Ed Sheeran’s Rolex, Patek Philippe & Audemars Piguet Collection | COLLECTION REVIEW

In this week’s COLLECTION REVIEW, Christian takes a look at the collection of notorious watch geek (oh, and singer-songwriter) Ed Sheeran!

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**Reviewing Ed Sheeran’s Watch Collection | COLLECTION REVIEW**

In this week’s COLLECTION REVIEW, Christian dives into the collection of a singer-songwriter who is notorious for his love of watches. No, not John Mayer; this week, we’re taking a look at the collection of Ed Sheeran.

Ed’s collection has a pretty clear emphasis on haute horlogerie, specifically pieces by Patek, which I’m sure he picked up on from John Mayer because, well, don’t all young buck guitar players who are hitting it big for the first time call John and go “Yo, what the F**K do I do now?” Or am I just fantasizing? Anyway, we start with a beautiful 5130 World Time, which he wore during his appointment from the Prince of Wales. Pretty. Freaking. Cool. He’s also been spotted wearing a 5370, another super-complicated Patek that is one of the most desirable split-second chronographs on the market.

He also has a 5726 (well, 2 – one in steel, one in rose gold). It’s an annual calendar in a Nautilus body, and it’s wonderful if you dig the style. We’ve all got some very particular thoughts on that style, so I’ll leave that one up to Christian to explain in the video.

Okay, so next is a ton of Richard Mille, a brand we know just little enough about to say that we don’t know enough about. That being said, his passion for ultra-complicated sports watches is reflected again in his Patek 5524, otherwise known as the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time. It’s one of my favorite watches of all time, because it’s so funky and off the wall for a brand like Patek, and I can see why Ed would have gravitated towards it. Another one of my off the wall favorite pieces in Ed’s collection is the AP Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon Concept in titanium, a watch that is beyond difficult to get.

So what do we think Ed needs to get into next? For one, the AP Royal Oak Skeleton, because it’s just beyond classy and still purely AP. The other option is a Laurent Ferrier Galet Square Boreal, a timeless, classic dress watch in conception and design, with some truly insane inner workings.


Watch 101: What is PVD/DLC Coating:

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Beeny Roy says:

When people think they’re funny and that red heads are fare targets. Pretty disappointing.

Eitan Hadari says:

please stop pronouncing “Patek” how u do.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

If somebody has a Gerold Genta watch I can’t take him serious.

These are hideous!

Jon Marklar says:

Shame he doesn’t know the difference between Iggy Pop and The Clash.

Christian Permann says:

As much as I agree in your opinion about RM – this brand does not do anything for me either – I think you as a professional should also learn about brands which are not 100% your taste… All the best!

Kieren Moore says:

Mick and/or Keefie must have some nice ‘wristclocks’ … How about a Stones edition?

Gavin McLeod says:

John Mayer? You should look into him. I am pretty sure he is the reason Ed owns a lot of these watches.

Tim Girian says:

Well done

Kieren Moore says:

His Richard Mille watch is a ‘ranga’, too!! X)
Yeah, not great taste on display here, imo
Incidentally, he is playing in my home city tonight. I’m not going. 🙂

Joshua Mwaniki says:

Rolex sucks because a steinhart ocean 1 lasts longer than a rolex sub for 10th of price.

PancakeFx says:

he doesnt own a 5726 in rose gold it doesnt exist the rose gold nautilus that you showed was a 5980R

ivan Buchreitz says:

Do John Mayer

Monty Montaño says:

Everybody asking for John Mayer. I think he may only have one watch. The one he was wearing the night his house was burgled a few weeks ago in LA. Reports were they got into his watch collection.

John christopher says:

Great video

martin 878 says:

I saw him play live in Sydney just last weekend (mid march) and he had a beautiful orange Richard Mille on… I was standing sort of close to the stage and it just stood out!!!

Oni FraKiMarq says:

…and he has some watches from Rolex too!

Tony smith says:

You do realise that all the watches Sheeran wears are given to him free, he doesn’t pay for any of them because makers know he will be photographed so its free advertising for them.

yun wu says:

But Ed Sheeran is still ugly 🙁

Jay's Aquariums says:

John Mayer owns an AP concept like Ed, that’s probably how he got it

elom44 says:

Mustardy? (at 5:56) What on earth did he mean by that?

William Coolidge says:

Who is this Nancy boy?

Bob jones says:

That dude made that kind of money from being the third fiddle (I think it could be argued 4 or 5th fiddle) in the Harry Potter movies. WOW !
Hopefully he bought them second hand or was given them as advertisement because he needs to be saving his money

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MrIFARI says:

The obnoxious way your friend expressed himself showed him to be nothing more than a tasteless, opinionated and pretentious boor.

Kamil Dębicki says:

If you are not involved to learn what to say about topic, I just don’t want to watch this video. Unlike, work hard

Amir58 Bedi says:

I’ve been deciding about getting a Patek lately, but since Ed Sheeran knows about his Brand, it calls for that, I mite have to consider things again.

freddie P says:

GVA is a moron

Andrew Pullinger says:

Couldn’t disagree more re 5726. The best and most underrated Nautilus.

Large Nutz says:

I have the patek 5726/1a which is the white dial Nautilus. Im an athlete who owns 5 companies and runs 10 miles after work everyday. The watch is absolutely stunning. I love the day, month, week, moon phase and the 24hr clock it provides. It is very useful. I can’t run in a leather strap annual calendar, but I love the one he has on a strap. One of my other watches is a all gold Rolex Daytona in which I can also run in, but sometime gold is tacky in business meetings. This is typical coming from someone who wears a Rolex Presidential on a strap. One day you might make a bunch of money, and realize that your Presidential is actually an entry level watch. When you grow up someday, you may realize that wealth is quiet, rich is loud, and poor is flashy.

Edwin Patrick says:

Too much talk, too little review

Neill Levine says:

That Laurent Ferrier is a beauty!

Mercedes mad says:

Brilliant video as always

Cico88 says:

Need to do Sylvester Stallone’s watch collection!

Renpeng Xing says:

Great great video! That AP skeleton just made my day! I’m like you I hate skeleton watches. But this AP man… I promise myself I’ll get one if I’m able to one day!

Aashish Dhawan says:

You dont know shit bout watches dont provide stupid feedback.

Josh B says:

If Archie can afford to buy one, the World Time is especially soft…

J S says:

The annual calendar Nautilus (white dial please!) is a no-brainer given what the standard 5711 is going for these days!

kevin smith says:

There was a white AP concept for sale in selfridges in London for £165,500 . Tried it on ,ugly ugly watch

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