Here’s Why The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 Is Worth $50,000!

A classic Gerald Genta design harkening back to 1976. The Nautilus is a classic. Still, is it better than a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak? Does a stainless steel Patek make any sense?

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StellarBlue1 says:

It looks great, this Patek Phillipe. The beauty part is, that just like a fine reproduction of a famous painting, there are some excellent replicas of the Nautilus for those of us that don’t have the means to own the real thing. The ability to enjoy a reasonable facsimile of these superlative watches is not such a terrible thing…

Tuna Vardar says:

If you can wait for the waiting list you can get something around 30k

Razenby says:

They’re going for closer to 200k usd now. Madness

Nick G says:

That’s my Grail

Manny Calavera says:

I think the watch is great. I have seen it once in person. But 50k? I just don’t see the value. Even if you love the design.

Dan Szeto says:

Did you get a chance to measure for accuracy

samihhadid says:

I’m on the waiting list for the Patek Philippe 5711 and 5712 and for the haters who are commenting negative it’s a watch it is exclusive and everything is valued on prospective when it comes to affordability

demetri kavoukas says:

For $50000i can have a girlfriend tell me the time and blow me at the same time for years lol

Jacob Moeller says:

If I were to spend that kind of money on a watch I would go for a Lange.

Matt Wasilewicz says:

For less money I would take an AP Royal Oak if I wanted a watch from the same designer, and IMO a better looking watch.. I don’t think the PP are worth what they are going for. If I were to spend the same money, I would take a Lange any day over a PP

george w kush says:

says he’s a fan of horology and the details that go into a piece like this….proceeds to put it on his right wrist…. haha ok buddy.

Neuro says:

for my personal taste…Audemars Piguet RO > Nautilus. .. so I wouldnt spend the money. If I wanted a porthole design, or Genta inspired design, and didn’t want to spend for a RO, I’d probably just pick up the Piaget polo s until i could afford the RO

Peter Salas says:

I enjoyed your feedback of the watch as if it was just a $10k watch. I do think that those people who say that a watch is not worth it, are the same people who cannot afford it or simply cannot appreciate horology and craftsmanship. Of course, I’m speaking from experience! Now, I wouldn’t and couldn’t (in good conscience) spend this much for a watch; but obviously, there are more fortunate people out there who can and would. So cheers to their good fortune!

p n says:

For that much money and the bezel is a scratch magnet! No thanks.

Wyrd Walker says:

I guess the devil’s got to wear a watch too. 😉

Shah Legno says:

For that 50K price, i prefer more Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire watch that have more complex beautiful dial & movement to see.

Aby Mathew says:

Patek and watch communities are trying hard as they can to make this watches as iconic as possible. same goes for AP Royal Oak…if you are paying that much for Artistic and aesthetics of a watch I would definitely get an A. Lange and Sohne.

Chaos aD says:

I heard somewhere these were intended for women and the maker didn’t care for watches much ?

so crispy says:

I think this is an ugly watch but the movement looks amazing.

Ishmael Bulbulia says:

I thought are were going to review the watch.

BesterJack says:

made in

Alexander Cooper says:

This watch was literally created to reinforce the difference between cheap and luxury watches and priced with this in mind. The price was artificially inflated many many times more than regular Swiss watches simply because people will pay for “luxury” if the price is high enough.

Is it a nice watch? Yes. Is it worth anywhere near $50,000? Of course not – being overpriced is the entire raison d’etre of the watch!

George Grasser says:

I like the Bezel. Completely impervious to scratches. Thousands well spent.

mena seven says:

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 is a beautiful watch but it is not my style a watch. Patek Philippe Nautilus looks like a 1970s watch. I prefer more modern looking watches like Vacheron Constantin Overseas and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. I am not going to pay $50,000 for a stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus when I can buy gold Rolex Submariner or Yachtmaster with gold bracelets for $30,000. If I am spending $50,000 in a watch it have to be a gold watch.

Ishinder Singh says:

Recently got a Jean Richard. The design really reminds me of the Nautilus. Its no Patek but awesome value and case quality

John Harris says:


dcfisdf says:

Werent these like 35K a year or so ago?

Silviu Stefan says:

Of course not !!

Cinar Gey says:

I honestly see no difference between Patek and Rolex. I rather get a Rolex for the quarter of $50,000. Patek is over rated and over priced. Best value is ROLEX.

Mrawesome40 says:

this looks like a shitty casio edifice

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