Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 Review – Entry Level Patek – Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 Review – Entry Level Patek

In this video, I will review the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A, which I consider to be an entry level Patek Philippe because of its lower, more accessible price.

The Patek 5167 Aquanaut is one of my favorite entry level luxury timepieces from the Patek Philippe brand.

The Aquanaut 5167A comes with a stainless steel, 40-mm case with a sapphire-crystal case back. The clear case back provides a glimpse at the stunning and sophisticated Patek mechanism. The watch sports an automatic movement, a date function and easy-to-see Arabic numerals.

The Patek Philippe 5167 is a great casual attire type watch that comes with a black rubber strap and a deployment type clasp. The overall subtle look of the 5167A does not make it the ideal watch for those who want to stand out in the crowd. The watch’s low profile case makes it very comfortable on a man’s wrist, but if you like conspicuous style watches, the Aquanaut 5167 is not for you.

Patek Philippe and NATO / Calf Straps

One thing I do not like about this Patek Philippe timepiece is the rubber strap. The reason for this is because I don’t like watches with straps that hug or lie too close to the case. However, changing the strap on the watch, in my opinion, completely enhances the look of the Aquanaut for the better.

On the video, I show you how awesome the Patek Philippe 5167 looks with a black NATO strap. I also recommend opting for a nice calf strap to make the overall combination a lot more visually appealing and cooler – a huge plus to strengthen your Watch Game!

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Price

The retail price of the 5167 Aquanaut is $20,300. If you do not mind wearing a pre owned Patek, you can buy this watch used (in like new condition) anywhere from $16,500 to $18,500 if you know where to shop.

The reason there isn’t much margin between the new vs preowned versions of this Patek Philippe is because the company’s watches do not experience a lot of depreciation. They preserve their value really well. Nevertheless, if you’re a smart shopper, you can still save some money on this entry level Patek purchase.

After wearing the Patek Philippe 5167A watch for a few days, it really grew on me. I got so used to it’s casual look and high level of comfort so much that, at times, I would forget I was even wearing it!

If you are looking to purchase your first Patek Philippe watch, but don’t want to spend a lot of money in the process, I strongly recommend the Aquanaut 5167.

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Siana Gearz says:

I read on a random rumour mill that the quartz version of this watch also has sweeping seconds hand movement. Is this true?

I like the look of it, will certainly be a consideration. I’m also curious about some hybrid and unusual technologies. So for example Bulova Military UHF is a consideration.

jason starek says:

Dude…I love Eric’s passion for time pieces. Yes…the glasses are a bit distracting (like you just got out of a bright orange GT3)… But his passion for and knowledge of watches (and the nuances of their position in the “watch universe”) is fantastic. He’s a watch guy 100%…because he loves the art of watchmaking…not because they are expensive or impressive. It’s a shame that so many who can’t afford a higher end piece always knock the guys who wear them as being d-bags or being insecure or something. I love art. If I could own a Picasso I would. But I can’t. And I have to much respect for the art (and myself) to buy a fake. So instead of buying a fake print of a Picasso from the mall I try to find local (affordable) artwork. Guys who knock us watch guys never seem to grasp this. This concept seems to escape the real d-bags…the guys who wear fakes….and then have the nerve to call me a “prick” because I think it’s important to have the real thing…ugh…haters…they’re everywhere.

logwind says:

Nice. Thanks Erik.

Rodney Thomas says:

Absolutely dig your style and your reviews…Keep it up my man!!!

Softwaremaker says:

Great review and great look on the NATO strap. Can you share the width size of the NATO strap to fit on this 5167 and also the 5164 ? Also, where can I find that NATO strap to fit the dimensions ? Thanks !

Blu Brad says:

Nice video buddy, seems a shame that you have to change out the rubber strap to make it right..

Greg Miel says:

Bump it up to the gold. Still conservative with the rubber

jim dandy says:

I certainly remember when a ‘normal’ mens watch was about 33-35 and now a 40 is almost considered small or the minimum for the average guy to wear. My Dad was in WW2 and he brought back a few watches from Europe, most were barely 34 MM, now that’s certainly considered a ladies watch

Quentin says:

nice work sir.

kaptainbastard says:


Ghujvan'Dumènicu Ghjuvan'Dumènicu says:

Hi Eric,I’ve just sold my 5167a.
I ordered the omega speedmaster 60th and now I’m looking for a rose gold watch.
I’m hesitating between the AP 26120 rose gold ,the 26022 rose gold or the PP 5167r…which one would you pick?
I have a 5711 and soon the speedmaster 60th.

Eduardo Abrão says:

His is the Watch game?

mustang77ism says:

Great video! I agree 100% with you saying this is an everyday Patek.
Could see myself wearing this piece all the time.
Keep churning out reviews. Love ur review style.

Grey says:

Patek or not.. a rubber strap on such a watch is just a no go…

Rodney Thomas says:

Absolutely dig your style and your reviews…Keep it up my man!!!

likeris subruknem says:

need comparison between this patek and AP roal oak 39mm, becouse they are so similar and I got dilema 🙂

likeris subruknem says:

I love this patek but I hate stupid texture on dial

felix pinto says:

man that screwdriver was making me nervous! id save my pennies for a nautilus imo

Shafir Iqbal says:

yo yo crm!!!! what would you go for the nautilus 5711 or this model your reviewing? rubber strap looks awesome makes a change from stainless steel but…how does it fair over time???? also the dial seems to change colour in a non-sun burst effect? ive noticed alot of reviewers dont talk about clasp issues in detail… theres a video on u tube that shows the 5711 becoming undone with a single twitch of the wrist, also diployment clasps always have issues… they arent as secure this is worrying me.

ryan2stix says:

My phone tells me the time

adelll73 says:

Thanks a lot for the review!
Do you prefer this over the 5711 as a casual sporty watch?

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

This is a very cool watch! but the design doesn’t speak to me, I much prefer the Nautilus, maybe because I’m such a fan of Royal Oak design 🙂 Maybe in person I would change my mind

Ghujvan'Dumènicu Ghjuvan'Dumènicu says:

Great review!I have this PP and it’s my everyday watch:classy,sporty ,super cumfortable And if you’re not a connoisseur,you’ll never guess it is 20k watch that’s why I love it so much! 😉

schumifan78 says:

Why would you buy this watch with zero history or anything else special about it for $20,000 when you can get an Omega Speedmaster for a quarter the price, the iconic watch worn by Apollo astronauts on the moon?

Amr J. G. says:

Hey Eric, love you vids .. and your style in reviewing watches .. 

Now, why till now you didn’t review Patek Philippe Nautilus? preferably Gold one with gold bracelet ..

D. Wolf says:

A salesman wearing sunglasses? Now this gives shady a whole new meaning…

fernando sanchez says:

I currently have a Breitling Bentley GT watch and was considering in getting the Patek Aquanaut as my second watch.

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