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Let’s say for argument’s sake that your software company just got snapped up for a few billion and you’re on a bit of a spending spree to celebrate. You’ve bought the yacht and the supercar, and you’re just about to start your 5-star trip around the world—but before you do, you’ve got just enough time to pick yourself up a watch. You’re only going to grab one for now, and you want it to be something special. What’s it going to be?

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Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5270R

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Imran Chowdhury says:

My watch of choice should be JLC or A. Lange & Sohne and finally H. Moser and Cie.

macaco maco says:

this is garbage. just get a seiko diver or a citizen promaster,you will be better off.

Michał Klawitter says:

I would like to see a review about Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph watch in rose gold. Seems to be the best flyback chronograph in its price range. If you could compare it to some other flyback (maybe A. Lange & Sohne to see what you get for paying 20 times more) it would be magnificent.

Adrian K says:

Nautilus PP

Luis Umana says:

Langematic perpetual in 18k yellow gold.

jane fields says:


MrVoayer says:

Terrific video !!! Exactly the kind of unashamedly close macro photography that lets us enjoy every single detail of the watch, inside and out, and that lets us appreciate beauty of design and incomprehensible amount of manual work put into its production !
Needless to say, narrative is of the same, highest quality !!!
Your videos, guys, make life beautiful ! For the time of their length, at least !

CK ROY says:

This a video for the one percent but a Lange 1 will do me right, if and when I fall into the one percent. I better get on with my investments for now.

Dula W says:

Can you do a review on Hamilton Khaki Field Auto?

jake anderson says:

Would like to see some pilots watches for like $1000-5000USD..

Anirban Ojha says:


kevenpat says:

What does the numbering actually mean while naming these watches?

ajt222 says:


hervé Chretien says:

Possible candidate is the way more affordable Nomos Lambda 38mm Rose Gold.

steviegene says:

What’s with all the spots on the second hand? How did it make it past final inspection?

aranphor says:

I’ll take two! 🙂

Razzle Dazzle says:

love the videos but i couldnt bare to keep looking at that poorly finished second hand. driving me nuts. wtf patek

RelaxingFeelings says:

Definitely a Graff watch, probably the MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon

Watches Sneakers says:

ALS Zeitwerk or Datograph…

Coolest SHIT says:

The ultimate splash watch is the jacob&co astronomia tourbillon. Its a fact.

ThatEnvironmentalGuy says:

Why are there blemishes on the seconds hand? (Centre) Did they forget to polish that part.

Metaforically Speaking says:

This video lacks so many characteristics of what made your videos great. The pan shots are too quick – the unnecessary zoom outs.

Yasha V says:

Grand Seiko Spacewalk.
Is probably on the top of my “extremely cool but never going to happen” list.

Sean Chiang says:

“A reputation earned not bought?” Well Patek did/do bid on their own watches at auction so artificially driving up prices.

Lots_Of_Random_Clips says:

I think I’m in love

Craig Johnson says:

Give me the Lange 720.025 or the 310.032 Anyday, anytime over this. Sorry PP.

mister pets says:

Did you see how poorly painted that day night indicator at 5:42 is? Every tooth on every gear is hand polished? Big deal. Same on a GS.

Lionel Rbh says:

YES, one of my top 3 favorite watches.

Craig Winter says:

What is with the patination of the second hand? That looks really poor

digggert says:

Just google for close up comparison images of watch hands. they show that patek and AP do not reach a Level of Finishing on the hands as FP journe and surprisingly Grand Seiko do. the difference is very much evident.

cipher315 says:

is it just me or at 1:18 can we see that the underside of the minutes hand is unpolished

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