Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P Worth $250,000! 40th Anniversary Platinum Edition

The Patek Philippe 5711 40th Anniversary platinum edition is a stunning heavy hitter! It’s the perfect suit watch or for formal wear.

I had already reviewed the chrono version of the 40th Anniversary Nautilus, the 5976, probably the largest wristwatch from the Patek Philippe that I’ve ever seen!

Even though I initially went bonkers when I reviewed the larger 5976 in rose gold, I think that this platinum non-chrono 5711-1P is actually the perfect size!

The Nautilus 5711 anniversary edition is limited to 700, so that’s pretty exclusive. Even though Patek set a $113,000 retail price for this amazing watch, it’s impossible to buy it for such a low price. The actual price of the Patek 5711/1P in the market is closer to the mid $200 thousands!

The rich, blue color of the 5711/1P’s dial is truly remarkable to look at. The dial is also adorned with subtle baguette markers that will probably slide unnoticed even by the staunchest opponent of all things bling!

Like all the platinum Patek Philippe watches, this one also has the standard signature little diamond around either the bottom of the case at the 6 o’clock position or the bezel. It adds a bit of a classy touch to the piece.

The watch is definitely a heavy hitter in the Watch Game, but what would be totally awesome is to have both the 5711 and 5976 in a collection. Imagine that!

Let me know how you feel about the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P 40th Anniversary edition. Do you have another watch of this caliber that you prefer to wear on formal occasions?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Kc 85 says:

When Eric speaks – we listen intently…

thehermanli says:

the blue dial on this watch rivals that of fp journe’s chronometre bleu, imo.

Raymond Lee says:

Which other brand have that many LE?

SydsGaming says:

Great video, Eric!! Question, how do you obtain all these watches? Buy them all? 😮

itsleo says:

Bringing out the heavy hitters as always Eric, great job. Always love Patek, love the deep engraving “40” on the dial…

Sultan Al Hadidi says:

Beautiful watch

Wesam Mansour says:

Daaamn the 5711 is Epic!!!
Love that they made it in Platinum with the blue dial..
Cheers from Yemen

scott storkamp says:

Grail of grails!

Dave San says:

Hey eric. Which one would you choose the 5711p or the 5976g. And why would you pick that watch

SpaghettiKillah says:

Hi Eric.
Given that Patek puts the retail price on these so “low” fully knowing they’re gonna go at twice the retail, would you consider that sort of a ” i’m taking care of your investment as a customer and Patek collector ” move from them? They could easily price this way higher and cash that margin themselves.
Kinda’ what Porsche does with their GT2RS that they sell only to selected customer at base price (fully knowing that the street price is 30-40% higher).

nicedude100 says:

Write Seiko on the dial instead of Patek, no one will pay over 1,000$ for it.

User Name says:

Granted I’m nowhere comfortable with buying a Nautilus given its price, but marking 40 years right on the dial seems a bit tacky. Doesn’t seem to fit the classiness I associate with Patek.

e smith says:

this watch looks like a Bulova from the 1980’s

Larry Kippings says:

Nice watching, commemorative stamping on the dial is a bit showy and tasteless though.

nino brown says:

Your RM looks nice

Chris B says:

Come on man you rule but don’t clown on omega they make good watches

Defenstrator says:

It’s a nice watch. But the idea of it being worth $250,00 is only taken seriously by people with more money than brains.

lecorsaire says:

A heavy hitter. Literally.

Art Ponce says:

What’s the first watch you ever owned ? Also what is the least expensive/most expensive watch you currently own ?

Mike J J says:

Kevin Hart prolly got it already

fickoff duck says:

Whats the Richard Mille he’s wearing?

Ben N says:

great job again Eric

Wolverine X men says:

Bro where u wearing a Richard mille?

Mike J J says:

That’s harddddd

Bruno Schoelkopf says:

Hello Eric! Incredible content. A Patek is more impressive than a Mille. Eric the icon. 😀

Antonio lopesk says:

Eric whats the RM model you wear?

TheSpritz0 says:

I’m just thinking HOW COOL it would be owning a pre-1982 Nautilus, or an original Vacheron Constantin 222 in 18K Gold!!!!!


i own a skymoon but i just sold it for 75k

mgarciah says:

Is that watch really worth that?, no complications, some baguettes, what else!?….

soft metals says:

does the crystal scratch that easy (at 6 o’clock) on such an expensive watch?

Atif Shayk says:

I Like How You Always Wear A Sicker Watch Than The One You Review. My Next AP I’m Buying From You Eric.

Indy Kalia says:

Only Eric would wear a heavy Richard Mille, while reviewing a Patek Anniversary! Eric you are a baller!

Shaf Serious says:

700 made- thats Patek Phillipe: unattainable for most.

ferw swer says:

rolls royce price

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