Famous Watches That DROPPED in Value: Rolex Kermit, Patek Philippe 5130, Heuer Autavia

Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Heuer are some of the most well-established brands in the world. But not all of their watches retain value! Here are three examples of watches that have seriously dropped in price!

Patek Philippe 5130
Vintage Heuer (Autavia + Carrera)
Rolex Kermit


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In today’s episode, Christian and Anna dive into three famous watches from well respected brands that actually DROPPED in value over time!

The first piece on this list is a Patek Philippe 5130, one of Patek’s World Time models. The watch retailed somewhere around $48,000, but trades much closer to $28,000 on the aftermarket. This can be attributed both to its dress watch status, which is generally less desirable secondhand than sport models, as well as its just general lack of coverage.

Next up are vintage Heuers, such as the Carrera and Autavia. For a long time, vintage Heuer was poised to be the next big thing when it came to vintage watches, and for a bit they were, but after a period of time trading for some crazy money (one Autavia reference, the 3646, once went for $200k, and now trade for $38k or so, which is absolutely not attributable to standard market fluctuation).

Finally, we come to the Rolex Kermit, a 50th anniversary Submariner with a green bezel and standard black maxi dial. Originally, they retailed for something like $4k or so, and eventually rose much closer to $15k on average. Now, they’re going much closer to $10k or $12k, which may not seem like much, but that kind of drop in Rolex sport models is, generally, unheard of.



What are your price recommendation to buy Rolex green Hulk

Steve Fournier says:

People are opening their eyes, noticing that it’s all a false market. Prices of certain watches can never hold up, when people start looking elsewhere at better and nicer watches. Why buy a pre-owned or grey market watch when with the price one could buy a new watch or a nice Vintage watch.
I owned loads of submariners, hulks and Pepsi and sold them at amazing prices, but there’s no way I’ll pay those prices myself lol!. I’d rather buy Vacheron or IWC thank you.

oJo says:

I think it’s funny how mainstream it has become to buy a scuffed rolex for 10 grand. Market is full of non original franken watches because of this

Shawn Lai says:

hellOOoOooOOo??? kermit dropping in value?????

Adrian Burke says:

Guess that good news (or market pressure 😉 for those of us who have always wanted a Kermit. I do prefer to the Kermit to the Hulk. A little more tasty and tasteful.

Ian Madden says:

What a couple of spoiled tossers did “daddies” give them everything ooh what are you wearing ooh just a 50000 dollar watch what a set of wankers

gmshadowtraders says:

Hmm… this is a touchy subject! I hear more mentions of ‘Hulk’ than ‘Kermit’. Also, Hulk is stronger, Kermit sounds a bit gay. Sorry lol I’ll go get me coat.

Diego OG says:

17 years ago, I sold one of those Royal Oak’s for less than $7000…

I couldn’t afford keeping it at the time, plus I owned the day/date moonphase version then. Which I also sold eventually for roughly $7500.

I feel like crying LOL …but really

scotie690 says:

The Kermit losing value? Are you joking?
When someone says that it’s only a Sub with a green dial, that’s all said to me.

mike jones says:

Both these two sick at the same time…hummm.

Walter Lawry says:

Antibiotics. Get some.

Semir Watts says:

Anna is a very good listener.

Clyve Watch-Wrangler says:

So, which one of you guys is the cult leader? My money’s on Anna.

Matthew Scott says:

I just bought a Casio F-91W and the prices have since plummeted. I bought it new at $10, but recently it has been trading in the $5s. New models have dropped into the $9s!!! I don’t understand it. This drop represents huge value and if you’re in the market, grab one now before the prices surge again. While I don’t anticipate them going super high, I do see them getting back into the $6s for unpolished examples with box and papers. New ones might even see a surge into $10s shortly, possibly climbing to the $11s.

celestialfix says:

Reason for softening prices: slowing economies in Europe and China.

Aaron Poon says:

Please get back to me when this happens to the Batman 🙂

sghu11 says:

Man good to hear it from the experts

Miguel Peraza says:

When I got a seiko divers 200 meters 21 jewels auto , was very pleased ! It was built like a truck , banged the heck outtavit , I was conjoined to it , and was surprised that seiko was chosen to keep exact time for the train systems in America , and so it’s TRUE! My android was on the exact minute as my seiko , all the time . Amen !

Mark Lavalla says:

BOOOO I have a Kermit lol, mine is mint its 2008 M i just had it serviced this summer in Dallas . new bezel, new insert, new crystal .new crown

StarSn1per says:

WTF are these guy’s talking about? Rolex are at an all time high price!!

Aaron Poon says:

Ohh I wonder if that’s the same World time that Archie has?

Tom Khong says:

It may be just a tip of the iceberg..Daytona could be next

Ramapo River says:

3 days passed, where’s my kermi?

Maciej Wojtysiak says:

Kids talking watches. No credibility/ no conviction/ no sense.

Dime says:


flyinb45 says:

I haven’t seen the market weaken on the Kermit from where I’ve been looking. Perhaps you’re seeing savings on the wholesale market that hasn’t trickled down to the retail market yet. The Kermit had the green bezel insert, maxi dial with larger markers and larger hands.

sghu11 says:

Kermit should fall in value so people stop talking about it

Guitarrick dsfsd says:

Archive won’t be happy with his Patek

Matt M says:

I am able to tolerate one nerdy guy for watch videos, but this weird female nerd version of him as well is too much. This looks like a premise for an old SNL sketch. #awkwardnotsexynerdchick

Johnny Utah says:

Wheres the part when Archie Luxury comes out and calls these two phuckaroonies?

gmshadowtraders says:

Haha, someone link this video to Archie, he will hate that he fucked up buying that stupid Patek world time. It broke his already broke ass.

Dime says:


Frank Faulhaber says:

I think its a little dream, that the Kermit dropped. The kermit ist the realy 50th anniversary Modell of the Submariner and it will be an absolutly classic Watch in the future. In a new condition it will be an absolutly Highlight.

Arab Myself says:

the 5130 dropped in value so much cos phatboi pontiff owns one it brought down their image lmao

Rolex Reviews says:

I had no idea about the watch that dropped from 200k to 30k that is absolutely bonkers

Cesar Ramos says:

These two are not very well informed.

Matthew M says:

this guy is such a hack. had to log in just to comment.

jason sensation says:

I think Theo and Harris is/are Trolling regarding the Kermit, i have no other explanation for this

Robin C says:

PP world time was so strong until phatso bought one !!
The Australian Bogan influence stretches far and wide…

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