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If you were to simply read the specs of this Patek Philippe 5170R and A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph, they’d seem almost identical. They’re both around 39mm, both hand wound in-house chronographs and both fashioned from rose gold, yet these two titans of watchmaking are startlingly different. Let’s find out just why these chronographs are the chalk and cheese of the chronograph kingdom.

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Patek Philippe 5170R
A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph 402.032

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Bacchus Leto says:

I prefer the Lange in almost every category, but it confuses me as to why such a premium chronograph would have so low a beat rate. I understand that it is unlikely that anyone will make a split second decision with either of these watches, but it seems like a glaring oversight if one is paying for “perfection”. I am especially surprised that both are beaten by Zenith in this category.

Mike Bircher says:

I’ll take neither. The Lange Datograph Perpetual is my choice.

Dallas V says:

How do you even get these watches to review? It s like borrowing someone’s Ferrari.

Drew Smith says:

Fantastic review , both of them are look stunning.

daneg007 says:

great comparison. i think the patek is a great example, but i absolutely love the a. lange & sohne. it’s not just in this instance because i am a massive fan of a. lange & sohne as a brand.

jerry .wielogorski says:

Polish power! never trust the Germans!!!

Albert Cervera says:

Such a fantastic video, well done, keep it in that way!

sun ceres says:

Lange must to be stopped on 1:51

mohammad amin says:

A. Lange & Söhne is Superior over pp .

Vishal Kumar says:

A Longe and Sonhe Was much suited to my taste. 🙂
I hope I can have that Over engineered piece of Marvel Sometime in my Lifetime ..

Adam Scott says:

Heil Hitler

Sean O says:

Didn’t really understand the chalk and cheese reference.

The boy gamer 1 says:

Oh can you review some bulova watches

LM1990 says:

Most brilliant watch channel on youtube. You could voice audiobooks, perfect punctuation and accenting. Poetic and invigorating . Also A. Lange & Söhne all the way. Knocks a Patek out of the park any day.

Grzegorz Tlusciak says:

Patek, always!

Mikhail Yadav says:

A review of some vintage watches and their movements would be great. You crisp English accent makes these reviews sound regal! Great videos and delivered in a very balanced manner.

rjmontoya says:

This has simply become my favorite watch channel on Youtube. Shame it took me so long to find it.

Jason Eckard says:

I quite fancy the Lange.

Osymandus says:

I Would like to see what’s available for £2 to £3 thousand. All I would spend. Very informative videos. Earned your sub, share.

todd piasecki says:

The German is, well…… German.

Mr. Gong先生 says:

Lange is Lamborghini
So man
So cool

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

I prefer the look of the Lange movement, but it is essentially inferior to that of the Patek. As for the watch itself, I find most Langes to be extremley ugly, especially the Datograph. I don’t know what it is, but those hands and the layout are ugly as hell, it almost makes the watch look cheap. The Lange cases are also really ugly and unrefined. As of now the only Lange I really love is the Lange 1. I wish they would make more models resembling the traditional German style with uneven subdials, I find that is where Lange would shine. Overall I think Patek is still a better watch than a Lange but at the pricepoint of $90, 000 vs $250, 000 I would say the grand complications are overpriced.

M squared says:

please review the new G-Shock

Harvard Ford says:

Idk, maybe it’s just the dial.. but I really like a Lange & sohne’s take on the chronograph
So pretty

le pepe says:

Goddamnnn i thought i was in youporn

Deksas says:

as i know Lange is more iconic watch, with distinct looks and also price is better so my vote for Lange.

Pepe says:

Patek, as always. Whoever loves Lange has no mother and their family members get stabbed in alleyways and minced into meat and stuffed up the Lange lover’s anus. Plebs lol! 😀 Eat a bag of dicks you shitheads.

Zeljko Brekalo says:

lange is beautifull but patek is way better.

koenigsegg AGERA R says:

i love the patek more
but this Lange is beyond Great

John Clark says:

Great quality video, especially the macro shots. Also very well narrated.

ast453000 says:

The PP looks like a chunk of shit next to the ALS

Jeremy Epstein says:

Incredible videos. Learned much about the heritage and history of modern watch making from this channel.

todd piasecki says:

A. Lange & Sohne on any day that ends with a ‘y’

Miguel Padilla says:

What an incredible review!

X Folium says:

I do have an Omaga Speedmaster

Gregory Chen says:

This video should open a lot of eyes and minds. Especially to those snobs who consider anything outside the word “Swiss Made” inferior. Great work!

Dr Fear & Co. says:

I’d take the Lange regardless of price

Patrick Santos says:

I should really start making YouTube videos. Every reviewer seems to have an endless supply of watches!

Qi Qi says:

As brands I prefer Lange over Patek, but I hate it when watchmakers think partially visible numbers is good design.

Rahul Subramanian says:

A Lange and Sohne all the way … my god that’s some watch.

Hugh Janues says:

Great vid

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

A. Lange & Sohn designs works of art. Much better than Patek. Patek is lazy.

Jie Zhang says:

Awsome video. Warm regards. Disagree with your point about Chinese manufacturing. Please, buy everything made in Germany. Aviod everything made in China. You know why so many products are made in China? Because 99.9% population on this planet can not afford to buy a timepiece like this. They need to live a life as a human being and they can not afford to pay $1000 for a TV. Blame those watch making factories who make terrible watches but do not attack on Chinese manufacturing. Those cheap and fake prodocts saved many many families even lifes.

shoutsatpigeons24 says:

Lange for me

chimp3376 says:

Don’t watch with the audio off.

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