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If you’ve got your sights set on a classic Daytona 116520, the pre-ceramic model, then there’s probably not much else out there that might turn your fancy. You’re unlikely to be swayed by an Omega, or a Breitling, probably not even a Jaeger-LeCoultre—but what about a Patek Philippe? And not just any old Patek Philippe, but a complicated one in white gold, no less. How does the Daytona look now?

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vee tour says:

I would have bought it in second had there been a date feature.

Peder Lindström says:

Patek, anyday and anytime.

Jeff Yglesias says:

i love rolex, a GMT II is going to be my second watch (currently on a tag aquaracer), but Patek Philippe is simply in a different realm than rolex.

Michael Nguyen says:

it cost an arm and an leg to service this watch. Still i rather drive a old rolls royce than a new toyota.

MysticFate says:

“Spanning the wrist at an undersized 37mm”… You’re speaking my language as someone with a 6.25” wrist it’s perfect for me in a world where everyone has fat wrists it’s hard for us little guys to find a decent watch that doesn’t look too big for our arm. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any of these in the country i live in…

KavaKavana says:

datona is doper

Mike D says:

No mention of the price in this whole video …

Space Pirate says:

I dare you to find a more boring watch than this.

Michael Martin says:

My gut feeling is Patek over Rolex, though either would be phenomenal.

Russell Denney says:

Too bad most of the Pateks are ugly as hell. I’ve owned them…Rolex gets my money now. If you look at the best watch from an overall standpoint, Rolex is where it’s at. Durability, resale value, aesthetics – Rolex! Patek are a marvel of craftsmanship but they’re fragile as eggs, ugly as hell, and most don’t see the investment value of Rolex (save for a few exceptions)…

Sb Sb says:

Rolex is over hyped and over priced.

João Carlos Vieira de Freitas says:


Tom Faranda says:

Obviously the patek. It’s a no brainer

Enkryptron says:

My Casio F-91W is still the bomb. Quite literally.

Carlos Neves says:

Patek without any doubt

Redskins Pride WGIL says:


muffemod says:

You’re not going to find these for less than a Daytona these days.

KMJ says:

I bought my girlfriend this watch after seeing this video. She loves it. I think it’s an amazing piece. But would not be caught dead wearing one.

george varughese says:

Without a doubt I would take the Patek. A much better chance of an increase in value vs. daytona over time.

ultraman1red says:

Hands-down I would choose the Patek over the Rolex Daytona any day.

JanPBtest says:

I never liked large wristwatches. Ugh, butt ugly.

Thomas Russo says:

Great video as always Patek always has the edge against any contenders

SevenDeMagnus says:

I wish Vacheron was the gold the rolls royes standard and not Patek. It has a nicer name.

The Hebrew Barrister says:

Patek all day long. Rolex bores me.

Srdjan Boskovic says:


Joseph Spacone says:

Daytona does nothing for me. So twist my arm and I’ll take the Patek.

Go Review says:

I’ve got 20k spare shall I buy a used porsche 911 or a PP?

yobolion says:

Two different types of watches! Apples and Oranges!

tom thompson says:

stunning watch , some of us may say , small isnt back , it never went away.

Dimitri van Schaik says:

Patek it is!

Shao Kid says:

i find them totally different looking watches….don’t think they should be compared…

Csaba H. says:

Patek and it is not even close

Bananadragon says:

Whats wrong with the seconds hand?

Daniele Poreba says:

Ugly as hell…..

fortylove68 says:


Gourab Chatterjee says:

Appreciate your valuable short review on Breguet, Jagaer le coulter and Blancpain….all automatic dress watches

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

“money in the bank”
There is nothing worse than having your money in a bank !

hellgate2888 says:

Patek Philippe the plain one

Diong Teck Shen says:

Unpopular opinion and certainly not one that would sway anyone: But I just can’t love a watch with numbers, especially one stylized like the Calatrava above. If only it was Roman numerals, I’d swoon already :/

Yinan Liu says:

i like small watches. i hve a thin wrist(7 in, very tin for a male) and large watch(~40mm) looks funny on me. PP anytime

adam hoyland says:

The Patek Philippe every time. The Rolex Daytona is a great watch however the Patek Philippe is an amazing watch and will look classical all its life whereas the Daytona will always command good money and return it well, but will always look a little dated, this isn’t a bad thing because for some Rolex will always be king, but for the extra special, enigmatic and almost magical it will always be Patek Philippe. Especially this model. As I love manual winding movements for me this one is very special.

George O'Shea says:

Patek Philippe, like that’s even a serious question.

g.swell says:

the number font is just so comic sans to me i can’t take it seriously

yermanoh says:

I don’t like either and for the same money you can get a gold ap royal oak https://www.chrono24.com/audemarspiguet/yellow-gold-royal-oak-watch-ref-4100–id9059000.htm

edwong3 says:

The comparison between these two models is a bit odd. The Patek in this video is basically a GMT while the Rolex Daytona is a chronograph. A better or closer comparison for the Patek might be the Rolex GMT Master II?

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