Breguet OR Patek Philippe ? The Ultimate Luxury Watches – Federico Talks Watches

Breguet OR Patek Philippe ? The Ultimate Luxury Watches – Federico Talks Watches

I LOVE Breguet watches. The epitome of luxury. Excessive, opulent and with a ton go history. Why is Breguet in the shadow of Patek Philippe? What makes a luxury watch? Are you more a Breguet watch guy or a Patek Philippe watch guy? Do you prefer the restrained look of the Patek Philippe or the more luxury touches of the Breguet? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Frank Cotton says:

patek. Breguet is a failed zombie brand

Mohamed Kholy says:

Breguet has a Sense of occasion every time u strap it on

B Tessler says:

Love how passionate, accurate and knowledgeable you are. Missed your videos. Welcome back!

evaninnewport says:

welcome back fed

Jose Antonio Zamora Reyes says:

¿how is your relationship with tgv?

golfbuddy1969 says:

Dress watch specifically, if not Patek, price no object, I like BlancPain or Piaget. If price is a consideration, you can never go wrong with JLC Master Control.

Ahsan Awan says:

Great to have you back! You have been missed


Welcome back Federico.

Jonathan Crawford says:

Welcome back Fed!

K0tak3 says:

Come back to your channel man, so much better see you this way

Mark Probst says:

I don’t know how I’ve never noticed this before, but in your intro you have a horizontal white line, and the horizon right below AND IT’S NOT HORIZONTAL! You really gotta align that horizon, Federico.

Very glad you’re back! 😉

Trevor Bohnsack says:

What are u going to do or what are u doing for work in Miami Fed? Anything lined up yet??

Watch Geek says:

I have to admit that was a bold move, to relocate your life, and I can feel how another relocation so soon would be too much.
I’m glad you are back doing what you like, people like you made me try making watch videos on YouTube

Kevin Li says:

Love to have you back Fed! Life can definitely take a turn for the hardest, but I know you’ll get back on your feet soon enough. I wish you all the best.

Now on the topic of Breguet, the finishing on modern Breguet’s is definitely not up to the same standards that are along the lines of Lange, Patek, FP Journe, etc but historically, Breguet watches have always been rather austere. Don’t quote me on this, but I remember George Daniels saying that movement finishing is a lazy way for watchmakers to distract their customers from the dial. This is where Breguet keeps in line with their heritage, with beautifully ornate dials. However, I wish that they would keep in mind the balance of the dial layout. Many of the modern Breguet’s, like you mentioned, can be difficult to read. One of the best examples is the 7727. Although I love the fact they tried so many different patterns of guilloche, it’s rather distracting from the aesthetic of the watch.

On the topic of the 7727, I think that this is a step in the right direction for the continuation of Breguet. It needs to be a combination of excellent dial finishing, dial layouts, and above all, movement innovation. There is a laundry list of innovations that almost all modern watchmakers take from Abraham Louis Breguet’s watches, like the tourbillon, a dual natural escapement, etc. Breguet should become the brand that pushes forward the development of mechanical watchmaking. In this sense, the independents, like George Daniels, Roger Smith, and to an extent Urban Jurgensen have become the true “Breguet’s” of the modern era.

Ronin Inkhaurt says:

Hello, Federico, and welcome back!

I am with you on the subject, and I feel the same about how bland and tedious modern PateKs are.

What do you think about Parmigiani Fleurier watches? I think brands like Parmigiani are highly overlooked.

mohammed hassan says:

welcome back federico i always had the same idea that patek is really boring except for the perpetual chrongraphs – worldtimer enamel other than that they are too boring for me !!
I am having a tough decision wanna hear your opinon – the omege 50th anniverasry speedmaster with enamel dial vs the breguet type 20 limited edition the one with black bezel . I want soemthing that would look good in any suitation and with different colourful straps

Berra Vader says:

Love your channel , you and TGV = Best Whatch channels.

Krony999 says:

Welcome back 🙂

iconz255 says:

Nice food for thought 🙂

Fun with Turtles says:


edu danel says:


Bil Hager says:

Welcome back man!

Joseph Gizzi Jr says:

Breguet just doesn’t ring the bell for me Fed. I just picked up a GP WW.TC Shadow Flyback Word Timer new/unworn. Not sure how popular they are but to me its nice looking piece for somebody who travels frequently, in the financial markets etc. I believe GP is an under recognized brand as well.

hervé Chretien says:

Hey Federico, glad to see you back ! I am not really into high end luxury watches, but your vid was, as always, an interesting one. What’s really funny though is to have all this ranting about Breguet and Patek in a video with fairly poor blueish lighting, random cardboard boxes and stuff in the background and not the greatest sound. I know you had hard times, but the channel quality should improve IMO. Cheers mate

gralex32 says:

Thank you for your vidéos 🙂 Those beautiful watches from Breguets, with “guillochage à la main” are my favorite too.
Regards from Paris. Alex

MikeRR84 says:

You missed Lange & Söhne in your list

Michael Curran says:

Fed so happy u are back and doing well. Best watch channel on YouTube

Oozywolf says:

I mentioned in the last video that I found your channel almost the day of you announcing going to Miami. Just want to say it’s so great that you’re back and I get to see new content on this channel. Really awesome! Love the videos, keep up the awesome work man!

Quincy Anderson says:

Federico your my favorite YouTuber ever you every time I watch one of your videos it makes me so happy

kcc says:

Breath of fresh air! Welcome home! Thanks for the heads up – Brequet deserves more credit as agreed. Looking forward to your next video. Just want to add moving my eyeball time from Tim / watchuwant simply because it seems Tim and his crew seem mire concentrated on watches that are closer in pricing points points to buying an Aston Martin!

mark says:

Welcome back!

Harold Sawyer Jr says:

l absolutely agree. l love Breguet. l used to salivate over the marine. Blue being my fav color, l love the blue Breguet hands. The white enamel secret signiture, omg! l want it. I kinda like how its low key, not talked about or hyped, me and you know the deal.

Ryan Travis says:

Awesome points, I’ll have to dig into Breguet. I’ve always wondered why they are not talked about either. All conversations I’ve had always end up on some other high end brand, so I have never done real research on them. Thanks man.

roberto jaksic says:

Patek doesn’t need to shout,I’m here. Like JLC Breguet doesn’t have as much as hand finishing and it’s not fully vertically integrated . I think you’re expressing your personal opinion that can’t be considered “expert” one.
Fact that you don’t hear about it in the same context with Patek,VC and AP should be enough.
There are highest levels of finishing that Breguet uses on their most complicated pieces and those can be put next to “holly trinity” type watches. But across the board Breguet has lower standards for less expensive pieces
History, yes by all means but in today’s world Breguet is on the level of JLC,Blancpain at best.
Welcome back. I’m sorry you got screwed down in Florida.

Ben Thurley says:

No no no, you’re supposed to wear your glasses on top of your head!

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