Patek Philippe Aquanaut, JLC Reverso, & Near Great Watches: Counterfeit Rolex & Cartier Advisory

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Watch buyers, watch sellers, and watch collectors join Tim Mosso for the must-see luxury watch knowledge and comedy show, “Watches Tonight.” This evening sees a full program of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Omega watch discussion. Thanks to inclusions from Blancpain and Jaeger LeCoultre, our web show covers a full spectrum of counterfeit watches, watch brand surprises, and near great watches from major luxury watch brands.

Our primary segment discusses the near great luxury watches from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Blancpain, and Jaeger LeCoultre. Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut 5167 is a grail watch for many, but its existence is shadowed by the older Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711. Rolex’s Explorer II 216570 is an “if-I-had-just-one-watch” candidate for many watch buyers, but the Explorer 2 is an oddball in the Rolex watch catalog, and it sits in the shade of the top selling GMT Master.

Jaeger LeCoultre and the Reverso are inseparable. However, too many Reverso models and several decades of discontinued production have kept the Reverso from taking its place alongside the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Rolex Submariner. Speaking of the Submariner, its reputation and unbroken model year sequence dog the otherwise exemplary Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Like the JLC Reverso, the Fifty Fathoms has been endlessly iterated; there is no definitive version among the hundreds of variants built since 1953.

Tim discusses Cartier and Rolex; these are the most counterfeited watch brands in the world. Counterfeit Rolex watches are ubiquitous as low-cost fashion accessories for posers; the same can be said of counterfeit Cartier watches sold around the world. Tim discusses the nature of the counterfeiting of these brands while offering insight into how a watch buyer can avoid counterfeit watches altogether.

A viewer question leads to a discussion of pleasant surprises discovered at mainstream luxury watch brands including fine straps at Breitling, excellent clasps and unexpected tourbillon watches at Omega, colorful Rolex offerings, reasonable Jaeger LeCoultre service costs, and Grand Seiko dials of exceptional quality.

All of this content plus our watch collector wrist shots are included this evening on “Watches Tonight” with Tim Mosso.




Andreas Larsson says:

Tim you are the bo$$!I would really want a Bulgari assioma in rosegold with a black dial!That is a really cool watch!!

Don Rogan says:

Schrodinger’s cat!! Lol.

jumboJetPilot says:

I like the red dial side of that Reverso. Blue has taken off, Green is gaining, but Red doesn’t get much love yet. And I love the Fifty Fathoms!

jthink1984 says:

Tim can we get a weekend comparison video of the new 2018 wave dial Omega Seamaster 300m diver vs the previous no wave version? I think all the small design choices to the watch and bracelet are brilliant but easy to miss. Love the work!

Anastase Papoortzis says:

Nice show Tim!

Greg Mieg says:

the omega tourbillon is growing on me

Un-Named Trucker says:

Tim Mosso: Better looking, more knowledgeable, and infinitely more honest than Alpha M. (Also, why is Cartier trying to mimic G-Shock watches?)

Manuel Gonzalez-Rey says:

Tim Thanks for the video. Great as always

Phillip Pugh says:

tim thanks for the grand seiko love .Keep it coming i have two so far snowflakes and a 40mm quartz

one2freeflaw says:

it a bit too dramatic, but i like it

Al Moscola says:

Tim you were on a roll tonight, fantastic episode! Still laughing as I shut down the computer. Have a great night and stay safe!

Double H H says:

Nice. Martin sheen (Estevez) to EMilio E. I indeed also look forward to Mighty Ducks 4-The Wrath of Gritty.

Tony Hill says:

Great show again. You did drop a couple of lines tonight so I’m now convinced you’re not an android. 🙂

Master G says:

I’m wearing that Explorer II!
I think it could have played the 42mm case better if the lugs were shorter or at the very least if the end-links didn’t add to the length.

I love it even so but I often wish it was made as a 40mm.

Darthibald Vaderfield says:

I’ve had my eye on the JLC Amvox2 for some time. Your service story makes me feel even better about (eventually) getting it.

Amintas Neto says:

Great show Tim. Spot on the counterfeit Rolex point. It’s amazing how this thing keeps growing. What a shame! Best, Amintas

T M says:

Nice one Tim. Can’t wait to see Archie show off your autograph on the OTHER greatest live stream on youtube!

John T says:

Im lost . . .. Cow Vs. Hamburger .. . . Umm .. . WHAT!?!?! (LOL!!)

John says:

Great show, but I get distracted by you always looking to the side of the camera, seems like you read a script.

FaZe Arias says:

when is the watch giveaway

Mike B says:

$150,000 for an Omega lol…

jaemis boker says:

Great show Thanks

Selten Fotog says:

Fire Tim! Always Fire!!

Watch Aficionado says:

Tim, but 1980s Metallica beats Iron Maiden… 🙂

yukinomichi8 says:

“As in turd..” lol Tim

Tuneitupful says:

Tim, keep it up. Excellent show.It made laugh and I learnt a lot.

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