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Baselworld 2019 is finally here! Another year has gone by and we’ve got Baselworld fever once again. The Swatch Group’s absence may have left a glaring hole in this year’s show, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still pleased, confused and outright surprised once again. This is part one of our two part Baselworld 2019 special—keep an eye out for part two coming up soon.

Featured Watches:
Patek Philippe Chronograph 5172G
Patek Philippe Travel Time 5520P
Tudor Black Bay P01 M70150-0001
Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR
Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603
Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659
Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 BLRO

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CrimFerret says:

Dropping the all black GMT was a majorly stupid move. There are those who like the look of the classic Submariner but want a GMT function. There’s also my personal opinion that the all black on a bracelet works far better as a dress watch than the two toned bezel models. The two tone gold Sea-Dweller is just silly as is the white gold yickmaster….errr…yachtmaster. Rolex could just have stayed home. Same with Tudor.

Calvin Corser says:

I wish you’d just bag a watch when it deserves it! Maybe it’s your British politeness? But god damn, Rolex and Tudor’s releases are nearly all awful!

AndySax says:

Throw an SKX up in the air and hit it many, many times with the ugly stick, and…. voilà!!

Erik Sharar says:

Does your film camera in the top left of the frame have a new ding in it?

Error Logging says:

“Hammer made of diamonds “… lolololololol

Shipmate says:

What a boring year for Baselworld.

Roberto Portugal says:

Perfect as always, hello from Peru

Felix Matschie says:

Just changing size and material should not be such big of a thing in my opinion

Jay says:

Please do a review of the ap rainbow

sidesauce says:

@Watchfinder & Co – around 8:22 I think you meant to say Rolex *116655*, not Rolex 126655. Small mistake, given the amount of references you have to mention!

Scott Fulps says:

Another smash video. Tudor is crushing 2019 while Rolex is clearly asleep at the wheel. They had better wake up, and soon.

Tal Boy says:

So weird watching hands.

Alberto Amador says:

Parnis already had the batman on a Jubilee


none of these are all that “hot” compared to what else is being offered by other brands. these are just here because of brand name. lame.

mk says:

So jubilee has finally come to the batman.. bye

Optidorf says:

Rolex is going absolutely bonkers this years. The GMT BLNR with jubilee bracelet will disrupt the watch industry for years to come.

MrLantrix says:

I like the Oris Aquis GMT, Zodiac GMT and Seiko GMT. Guess I like GMT’s.

m m says:

There is a reason why rolex put the oyster bracelet on the all gold rolex. Its looks much better and feels more solid on wrist.

Bob Tsui says:

Alpina smartsatch

Rock Melon Watch Addict says:

2019 the new line up design suitable for clowns

EyeOnTime says:

Yeah Rolex and Tutor were pretty lame in their new offerings.

Michael says:

Tudor teases us with a shot of a Sub, then give us that? Gross.

G M says:

My Casio is better!

inkitatus1 says:

Rolex remain a total yawn fest & the Tudor looks like the pretentious mans Seiko…Do like the Patek tho.

PO SUEN says:

Love the Patek Philippe 5520p. Wish they will release one of the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watches in steel…

4syth says:

If I ever own a servient robot I want it to sound like this presenter

gmshadowtraders says:


Blandroid Blandroid says:

Something feels wrong here: a few months ago the AP Code 11.59 (really???), now Rolex with such an unimpressive lineup…It’s not funny anymore!

Mark says:

Not impressed at all. At all.

Ed Dragusin says:

6:17 probably the first time anyone uses the word “yesteryear”

AC3 Lux says:

Most annoying fucker on YouTube

MikeZ32TT says:

Not a fan of the ipad use.

can inaltong says:

wow those series are weak

bla855 says:

Fuck your hand pal ..they are pissing us off

Takashi Shiro Chan says:

Tudor was so unprepared this year and is a rip-off of Seiko SKX.

Luuk Breedveld says:

That first Patek is really beautiful

No Fun Zone says:

chopard mille miglia!!!

Frosafrost says:

Your voice is very, very annoying. But your channel keeps me interested enough to not unsubscribe. And both Patek and Seiko/Grand Seiko killed it this year .

T Lee says:

Weak content. You guys are better than just talking over a ppt

Michael Andersen says:

The P01 is…..ugly! 🙁
And a half toned sea dweller? WTF?!
I’ll just grab that Black Bay two tone chrono, even if it’s gold capped. Not at retail though – $5600 is silly.

jayceh says:

5212 was pretty interesting and 5524r seems like a better watch than the original

Nexus Achiles says:

Rolex’s starting to suck big time and they’re pissing me off.

I can live with the poor releases, not so much with the shocking and appaling treatment at ADs where you need to spend hundreds of thousands before you get a chance to buy a sports steel piece.

Also Rolex is pushing TTs and PMs down our throats instead of making more SS. I’m thinking of flipping my Rolex watches at whatever trade-in price and be done with the brand altogether. They probably won’t care but the feeling will be mutual at this point.

Now I find myself wishing I was a diehard flipper as a middle finger to Rolex, something I’ve always found ethically questionable but not so much anymore. The bast@#&$ kind of deserve it. But that would make things worse for those who still like the brand so kind of unfair to them.

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