Are you a Rolex or a Patek?

Many Rolex collectors want a watch to demonstrate their success, where Patek Philippe fans often prefer a more subdued time piece.


We are done says:

Most WIS would have extreme respect for both brands simultaneously.

Citrus says:

Wow, this is some Great Gatsby new money vs. old money stuff! New money being a Rolex, whereas the old money being Patek.

Alpay Bayraktar says:

Rolex or Patek? None. I’m an Omega guy. Omega is that next level shit. Omega makes timepieces that is worth the price and lasts a lifetime.

Dubb RS says:

Rolex’s look better imo

Ntsako Phakula says:

Patek philippe

Fabio Mattetti says:

Non esiste partita ,come paragonare uno zircone ad un diamante.Patek Philippe e’ storia ,lusso e classe assoluta.
Rolex e’ l’entry level della buona orologeria.

Super Dude says:

Not wearing a watch is the new Patek.

faiz ghogha says:

i am longines conquest

Coffee Jack says:

Square shaped watches look ugly in my humble opinion.

Yin Zhao says:

Patel for special occasion, Rolex for daily

liquidpersuasion says:


Bobby Brooks says:

I have 2 Hublots im not a big rolex guy

JACK28460 says:

Difficult to compare Rolex with Patek, as they are in two different leagues and appeal to different markets. It’s basically the same as comparing BMW with Rolls Royce

Relaxing Zen says:

NONE both are overprice garbage im Hugo Boss watch

Chrick the Rapper says:

A Rolex, like a Ferrari, is the watch that poor people think rich people like in the same way that people assume car enthusiasts praise the F40 highly because of that one Top Gear episode. PP’s are for people that invite pretty women over for a cup of coffee only to drown on about the painting they have hanging in their living room, forgetting to actually make anyone coffee or make a move.

NewPlay says:

im a big dick dude that does not give a fuck about those watches coz i get way to much pussy i font have time to bother , give those metal circless to tiny penis dudes who cant get paid for shit how bout dat.

Tom Philip says:

if you are fucking poor and can’t effort just grab a decent Casio, if you are little up to? Seiko. watch fan? get tissot.. a collector? get a rado and omega. rich guy? buy Rolex. fucking rich? petek

Abhi Kes says:

I am a Seiko guy, no one notices a Seiko but it just ticks ticks ticks and goes on.

Adam Foley says:

AP, in my opinion is a very close second to Patek. These are the best watchmakers in he world. the time it takes to complete a patek of AP, rolex can bang out 30 submariners.

BlackFoxFalcon says:

Tag Heuer. Much more affordable.

PandaTV Plus says:

I recently purchased a Patek 5270G and it completely overshadows my Rolex Yacht Master II. And it is noticed more often by people than the Rolex. So please shut up.

joseph fajardo says:

This is just CONSUMERISM SLAVERY. I’m too poor for luxury watch

Satan bitch says:

Patek beats rolex hands down. mass produced overpriced

0043habara says:

you CAN’T compare rolex and PATEK

Javaid Iqbal Shah says:


Procesos y Matematicas says:

Patek Philippe.

gmshadowtraders says:


Edward Moran says:


Tetra84 says:


jason rothfeld says:

Rolex, but the repairs are a bitch.

jude fuckoff says:

patek all the way

Max Schmidt says:

Im a Casio F91W guy

Ruben says:

Thats like asking someone if they would rather have a Lexus or a Rolls Royce. Stupid comparison.

PiranhaJaw22 says:

I am a Rolex

lamarozzo says:

I’m a Casio

Dumitru Dumitru says:

I like Audemars Piguet more than I like Rolex and Patek. Pateks are too dressy for my taste and rolex watches are too mass produced AP is perfect (i’m saving for an AP royal oak offshore Rubbens Barrichelo)

David Viner says:

I much prefer Patek, Rollo’s are a bit, well, naff

Aymanali Jumma says:

I am a SEIKO !!!

Landin Pearce says:

to be honest based on this video I’m much more of a Rolex person

Tangchi Prathomo says:

Lange 1 and Sinn UX anyone?

MrJeronimo94 says:

I personally prefer Jaeger! Many people buying a Rolex do it because it’s highly noticeable and everybody knows Rolex. They don’t tend to care about heritage, mechanics or Savoir-faire. They want to show off! This is not always a bad thing, don’t get me wrong here! I’m totally understanding that someone who works hard, saves up and wants to get a nice watch goes for Rolex, especially if it is the only watch he or she is going to buy. But they are definitely not what you would call exclusive.
On the other hand for Patek, it’s classic. But again, it’s a brand that isn’t solely worn bei sophisticated people. There tends also to be a snobbery coming from Patek lovers, thinking it is the one watch brand and that the rest is garbage, which in my opinion isn’t very “classy”. Making a choice on your own should affect yourself and shouldn’t be imposed on others, respecting what they like. Also a Patek comes with a high price tag, which again is prone to often be abused to means of showing off rather than wearing the watch for what it is: a masterpiece, a manmade little miracle. In the world of watches, there is so much choice, so much diversity which should be enjoyed by not only giving credit to those 2 brands.

omrklm says:

dumbass comparison dumbass comments

Kindeep Singh Kargil says:

like rolls vs bentley

chaiwa says:

DAAAAA!! Like compare Honda vs Aston Martin.

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