Patek Philippe 3939 Minute Repeater Tourbillon

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I’ll be regularly posting these candid looks at some of the coolest watches in the world. Highly edited photos and brand videos are cool to learn about a watch, but I find that a candid, low production HD video is the best way to really get a sense of what a watch is like “in the metal”. I want to try to give people a true idea of what these horological wonders are actually like and why people like me are nuts over them.


JAY says:


TeZeR SeZeR says:

more time in front of the beautiful back 🙂

George Grasser says:

Patek made a slight blunder here. The use of “Breguet” hands only serves to remind the potential client of the brand Breguet. It’s best not to remind your customers of the competition.

Ciprian Constantinescu says:

marry her!!! ahahah

Павка Корчагин says:

Understatement at its finest 🙂

Arcord10 says:

You deserve way more views and subscribers, please keep them coming 🙂

oclvcarbon123 says:

too good

mmode says:

Unbelievably cool. Magnificent piece.

Stewart Hayhurst says:

I think that size is supposed to be a females watch

tubeo yamada says:


Michael Atkinson says:

nice classic style watch, do doubt rare and very expensive!

Colton Davis says:

Seems like the Patek MR signifies an entrance into a separate echelon of collecting.. a level achieved only when a purist seeks not to show off his tastes, but instead to actively hide the watch under the guise of simplicity. Good to see this out of the plastic and being used. Excellent video as always, thank you!

Armani Nguon says:

Wow, you have an awesome channel! And this watch is amazing.

Timucin Engin says:

Hello, many thanks for the video, but I think there is a problem with the recording of the chime. It is barely audible.

Tamaroff Gaming says:

love the wacth
is it mens

Seth Lim says:

hillbilly shirt you wearing, dude

karkan Wayn says:

why you said, specially for a woman this watch made only for man, do you try make them looking like a dude!!!!

Shaun Read says:

You do get some amazing watches Steve! I watched your video of the GF double tourbillon 30° Technique and haven’t seen another review of that watch anywhere else, especially when it was a really good close up look at it from all sides. Hope you carry these reviews on.

Richard Stevens says:

any Panerai?

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