Bustdown Watches – Should You Bust Down your Patek?

Bustdown watches are always a controversial topic. Many people like to bling out luxury watches like Patek Philippe and AP, but quite a few purists feel that it’s a sin to do so. Join us during our live stream about bust down timepieces.

Welcome to our live stream about luxury watches and horology.

Join in the discussion and let us know what topics you would like to see on future talks.

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alex gomez says:

Watching your videos is the way I take my 5-15minutes break of my week. Thank you

Brian Doan says:

This isn’t a bad video, but I think I speak for the majority of you audience when I say we prefer your old, more professional videos

MrIFARI says:

A 3800 Nautilus sold for $90k at auction and another is expected to get over $100k, so all the bustdown watches are going to accomplish is to drive up the price of unmolested Nautiluses…..Get ’em while they’re hot = Appreciating asset!

User Name says:

Not a fan. Would you buy a Picasso and paint over it?

Frank V says:

Busting cheeks! Na but jokes aside, I hate this trend of Cuban links and watches being flooded with diamonds. People will never learn that those diamond “dust” are worthless. Most are cheap diamonds, I had Jewlery from the rapper age trend of the early 2000s and when I sold it I only got the value of the metAl not the diamond. Now a watch is even 100 times worse, because of the herology culture that has a standard from purist and serious collectors. Diamonds on things is a 5 to 10 year fashion trend, a men’s watch is a timeless tool necessity for the working class to the professional upper class.

Javontae Garrett says:

Can’t bust down a patek but I’d do it to a Rolex but patek and AP u keep plain Jane

MrIFARI says:

Eric, I dig your steez playa – but it’s hard to hear ya over the bullshit vocals in the background music.

Helmuth Urcuyo says:

bad bunny!!!!! tu no metes cabra!!!!

Victor_ ngng says:

Well , I think bustdown watches are for make the pieces look more expensive and SUPER SCRATCH PROOF so it will be great on the Hublot King Power Oceanographic 4000 Rose Gold . Then , This big 48mm blink blink watch won’t need to worry about getting scratched when diving and will get great attention (on let people get shocked on big watch and big blink blink) . I like that .

LuxWatchesForNewbies says:

Probably my favorite video so far.  #2 would be the Yacht-Master video on the dock.  #3, Richard-Mille RM-11, only because it seemed like you really liked the Felipe.

NewFormofSilence says:

Nah, not my style, on the dial sure but no mas.

Rajazraj1992 says:

Guess it’s for the big boys I’ll stay with my ap moon phase and leave the big boys for the BUST DOWN PP lol

Sam Smith says:

How come the sky dweller is selling for retail price

Ronald Stonecipher says:

Makes it look too feminine….

Taylor Zalewski says:

I feel like fully blinged watched are very pretentious, I like diamonds and jewels on watches but classy done. If factory doesn’t make it, it’s for a reason

Watches&Cars says:

It ruins pateks specially since there aren’t too many anyway

Gerold At Large says:

Busted down vid.

Larry Kippings says:

Eric, you should have your arse busted for what you’ve done to those watches!!! 😉

Justin Foord says:

Are these for men? I think they look a bit girly. When I think of diamonds I think of diamond rings etc

Patrick Jones says:

no one notice the glock

TheDon Willie says:

thanks for answering my questions

MusicforMind MFM says:

live´is good
do it more and upload here

Benjamin says:

I see no problem with it as watch manufacturers themselves are now making factory diamond set watches and they go for waaaay more , so those saying it’s stupid is hypocritical . As long as it’s done well , there’s a market for it and it’s value will be more among that market of people . Movement in a watch is becoming less valuable with time as every other company is now at par in doing the complicated stuff and diamonds in watches if factory are making watches worth the value again .

bigdick heavyweight says:

children ice out a watch, you would you woiuld hardly see a jeff bezos, larry ellison, nick woodman etc, with a iced out watch.

go back to your old style of vids please.

Shaf Serious says:

Busting down a patek are for those that are begging to be loud and seen. Its pathetic. Keep it original.

Horacio AR says:

What brand are your shades?

lecorsaire says:

My honest opinion is that they have their place but given the low production of these Pateks, it’s a shame to see them ruined forever with full pavé. This makes it harder to obtain these watches in their original condition which imo is the way to go. The Nautilus and Royal Oak are already blingy enough as is. I don’t care when this is done to Day-Dates since the production is high but it’s a shame that all of these Nautilus are being bought up and customized in a way that it just isn’t possible to get them back to factory condition. I understand that people who make it want to show off success and get as much attention as possible but after they become accustomed to their new lifestyle, they tend to tone it down. I wish more jewelers would give lots of these people advice. Factory always looks more elegant.

Tarek Khatib says:

The bad bunny on the background

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