How To Set a Patek Philippe

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This week I show you How To Set a Patek Philippe watch.


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Uvechjucorsu !!! says:

My 5712g is actually at PP services because the watch stop before the power reserve is completely down…I bought it brand new in 2017.
How is your power reserve?

Suresh Obhan says:

Love that travel case….!!!

igor1040 says:

Got question, what do you think about Maurice Lacroix manufacture ?

blakris says:

the real question is: can you set the alarm on a casio G-shock??

Sri Raj says:

Very informative video for someone like me who got one of these as a gift but scared to spoil the stuff out of ignorance.

Josh A says:

Hey LWC, do you like A. Lange & Sohne? Do you think you’ll ever add one to your collection? Would love to see a review of one.

umer farooq says:

Sir i have a question about patek Philippe can any one answer ?

jumboJetPilot says:

Personally, I like how IWC’s perpetual calendar has no pusher correctors as it’s 100% “mechanical memory”. I think other makers need to do the same. I also like how HM&C’s perpetuals can be rolled forward or backwards over midnight without restriction.

Ishmael Bulbulia says:

I would have adjusted the time to 5am first. Then set the date and then advanced the moonphase then set the time.

Mamuyovwi Odia says:

Very informative.

FafchoTV says:

One of the best watches! Great video! This is the only way i can ever afford this watch- by watching your videos 😀 Cheers!

elitemathlete says:

Remember to double check that you took the watch out before sending out that travel case.

kripple kyle says:

Hey man, have you ever looked into the Grand Seikos with spring movement? I have seen many people being very enthusiastic about them, including myself. In fact I am looking to buy one in a few months! I was wondering what your thoughts on them were and if you considerd adding them to your collection at some point in the future.

george varughese says:

Great video! I wish i could find the PP to set!

Frits Driessen says:

I’m really enjoying your videos. I’m a beginner watch collector myself so it’s very satisfying to look at your collection they are beautiful. Do you have any tips on how to get more to the high end watches in the future?

Wasim Mohammad says:

Lovely video, do you keep any of your pieces on a watch winder?

Alejandro Alcázar Flores says:

5:22 seconds hand going back lol

Pyro says:

I got a question. I got a longines hydroconquest Quartz version. I am wondering what the difference is between a chinese Quartz movement and a swiss quartz movement. Is there any difference in the materials? Quality? Because the watch was quiet pricey (750$). Anyone can answer

pomare says:

desculpa tu não sabes acertar um relógio

Greek Watch Collector says:

It is not hackable!!!

Watch Viking says:

Should you be quick setting the date when it’s just 1 hour past midnight? 3:58

Radwan Joukhadar says:

No hacking seconds?

killamist666 says:

When setting the time I noticed the second hand didn’t hack,
& actually started to go backwards as you got to the desired time, Whats up with that ?

Business Talk with Matthew Paulson says:

How about an updated collection video?

Tito R says:

Did you notice the seconds hand going backwards when you set the time to 9:51? (5:25) Great time piece by the way

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