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Luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe is one of the most popular brands in hip-hop, with frequent references by artists such as Migos, Young Thug, Future, and even Beyoncé. One-third of the songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017 included a Patek mention, and the trend continues in 2018 with 13 tracks charting to date. Migos’ No. 1 album ‘Culture II’ particularly stands out for its 28 references of the watch, with 24 name-drops from Offset alone.

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Integrafreak1 says:

LOL and I doubt they get paid

FrCrB Da real says:

Eh eh eh eh eh get off my dick

Varo says:

It’s cuz they’re all fuckin followers

Hitomu says:

Should’ve added 2 Tone Drip when y’all was talking about the two tones

H.A.D says:

niggas invest in gold and real estate

LadzzAhmad adadvontr says:

this is destruction in human form

Snick Cage says:


Eli Grooves says:

*Cardi B and Offset’s love for Patek

Nadi Zahadi says:

It’s only bc it cn rhyme w more words than like Casio, i guess

FrCrB Da real says:

Nah, I’m good with my Seiko, thx

Cam Newton #1hunnit #supercam #futuresbmvp says:

New patek on my wrist

B Pizle says:

What kinda water is that? PATEK WATER

Andrew Kogan says:

artists only say this because it’s an expensive, rare watch. Thats it. Shouldn’t have made a video on this. Thats it. There’s no science behind it.

i bee tha thug says:


Cuban Andy says:

When you ice out a watch you’re fucking it up an that’s a fact, all yhose diamonds are worthless, these rappers think they are flexing some high class stuff, but anyone that knows anything about watches will tell you plain jane is the way to go, if you’re thinking about getting a watch, please think about it before fucking it up, don’t let these clowns influence you

Jalen Keo says:


Pick N' POP says:

44 millimeter ice out Philippe ❄️

Boosted Brian says:

any rapper’s Patek is rented.

jorge diaz says:

And how the fuck u didn’t put in the video PATEK WATER it’s the hottest song about patek

Alex Tosta says:

Nobody pronounces it with the right emphasis, it’s not Puh-tek it’s Pah-tek

StatTrak Fedora says:

Half of them can’t read on an analog watch

Killa Dolla says:

Every body wearing same shit..5711 or 5980(mostly two tone and steel some rose gold) so fuckin boring..rappers complaining they are rich but nobody is wearin factory

Nathan Nguyen says:

Nothing says rap like boasting about having or pretending to have insanely expensive trinkets.

Leonard R. says:

Fun Fact: The Patek Nautilus was designed by the same guy who did the AP Royal Oak

Trash says:

Breaking down OFFSET’s love for patek

Celeste Verdin says:


david abdo says:

I got a fake gold one

david abdo says:

1:39 oh so now i know the difference between them

david abdo says:

I never forget how dumbfounded i was when i found out there are watches that cost a million dollers

KING says:

Migos only love pateks

ejpn_ 141005 says:

Apparently Offset is being paid by Patek Philippe

Jesus C says:

Beyonce didnt originally think of the song. Migos wrote apeshit so offset wrote the patek line

DamnMyMeatSmall says:

Too bad no one can buy it besides these rappers.

Lex Luder says:

50% of those watches are rented or fake.

Trent Russell says:

At this point you can hear the Patek reference before they even say it. I

strangehegelian says:

Isn’t also just fun to say “Patek”

Cuban Andy says:

If you know anything about watches you know that probably most of those pateks are fake, because they don’t sell to everyone

david abdo says:

Man forget migos dont try to act like you dont know future hendrixx started the patek wave

Mmm Boi says:

PATEK PHILLIPE the plain one, that’s too much sauce. Hermes in the a that’s too much sauce. AUDEMAR HUBLOT now, that’s too much sauce

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