Just How Good is a $5 Patek Philippe Knockoff? (Fake Watch Review)

Ever wonder just how good what a knock off Patek Philippe would be like?

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mohamed ali says:

hey , thats a beaautyfull watch , i would really like to have it ,
can you give it to me , thank you and suberb video

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Best value PP I’ve seen in ages.

mt89 says:

Trash person + trash watch

Worth Less says:

after deducting 100 dollars for being a complete douchebag for buying a 5 dollar replica patek, the watch is worth -95 dollars.

Whatlwant Lol says:

greeting from::dustbin of ceo of pp

MAHDIfied4SOPHIA says:

shame on you

Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald says:


Top Gun says:

*What is the point of this complete and utter bullshit!? Cheers from Bangor, Maine.*

shaheer khan says:

howwww is iit 5bucks
thats alot of watch for so little $$

JoeDurobot says:

*That’s a counterfeit watch, you gave $5 to support a criminal industry (on top of fake stuff those groups support human trafficking and terrorism)*
*Well done!*
*You could even end up in jail in some countries for owning a counterfeit watch.*

NarutoIsTheRikudou says:

Truly not bad for $5…
I just wish they’d not use the Patek Philippe name.
This could be a good cheap watch, on it’s own.

JoeDurobot says:

*For $5 that watch is not an automatic obviously, you will find a battery and a quartz movement if you open it.*
*For $10 bucks you could have bought a REAL casio with a better quartz movement.*

H H says:

I use a mechanical watch with tourbillon movement from aliexpress.

Tom says:

Not bad for $5

Richárd says:

Where did you buy it from?

Daniel says:

what a cancerous video…. dude piss off with your shit ass face and watch

Mario Lopez says:

shitter detected

Dracstar says:

Where did you get it from? 😮

Hoop says:

Its waaay too thick/tall to fool anyone that knows better. Those that don’t know better, won’t know enough to be impressed by the name on the dial since the Patek name isn’t well known to non-connoisseurs.

Jason Wan says:

what an utter cancerous twat

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