Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 – A Gentleman’s Watch – Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 – A Gentleman’s Watch

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 is a true gentleman’s watch and one that is the topic of this Watch Your Style review.

The Nautilus 5980 is a very conservative model, as are many of Patek Philippe’s designs. It is not for the person that wants a flashy or sporty watch. It is for the true watch connoisseur.

The 5980R was designed by the same Swiss wristwatch designer who designed the Royal Oak case for Audemars Piguet, Gerald Genta.

The 5980 is the chronograph version of the model, which is my favorite one (as opposed to versions like the 5711 and 5712).

One thing I like about the Patek Philippe 5980r is that it’s a bit thicker, which is important for me.

Despite this fact, the watch might be frowned upon by athletes and other watch buyers that might be used to larger style watches that are more commensurate with their body proportions.

Variations of the Patek Philippe 5980

The watch comes in stainless steel, as well as the all-rose gold version, and the rose gold version on a leather strap, which happens to be my favorite.

In terms of value, Patek Philippe watches like the Nautilus 5980 tend to hold their value and even increase over time. So, from an investment point of view, watch investors can allocate money to watches like the Nautilus without worrying about any depreciation over time.

Part of the reason for this is that Patek Philippe does not overproduce their watches, unlike other watch brands. At some point in time, they stop producing certain models and they become discontinued, which tends to drive their price up over time, making them more attractive to watch collectors.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus has a perfect finish, a great combination of satin and polish. The dial is also very classy and not too busy, with two sub-dials into one and a date function.

It also sports one of the most comfortable bands you’ll ever wear.

With a retail price of around $90,000 the rose gold Patek Philippe 5980r is not a piece just anyone could afford. That’s why, if you’re able to buy one and enjoy the true luxuries of life, you’ll definitely stand in the crowd of true watch connoisseurs.

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DeAd says:

found a 5571 with a white dial at a boutique… should i?

Saul Hernandez says:

N then came the 49 Mm

Adnan Shariff says:

Do you let the seconds hand of the chrono always running.

Sector Mentor says:

Oops, got my answer in the video!

ryvr madduck says:

The background music is a nice touch for a review such as this. A class watch and a class watch review need some nice classic music.

Ricky_Rozay says:

Thought the Nautilus was designed by Gérald Genta?

Kayserili38ification says:

more content plz thanks allot ignore the haters…

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

This is hands down my favorite sport watch this model in rose gold the a close 2nd is the royal oak in rose gold and yacht master gold. That’s the perfect collection

Chris A says:

I don’t think you can get a better watch

Chandler Booker says:

im going to have to look into paddock watches.

My Opinion says:

nice one eric

Alex Butler says:

Beautiful presentation and piece.

Maximus Genatilia says:

Dude what sunglasses are those ? NICEEEEE

Khaled Bader says:

hello, what would be your recommendation between this watch in yellow gold or a royal oak 41 mm in yellow gold, im 29 btw. great show and greetings from dubai

Jonathan Robles says:

Where are you glasses from??

adam smith says:

Great video!
Do you think that this watch is an everyday watch?
thank you.

Martin max says:

ok, you said this watch is never gonna get out of style, but in my opinion it did already long time ago…..its design looks like from 60-70’s. audemairs piquet is much better choice here….hublot sucks though with their flashy marketing

PokemonNerdLand says:

From the thumbnail, I initially thought that the watch had a nice white bezel but I later realised that it was actually rose gold. It’s still nice but I wished there was one with a white bezel, haha

Rick Chen says:

need ur expertise Eric.. 15400 rose gold or 5711 rose gold??? please help!

Mr. Bass says:

Its VERY nice But I like My RUSSIAN VOSTOK MILITARY KOMANDIRSKIE WATCH # 211428  $39 on E-bay 2 yr warranty with box and papers a REAL Mans watch .

MrThemorningsun says:

great review mr. gonzaga, when is your next.. .. ufc fight?why are you covering your eyes up? we all know who u are gabriel. ;P patek and other chronos seem to be my favorite choices after getting bored with rolex.

Elagant Johan says:

Only people who know watches gets excited with the patek its for those classy people not rich concentrate classy there os a difference

Jay Fredrick says:

Eric, is there chance you’ll be reviewing some of the craziest Patek such as the 5970, 2499 or any grand complications?

Father Father says:

I love the patek

Fi Ka says:

Doing the best review ,a pleasure to watch.To be honest Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 is not good-looking watch especially steel version.

Juan Velez says:

this Patek or an Invicta???? hahahhaha

Sector Mentor says:

Whats the watch you are wearing please? Thank you

money team says:

Eric your doing a great job. a true shotta. 5980 is the neck breaker aka top shotta heavy piece. keep up the great videos

Shafir Iqbal says:

Need to get this by the end of 2018 thats if it holds its value? fucking im on this!

Jeremie Blanchard says:

thank you Eric for all your video, discovery new models is always interesting.
this Patek is absolutly Amazing and for sure a masterpiece for every collection.
maybe one day i can get one !! for the moment i enjoy my 16570 artic white 🙂
once again thank you from Paris, France.

alan jackson says:

This video keeps coming back to my inbox…. Almost teasing or taunting me lol.

OS993 says:

do you have a review of 5990?

Pharaoh Vito says:

Richard Millie > Patek in terms of value

Desiré Cerón says:

one about watches with the best stories attached please

Tomasina Covell says:

LOL… That’s not an oversized and gaudy watch?

Mike C says:

Thats too much sauce

murat zafer says:

Is Eric’s watch AP roo schumacher ????

johnnypenisburg says:

Got the 5712 R T dial today, put on a brown rubber strap from Patek, looking gorgeous as phuck

Random Movies says:

why do you always wear sunglasses??

Cesar Castelo says:

Erick, can you make a video of the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 in rose gold? I would appreciate it! muchas gracias.

UptownRepresentative says:

Worlds most overpriced watches? Go look for a Patek.

SG Harris says:

Fab watch. I love this series.

Dir Kirsche says:

Thanks Eric.

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