A Walk Through Patek Philippe Finishing Departments

We are taking you along for a proper walk through Patek Philippe’s facility and discover together different workshops showcasing the finishing performed on some of their timepieces.

From cases, to bracelets and other components, this was naturally a great experience for us as we managed to grasp the very impressive set up of this super iconic brand. Enjoy!


PatCruiser says:

The woman at 3:00 is wearing a rolex XD

Abdulsalam Kteil says:

your videos are awesome, you should definitely get more credits for your work, thank you again 🙂

Matthew I/Sa says:

Love these kind of videos! TheWATCHES.tv is THE watch channel on YouTube! Would love to see a video on how traditional movement finishes are done. For example how to to Geneva stripes.
Kindest regards Matthias!

Ernani Alves da Silva Junior says:

When we see the tremendous amount of work, expertise, passion, skill and so on, we can finally understand why the price of these machines is so high. The process is so time-consuming and requires very specialized workers, besides the limited production, all adds to make the price even steeper. When we imagine that the final product of such collective effort is concentrated on your wrist, that’s when we start to realize all the value of such beautiful jewel, a Patek Philippe watch. Thank you, Marc, for this wonderful journey.

A B says:

I like Patek Philippe, but I would be very happy to see a video from Zenith…..like this one.

Lemtem Poktui says:

Awesome video! Keep it up!!

243wayne1 says:

ROLEX sets the bar – PP is sub par

Andre 1,000 says:

Truly incredible! Great video and thanks for sharing – More please!

Amintas Neto says:

Thanks for sharing it Marc.
It exemplifies very well the key differentiator factor between the price vs. the value of a watch 😉

Erwann Harrison says:

I wait all week for videos from TheWATCHES.tv and they never disappoint. Keep going guys!

Zeitgeist says:

Thanks for sharing this with us. Superb!

nomind7 says:

would have liked more focus on, and explanation of the finishing – looked more like a generic infomercial for PP

Firat Yildirim says:

Workers of Patek wear Rolex and other kind of stuff 🙂 2:55 5:00

mac daddy says:

The frame of your glasses are a bit too thick. Please change them.

joe Shmoe says:

really enjoyed this, but it could have been 45 minutes long. i want more.

Deepak Nigwal says:

I was literally waiting for this kind of video, tour of Patek Philippe, and u did. I enjoyed the video and was equally amazed as you…

M. Hamza says:

spotted! 3:00 she wears a Rolex Datejust

RoBin HoOd says:

Nice one , but u haven’t replied my email 🙁

George Grasser says:

Are you telling me that Glycine skips these steps?

sachinv83 says:

Great content and very detailed. Loved the precision and technicality used to make these watches.

logwind says:

Those fucking glasses.

Alex aaa says:

Very impressive. What makes it more impressive that PP allowed you in to watch all this. This is quite amazing 🙂

watchman says:

I wonder what the future will be like when these artisans retire? Considering the age of smartwatches and smartphones if the younger generation would want to take up this type of occupation? I guess only time will tell. Otherwise, a very good and interesting video.

Floyd Burkett says:

the craftsmanship is beautiful. i wish i could spend a day there admiring the beauty and precision. it is a shame so much skill and talent is lost in mass production

Tim Archer says:

Wow! I have increased respect for Patek Philippe due to your report. I was also struck by the industrial appearance of their workshops. Thanks so much for such exemplary content.

ForbinColossus says:

@4:41 love the fashion combination – a blazer/suit jacket over a down jacket (or vest). @1:21 looks like she is using a bronze rod to polish the case hinge — against a wedge of very used wood! Fascinating – there must be a pecking order of workers – from who assemble and finish bracelets to the movement people to the people of haute horlogerie
@2:10 “WOOOF” !

Xiang Fan says:

those skilled workers are the root of the Swiss luxury watch industry .

Żółć says:

Mr. White?

Y L Luis says:

I started to share TheWatchesTv in horology forum, hope you guys also do the same to support their nice effort. Thank you

ferw swer says:

we want “skeleton” watches from patek. always same desing.

Josh says:

This is by fat the best video you have produced, and so far they have been 10/10!!! I dont know how you do it.

Please do more of these factory visits, i woukd love to see the machines used for the movements etc!


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