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When you wear an automatic watch, it never stops, never runs out of power. Is this magic? Some breakthrough in perpetual motion? No, of course it isn’t, but it is still pretty clever, and it’s taken the best part of a millennium to perfect. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

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Patrick Scully says:

I have an old 1970 omega constellation that I would like to get fixed but I don’t have any local places that would fix it for me. This was my great grandfathers and it is very special to me and I want a trust worthy person to fix it for me.

Chaiwat K says:

and Swatch made the same mechanism with only 51 parts including the whole watch

Andrew Liao says:

Big fan of this channel. If you can, please make a video on FP Journe’s resonance discovery/invention. I find that story incredibly fascinating.

Jamieus Rowlando says:

Wow, never seen a 5180 before, I literally thought this was a prototype.

Guilherme Leite says:

Best explanation of how does an automatic Watch Work I ever seen.

feastures says:

I want this watch

Alex Chong says:

I’ve a question, why are jewels used? Is there a specific purpose to it?

Graeme Dobie says:

Who the hell “down thumbed” this incredible video?!?!?!? lmao

Woon Fa Seng says:

can you speak abit louder ??

JR says:

So whats the difference between this and a Seiko 5 ?

fwf246 says:

Understand this and “How Does A Mechanical Watch Work”, one’s pretty much understand the basic principle of mechanical watches.

ShadowKSG says:

These videos are amazing, keep them coming!

Rome Levant says:

I’d love to see a video on the Tudor Black bay 36/41

thestonecold96 says:

Absolutely gorgeous camera work! On an absolutely stunning watch. Good job 🙂

sum 1913 says:

How much is your watch

deee dawwwggg says:

you have very ugly hairy arms. you should shave or wax your arms

killamist666 says:

That was the best explanation of an automatic watch I’ve seen.

Ken Graham says:

At first glance, I saw “Patek Philippe $180” by hovering the mouse over the title.

Yousef Al-Aithan says:

BTW .. I don’t understand anything dude XD..

Nan Xing says:

Can you please review the Bulgari Octo Finissimo and the Christophe Claret Margot? They look so special.

TodayStartsTonight says:

Great video but wish there was like a arrow indicating which part is being told..

Lorenzo Romero says:

I love watching your videos. Marco shots are superb!

Susheel Chandradhas says:

Beautifully made video, and the watch is exquisite. Thank you.

drummerboy1066 says:

Would be interesting to see a comparison with the co-axial escapement

Daniel Ortega says:

Magnificent as always

Xmun61 says:

I love this comment about the narrator on another Watchfinder Video – “The narrator could make a bag of turd sound luxurious!”………….I agree!

Quentinho King says:

Watchmaking 101 – this should be a required viewing for all students in watchmaking school.

Solomon Faith says:

Does someone know what music is being used?

John Redberg says:

I love your videos. But I can’t help but thinking you wanted to be deliberately cheeky in this one! =P Using this ~$100k masterpiece with its astonishingly beautiful hand finishing and engravings to explain how a self-winding mechanical movement works is like teaching anatomy with a Playboy magazine. You could have been telling the story of Humpty Dumpty and I wouldn’t have noticed.

rumle says:

that Patek looks a lot like the chinese shitters..

Lonely Musician says:

‘How does a Tourbillon watch work’ video plz?

Juan Velez says:

Your voice is so soothing it helps me sleep hahahha, great video and content bro!

Breekiebreek2 says:

Again a very insightful video

Domino Csncer says:

Automatic watch is a magic, quartz can never be equal

malawi tank says:

You guys have some crazyyyyyyyyy cameras

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