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Back in 2013, you could have walked into a Patek Philippe boutique and purchased this 5131J for £45,000, but if you wanted to buy one now, you wouldn’t get much change from £100,000. Why is this little world timer now worth double?

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Justin Mark says:

Do they make this in quartz 🙂

Daddy Dana says:

im looking for an affordable explorer 1/airking style watch with a flat crystal (not raised) to wear with a leather strap.
something very simple, clean looking, 36-40mm
$250-300 budget
any suggestions?

Waqar Ghulam says:

North Africa should be brown not green, so much for £100,000.

Alan1234x says:

Ugly and nothing special.

leonghk12 says:

Great vid! 100k watch better be able to reverse time for me.

TheChico868 says:

People actually buy this thing?

PopBubbleWrappable says:

Terrible choice of font, but otherwise a wonderful piece of art.

shubhankar patil says:

Look at us looking at videos about watched we cannot afford.

Geoffrey Armstrong says:

Conspiracy confirmed. Australia does not exist…

DeepSouthernTX says:

Australians and Japanese won’t buy this watch

ferris5150 says:

watches are so subjective i know, and i absolutely love some Pateks…but in my eyes this one is really quite ugly.

Z Z. says:

Beautifull watch but you’ll be crazy at buying it a 100k.Is worth around 40k not more!!

Silver Surfer says:

Another cracking video. Review suggestion: Regulators! e.g. LUC Chopard Regulator 168449-3001. Thanks.

Andrew Johansen says:

Just because something cost a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot of money.

Silver Back says:

For £100k I would trim my monkey arm hair down so my watch doesn’t look like it fell into a pile of pubes.

jonathan lloyd says:

Worth £100,000? Of course it is Emperor, now have a look at these new clothes . . .

Universe Man says:

Creating this Timepiece requires sooo much patience. The result is worth it! Love it.

Luke W says:

The font is hideous and I don’t like to see crown guards on dress watches.

Leigh Thomas says:

Why isn’t Australia on the map? Best nation on the good Earth


link to the background music please

George Scarlateanu says:

2 of the unique watches that need to be presented here: Midnight Planétarium and Zenith Defy Lab

Pranay Saini says:

Looks like the kind of watch Tintin would wear. Truly beautiful.!!

Rahul Rejeev says:


mahchymk93 says:

Meh, still 100k is too much. Even if it has a small 1inch tiny blue painting in the middle

Martin C. says:

It’s not pronounced “email” when you know what you’re talking about…

Morshedul Rifat says:

XD Who buys these??!

me hee says:

It’s okay, if you like novelty watches I suppose.

John Redberg says:

Sorry, but that’s NOT the reason why it’s worth 100k. You’re partially explaining why it was originally worth 45k (assuming folks at PP have figured out that you should sell things for no less than it costs to make them). The doubling in ‘value’ is due to the more or less arbitrary forces that determine which models find themselves ending up in a collector’s hype.

R A says:

That’s one ugly watch, you’d have to be crazy to drop £100k on one.

Ciel Vert says:

I understand the need for a “Please subscribe” message at the beginning but I feel as though it is very out of place and breaks the flow of the video.Nevertheless amazing video as always !

Moriquende says:

It really bothers me that the Scandinavian peninsula has somehow merged with Europe.

Jobo so says:

I love this channel. I respect the way the videos are made up and researched. I however disagree that a bit of enamel in a watch plate is worth a 100K. I don’t find the finish of it all that good either.

Sachin Ki says:

Is it gold?

giorgio tsoukalos says:

I just wish they would have used Comic Sans

Sachin Ki says:

Notice the FLAT EARTH map ?

Anri Orlow says:

Despite all the words around – this watch is simply ugly and barely accurately made. Good juvelier would be ashamed by that type of quality

igloo productions says:

I love watching these vids because it’s fascinating that there are suckers out there that’d actually buy this. I don’t care if I had 1 trillion US dollars, literally, I would not buy this shit. You can buy a nice car, even a home. Anything else.

Cooper Wardell says:

I don’t like being negative, but I have to say the workmanship of that cloisonné is… brutal. For a great dial from a comparable watch look at the Laurent Ferrier galet traveller. For better cloisonné at 1/10 the price look at the ulysse nardin classico dragon. Comparing enamel work on vases and such is different because there is so much more space to work with, but even other watch dials are much more well executed than this. Great video as always.

mahchymk93 says:

It is pretty though

William K says:

Excellent video. Could you please review the Audemars Piguet royal oak offshore Diver.

Randage says:

Whats the background song?

Rohit Pagaria says:


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