Patek Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch


Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus says:

SHould not be on anyone’s wrist but in museum. What a piece of art !

Micah Dyer says:

Yes it’s very nice. Definitely not worth $2,600,000 though

casey123 curtis says:

I’d steal that mf

wegotthejazz says:

song name?

Nawnom Adnan says:

Incredible !!

Krigom says:

4:18 That sponge part is just satisfying.

Anelka B says:

Amazing! Could this have come out of nothing? Without a desinger of creator?

Taras Shevchenko says:

Why paint the Sistine Chapel when you can use a better resolution printed wallpaper for much cheaper?

Alex Roberts says:

What a fucking wank

Super Dude says:

I read that the alligator they made the strap out of lived off a diet of Kobe beef.

Balthazar Moriarty says:

there are people starving to death while someone walks around wearing one of these , If you take a step back and hold in the urge to throw up you could very easily see why extra terrestrial life who has the technology to traverse the universe would take one look at us and say “naw they aint ready yet”

Major Shaker says:


David González says:

what is that sharpener called?

2X3 says:

There was a time when a Patek Philippe represented restrained and understated elegance. That time has obviously passed as this watch is visually vulgar and utterly tasteless.

yaa boy says:

The watch is a manifestation of human excellence and perfection.

Paul Gavin Chaplin says:

Love the clutch pencil sharpener at the drawing stage. Serious designers kit. This watch and the process of manufacturing it, is breathtaking. Even if you are not a fan of the concept, you can’t deny that the watchmaking skill is outstanding.

팽귄 says:

what is the BGM?

JDEUCE says:

seen it for sale in Chinatown LA by a Bangladeshi

Kalfreezy 0 says:


Monsieur Café says:

The furthest human minds could explore in craftsmanship yet

Tech / Watch / And Everything Else says:

most of us still would not able to afford this watch even after you sell your house !

Keith Doran says:

My Dad got me one for my birthday

SaiyenInlineSkater says:

ugly ass watch

gredangeo says:

2.6 Million dollars? Come on now. I bet Clickspring could find a way to make this watch in only 6 months and charge only Half a Million dollars for it.

The.#1 T says:

What’s the song at 8:35

The WisDumb Broadcast says:

I give it three fiddy

Donald Rumsfield says:

For fucks sake, all you minimum wage 9-5 working blue collar fucks who can’t understand the meaning of this just shut ur dumb cunts and go watch a video about how the world is flat or how to work at mcdonalds or sum Shit. This isn’t just an ordinary watch. Maybe I shouldn’t blame you guys for not being able to relate. Lack of education is to blame. I apologize

Segu Rohdes says:

for a watch?…waste of money

Андрей Куликов says:


Harely Morenstein says:

I own one a patex grandmaster. Inherited from my wealthy uncle who molested me when I was 10.

Monk says:

I bet you can find a similar in China for a hundred bucks.


I’m speechless . . .

Drifter Films says:


RAFAEL says:


Georgis Yousef says:

If god will have watch will be this one

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