Patek Philippe 5227R Review! – The ultimate gentleman’s dress watch

This is my review of Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227R. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to check out my other watch reviews.


Motoki Bandai says:

Love this review too. In your opinion, do you prefer the 5227R or the Lange 1?

LachupacabraRO says:

Best watch ever. We must send one piece in space.

Thai-Anh Nguyen says:


Vicky Sieto says:

can not disagree! what a gentlemen watch!.

brianplummy says:

The dust cover is absolutely ridiculous because it is not really there to keep the dust out of the movement by virtue of the fact that there is a crystal covering the movement anyway. The dust cover is there purely for the sake of being there and does not serve any purpose whatsoever.

Futureproofer says:

Beautiful. When you see this watch in person it’s actually 100 times better than the pictures. One criticism I would have though is the fact there is no clasp buckle. I think at the price they should have at least included that.

Cesar Castelo says:

Erik, does this watch have screw down crown?

Xi Yang says:

i just lost this watch….twice

in the stock market. ToT

Vladsta says:

great review

gmshadowtraders says:

How much bro?

Macky Mode says:

There’s nothing unique about the dial that separates this watch apart from any other watch, thus this watch isn’t that great.

At least Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony has its own unique indices to immediately tell that it’s a Vacheron Constantin.

Just another hype.

Terry Lindskog says:

How thick is the watch?

Arm Mag says:

well a obnoxiously costly gentleman’s can get Hamilton khaki,Seiko which are also beautiful for 500 or less than that

BourbonLegend says:

I like the visual simplicity. Reminds me of the older GS’s.

MAREMthenME says:

What’s your wrist size? I ask because it appears to be floating somewhat on the edges of your wrists.

Gold grinder says:

This watch is a masterpiece . Simple yet a divine beauty.

dimitris bastas says:

Nice calatrava but 5127 nicer. Would you make a video with 5159?

Cesar Castelo says:

Thank you Erik, I agree with you, since I already have the Nautilus 5712R, I think I would go with the Calatrava wich I think it would give more diversification to my collection. Thanks again.

Jacky Tran says:

I like this watch, but don’t think I’d pay 40k for it…

Cesar Castelo says:

My collection is: Nautilus 5712 rose gold, Aquanaut 5167 stainless steel, the two stainless steel daytonas ( black and white dial) and the GMT blue-black bezel (batman)

h15sulo says:

Very elegant watch for sure. The only thing I see as an imperfection is the wheel color for the date. Having a nice cream colored dial with a white date wheel just seems like an oversight. Although I’m not a fan of AP watches, they are at least very good about matching the color of the date wheel with the dial of their watches. I wish PP would do the same. Even removing the date complication on this model would be an improvement in my opinion.

Cesar Castelo says:

Hi Erik, thank you for your quick response. I have another question, I am planning to add this watch to my small collection and is quoted by Patek as 30m water resistant, I am not planning to swim or anything with this watch but my question is , if I wanted to clean it let’s say with running water ( and dry it right away with special cloth) once in a while can I do that?. Thanks again Eric.

Black Rose says:

very expensive.

Cesar Castelo says:

Thanks again Erik! Wich watch do you like better, this one (Calatrava 5227 rose gold) or the Nautilus 5712 stainless steel? I have to decide between this to watches to add to my small collection. Thanks.

Dom Von Hutch says:

The 5127-R is more special than this & its the connoisseur’s calatrava.

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