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We all identify Patek Philippe as a brand of tradition, reserve and sturdy Swiss conservatism, known for ignoring the trend for—well, just about everything, really. Patek Philippe sticks to what it knows, and you’ll like it, thank you very much. It’s a position the brand has earned, and one you’d not likely see it give up, so when the 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time was announced the eve of Baselworld 2015, we were all left a little bemused. Has Patek Philippe actually–dare I say it—got it wrong?

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Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time
IWC Big Pilot’s IW500401

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דן שלמה says:

the only thing that is wrong is the price tag

Carlo Jaime lizzeni says:

No offense but that patek looks like a 30 dollar timex

Jason Fu says:

Aren’t the “IWC looking” pilot watches designed by the German government on ww2? Don’t think they were based off the zenith.

Oliver La Roche says:

Definitely feels weird looking at the classic Patek name on a watch like this but damn if it isn’t one pretty watch. If I had the money to buy one Patek, this would definitely be a contender on my shortlist.

Rinoa Super-Genius says:

i dont really care for watches much, but i have to say this one looks really really good.

Ramiro Rabago Jr says:

That’s a beautiful watch I’m in love

Kusinuppi says:

I want to see everything in real life like this, it’s so…. matte.

kolokolok 2016 says:

I’ve been into watches for many years and all I can say is, this channel is already one of my favorites despite having only seen 2 videos so far. Brilliant work, amazing closeups, and eloquent remarks to top it all! Fabulous!

Sayan Mallick says:

I wish I could have this watch.

Gif Sec says:

Is that a spotmatic f or a k1000? Both are elegant anyways.

Kayserili38ification says:

this watch doesn’t suit patek..

fishfuxors says:

oY. $53,000 for a watch.

Peterowsky says:

I find it funny how you mention both Bleriot’s crossing in 1909 and the Wright brothers flight of 1903 but not Santos-Dumont’s own powered flight with a wide audience in 1906, without the need for a monorail/catapult to launch the aeroplane (a feat demonstrated to the public, instead of a hand picked small group, by the Wright brothers only in 1908).

ajussiwannabe says:

Beautiful…but you could either buy this pilot’s watch or for the same price an actual airplane like a Piper Cub…. Decisions, decisions…

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Yeah, they did, but since you don’t really own it anyways, just fob it off onto your kid…

MrGrentch says:

great video Sir, but I would beg to differ on a couple of points: First, the Zenith history in pilot watches. The watch design that Zenith claim was Bleriot’s watch was _not_ the one that he crossed the English Channel wearing. That 1909 watch is lost to history. The watch they claim was the one was presented to him a couple of decades later. The Pilot’s watch design template you mention with the black dial, radium lume, large onion crown and knurled rotating bezel, usually sub seconds, more rarely centre seconds was an early 1930’s(late 20’s at best) design and one produced by many Marques(Zenith, Mimo, Helvetia, Longines, later Omega and a host of others). Nobody can give a definitive answer to who originated it. Zenith kinda promoted themselves as the originators to pimp their reissue Zenith Specials*.
This is all too common with watch marques(IWC a notable example) and such claims should be approached with suspicion. Patek themselves did similar with their Pilot’s watch “history”. You mention they got on board with the military buildup in Europe in the 30’s but they only produced _three_ watches, two wrist, one pocket, likely a private order to an already existing design by the German Air Ministry(pre the B-Uhr template) for navigators watches. On that point the IWC Big Pilot B-Uhr homage and others were originally a navigator’s watch, not a “pilot’s watch”.   
*I have had a keen interest in this very popular at the time Pilot’s watch design as I have a Zenith Extra Special(centre seconds) from the early 30’s and have tried to glean as much as I can about the period.

Kraken1000 says:

Sorry, it still looks like a homage to me. It lacks class.

Mr. Gong先生 says:

This is the only one PP can called beautiful

J CaaM says:

The IWC is stunning.

M1keILL says:

50K pilot watch is getting it wrong. Making it in precious metals is doing it wrong.

i am No one says:

i love this watch, i loved this watch when i saw it before i knew what patek philipe meant for watches and i love it now after a lot of research on the brand. it looks gorgeous.

My Account says:

The only problem with this Patek is that Mr.talking hands is doing the review and AGAIN……. failed to show us the watch more than his hairy paws.

Hollyweed says:

I havent got a clue about watches but this channel made me see and appreciate the elegance and mastery of these watchmakers. You are superb. Thank you.

Jannik M. Meissner says:

Being someone who always lusts after the simplicity some of the IWCs and most of the German watches offer, this is one of the first Pateks I’d actually like to wear, as I don’t like watches on my wrist that are too flashy. I want them to be elegant, simplistic and a little work of art that only reveals itself to a few in the know. And this is a Patek that fits that bill… if just the bill you get at the counter wasn’t quite as high…

Moody Ali says:

I prefer iwc

mrpicky510 says:

The writing for the narration on these videos is nothing short of superb, as is the quality of the video and accompanying macro shots. All of this combined, contributes greatly to the authority in which the information is divulged. Unpolished watch channels take note, this is how a presentation is done at an elevated level. We can all walk away a little bit more savvy having tuned into these brief, yet highly informative history lessons on horology.

Vinicius Martinelli says:

I think this is a beautiful watch.

Allan Desmond says:

“big an Bold”..an that’s about it for 60k..sad..for a once great name.

Craig Butler says:

I’ll take the IWC thanks, having the date displayed is essential . And it’s better looking and bigger.

Rob Glenn says:

2:30 – “Nations divided into Allied and Axis Powers”? Don’t you mean Allied and Central? This is World War One you’re talking about, correct?

Ishmael Ahmed says:

I like it! and I want one!

Joshua Moody says:

it looks like a watch for someone who can appreciate certain attributes of a war time watch, without wanting something antiquated and have the money to buy something better than a piece of shit shinola.

TheDerisavi says:

Why don’t you review the high end Japanese watches?!

Peter Fladkjær Tonnesen says:

Only other watch youtube channel which have the same level as Hodinkee

Philip Mcritchie says:

This is my favourite watch of all time..

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