Patek Philippe At Baselworld 2014: Two Special New Products

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Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe, presents two new models designed to be particularly fresh and young but also practical and technically impeccable. The Ref. 5990/1 is a Nautilus with chronograph and second time zone. Thanks to two pushers on the left side of the case, the owner can easily move forward or backward the 2dn time zone hand. Smart. The Ref.5960/1 is an annual calendar in steel with a more agressive design and particularly legible indications. But stay tuned because Patek Philippe celebrates this year its 175 anniversary, and more stunning pieces are to be presented in the year. And you will see them on The


FantasiaNerd says:

Looks like a casio 

sexy korean girl says:

is he the watch maker?

Alex K. says:

1:47 did he say perpetual calendar? Because that is an annual calendar…

Tomasina Covell says:

it’s the “ears” on the Nautilus that I never liked, (another Gentra overstep) and that’s why I like the Aquanaut’s case look better, but on this model they only begins to make at least some sense.

Mehdi Bouhentala says:


Peter Hageman says:

nautilus is most agly watch i ever seen!

rat'a'dog says:

AP rang they want their style back~

wordingreenville says:

I hate to say it, but the Patek brand is taking a step backwards with these two. Innovative, in terms of features…maybe, but they are hideous.

Erik Ternsjö says:

I made a review of this watch on my channel (and an unboxing). I would greatly appreciate your feedback! Have a good day! 🙂

Nicke lee says:

Both the two new watches from Patek Philippe are so beautiful, specially the second one with gold bracelet and white background. See similar blog about Patek Philippe:-

ismiv23 says:

Why the minute hand moves every time he pressed the pushers? It looks fragile to me.

Rusty Cox says:

Cannot wait to see what they have in store for their anniversary collection.

Aidas Tiskus says:

very confusing .patek lost its mark

BeautyofScent says:

The first one looks like a Fossil watch

Paweł Zawisza says:

I do not like the Ref. 5960/1 very much, I think the previous references in precious metals were better, sad to see the discontinued. However I love the aperture system in these Pateks – for a more stylish everyday watch Ref. 5205 is great.

The Nautilus is incredible. Iconic design, in steel (as the Nautilus should be!), with time zone that makes sense, and that you can adjust for summer/winter time, which all GMT watches featuring cities on the outer ring get wrong (since you cannot adjust the time calculations on that one). 

syed ali says:

I can have a way much better watch, for these Local design watches!!

manduheavy vazquez says:

How many fools can compared Rolex with the greatness patek…..patek and another companies are of another level, is how you compare amateur boxer (Rolex) vs professional boxer (patek, audemars, vacheron, breguet, etc). Patek is exclusivity.

mistersod says:

Mr President…there is no I in team!!

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