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Forty-two years is a long time. It’s long enough to go from enjoying a carefree childhood to having a serious need to make a will, and for those who’ve spent that time hoping Patek Philippe would fit a grand complication into the quirky Nautilus, the wait was a long one. But now the wait is over.

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Craig Johnson says:

Could we please address the elephant in the room: this beauty of a watch did not need a grand complication or any adjustments what so ever. You just don’t mess with perfection. PP should have known better. This is a fail for me.

snackouzi says:

My dream watch….. Dream

Koji Takata says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t like Pateks?

SuperCidalFilms says:

I can see your beautiful face in the high polish

KiloSierraAlpha says:

What does the 1/2/3/4 on the months dial do? How do you read that?

Tee Bee says:

What is that texture on the left side at 2:05 ? Is that a rough edge?

Civan says:

Personaly the nautilus is not my style but this one looks gorgeous

Shiba Inu says:

Thanks for the video as usual, but no need for click bait titles.

Craig Sekowski says:

Brilliant…love you videos. Cheers, Craig

Artur B says:

How do You talk without using Your lips?

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Not all watches are meant to have grand complications. This is one example. 2:18 Just ugly and cluttered.

Pedro G says:

it’s not good enough to watch the video just one time, you’ve got to repeat it several times until you feel it’s good enough

Vahid M says:

Those drops on the dial tho 00:11

Primary Simcha Felder says:

There is nothing more satisfying than an Englishman talking about watches

Przemysław Kalita says:

I really think those Patek watches are ugly 🙁

Farhan says:

The squircle shape of the Nautilus doesn’t seem so appealing to me.

Thomas Moll says:

I still can’t resolve myself to finding the Nautilus beautiful. Accordingly, I still remain amazed by its standing in the collector community…

Varun Mishra says:

give this man a shield. err.. I meant a Lange !

Namesi says:

Appears to be rust on the handset @1:45

Raymond Lee says:

Will be interesting to hear from you what premium brands are coming out of China. After all they do make a lot of components for the Swiss makers, I’m sure they have been developing their own brands

Robert Sullivan says:

Not crazy about it looks too busy and cramped. But they will sell however many they decide to make at almost a quarter million each so what do I know.

zjkingsley7 says:

Does anyone know why we are continuously greated by a pentax abahi? its a little stale and has nothing to do with watches. sorry.

Senkol Z says:

in other words..pateks is to damn overrated time piece of shit..

redbulljones says:

And It’ll take me 150 years to afford it

Fossa Poplitea says:

Nice , secular review !

Ívåɳē G. says:

Neat timepiece.
Though one thing get my attention again and again: I’m finding dials of these fine watches being more dirty and jagged up, like not well applied paint than my Seiko SKX009J1. Maybe that’s because, these are pre-owned ones. Anyway the watch is still fascinating and with unique character.

Tony Hill says:

Can’t decide which I dislike most, the Royal Oak or the Nautilus, so settled on a dead heat.

Jim 86 says:

I was watching this intensely, than I realised it’s just a watch that looks like another watch…

Myrslokstok says:

They are basicly for bilionieres.

You can get a lot of watch for $1.000.

But a much prefere them over big chunky Rolexes if I had the money.

Andy says:

It seems to me the first wristwatch has been done by Breguet in 1810, specifically for the Queen of Naples.

Mark Webber says:

Are there and pictures or oil painting of the 1st wristwatch made by Patek Philippe? I’ve seen the painting of Queen of Naples wearing the 1st wristwatch which was made by Breguet (watch number 2639). The painting is at Warwick Castle on public display.

Mark Boustany says:

ever thinking of creating a Patrion page to finance a higher rate of videos per week?

Ned Boase says:

My grail watch finally exists

filipdvorak124 says:

1:22 the bracelet xd

gmshadowtraders says:

Hacking movement?

Jake Roth says:

Did they manage to put hacking seconds in it in those hundred years, this time? #patekhype

TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

If I won a 100 million I still wouldn’t want a Patek, I’d rather have a few Omegas for the price.

transikk says:

Not sure what you did to your lights or diffuser but the light in the thumbnail is awful

Gerald Brienza says:

I don’t get the need for a PC. Lose power reserve or servicing, you need to reset. Great workmanship for sure, just not something I would pay for.

footballcoreano says:

The finish give me the feeling of oak texture…

the Epster says:

I bought one of these as a Tennis beater and it holds up to the knocks quite well but does scratch rather easily while playing. I tend to use a wristband to protect it these days. Recommended as a sports piece. Not too heavy.

Richard Davis says:

Your macro shots give the term “money shot” a whole new meaning.

Justin Cottingham says:

I’d like to see some more videos of more affordable watches with in house movements. Oris big crown pro pilot cal 111 or Chris ward sh21 5 day auto. I’ve also been interested in stowa’s Durowe band wound movements in the marine and antea ks 41. There are videos of these watches but none with the rich history and artistic angles that you portray.

No idea What this is says:

Gorgeous! But no second hand at this price range…

TheGlasspix says:

The dial is a little too busy for me, but it has the Patek logo, so I’d have one.

james wignall says:

Beautiful watch for sure. However, the Watchfinder website has it at £215k from an RRP of £91k, that’s one hell of a markup…!
Must have made one scalper / flipper pretty happy.

André says:

The Japanese do better …
Eh eh eh eh

Michael Redford says:

Idk why I’m just now asking but what camera is on the table?

Daniel Gim says:

What a crook!

The Wristwatch Experience says:

Great value when you consider you get 3 watches in 1 🙂

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