work Bram

Jim Milliken says:

How’s the black background achieved? Enamel? Etching? Beautiful. I’ve a sekonda that needs jazzing up…….

Jamie Voth says:

You definitely made it a heck of a lot more beautiful.

Raymond Wan says:

watch thousands… strap hundreds… the value is in the watch NOT the strap… u can wrap the watch with a ton of gold straps but it is still a watch…

Daniel Crompton says:

Wow incredible

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