Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 Rose Gold Review

Dylan of Bijou Diamond Jewellery reviews the Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph in full rose gold (ref. 5980/1R-001). He talks through the different features of the watch and facts about the Nautilus line. Stay tuned for more watch reviews!

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Fart Ing says:

beautiful watch, great review! thanks for sharing your very impressive knowledge at such a young age on this stunning timepiece. This watch 100% be has to be in the collection. Looking forward to more reviews !

Jacob says:

dumb question: aren’t you normally supposed to stop the second hand before resetting it, i was told it can damage the internals of the watch

A A says:

no homo you beautiful dude 😀

Eftihios Christou says:

Am I the only one surprised to click on a Patek Philippe video and see someone who looks like they just got out of high-school presenting one? fair play

7979dennis says:

Beautiful watch, great review.


I’m gonna buy this for sure 😀

Xavier Abdul says:


שבט זבולון - שיווק ציוד לקידוח says:

You look much nicer then the watch!! 😉

CoolAndy says:

It is a great review. Btw. What is bgm?

moonsalam says:

The hall collection if i may:).

Mitch 1977 says:

Nice review sir! Good to see a young man with your knowledge & passion for the watches! Just subscribed! Keep em coming!

TheSpritz0 says:

MOST gorgeous watch I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!!!!

Tom Wessel says:

Stunning piece, personally I would prefer the version with the leather strap though. Rosegold bracelets (or any precious metal bracelets) tend to become safe queens.

Auttie B says:

another great review, just one point, there is a bad echo with the sound recording, you need a room with more soft furnishings like curtains, carpets etc to do your reviews

Jimmy Awanui says:

nice vido. think you. just need to fix audo has eco. you need a good mic

alan jackson says:

Lovely watch!

gemini232003 says:

Great video and a very beautiful watch.

Xavier Abdul says:

Whats the intro song name

obsedatr6 says:

My God I love this review….It is so honest and so well put together, especially when comparing to other Nautilus…I love when a reviewer focus on the negatives as much as the positives, and gives a honest opinion!!!!Hope this channel grows!!!!

Monaco Slim says:

great review

riyas m h says:

what is your wrist size?

Amintas Neto says:

Very nice video and Nautilus. Thx! My only feedback is that your point about the watch weight doesn’t apply. I believe you meant the feeling of the metal given gold is denser than steel.

adam smith says:

Great video!
Hi, i want to ask you some questions please . I never try this watch on my wrist , i have a gold daytona . if you compare this watch with the daytona , which one is more confortable to wear and which one is more heavy on the wrist ? because i dont like heavy watches , they are not confortable.

Also one more thing is confusing , the daytona has 40mm case and this patek has 40.5mm case but i think the daytona looks bigger than this watch . do you agree with me or do you think this patek looks bigger than the daytona? , i dont want to buy a watch which looks smaller than the daytona because i have 7.5 inch wrist.
thank you.

Chacho Guevara says:

Is that what you call a trust fund baby?

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