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Let’s get straight to it—the Patek Philippe 5170P in my right hand is worth almost 20 times as much as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in my left. With the Omega clocking an RRP of just over £4,000, that places the 5170P at a whopping £73,000. While some of that cost gets you a platinum case and diamonds on the dial, it’s safe to say that most of it is spent on the bit you don’t often get to see—the calibre CH 29-535 PS movement. But with the Omega carrying a similar hand-wound manual chronograph calibre 1863 movement for a fraction of the price, what are you really getting when you spend all that extra money?

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Kevin Tshiunza says:


เคน KhunFon says:

I wonder which watch will survive 200m underwater, Patek Philippe or GShock. I wonder which watch will survive a fall from the 20th floor, a Patek Philippe or GShock.

ironman tooltime says:

So, patek philippe is basically gay.

Guide504 says:

all that old tech and artisan bull and my casino keeps better time for 200 quid.
and with the other 69.8k I can go do some good in this world in a timely manner.

Gino Padula says:

Omega is made to be worn and enjoyed everyday. Isn’t that what watches are for?

tiestu says:

The Patek Philippe is a marvel . If rich people want to give their money to other rich people, I have no objection . And they are (relatively) poor watchmakers who also profit from that money , but I would like to know howmuch the craftmen are getting paid and how much goes to Patek Philippe owners .

vagomaniac says:

The Patek doesn’t justify its cost. Patek is a brand with great history but their watches are worn by a very specific group of people that want the very best and something that a few can afford. Nasa chose the speedmaster for the trip to the moon. I wonder if the Patek would pass the same tests.

Gibbet Hoskins says:

Absolutely 0 people will care apart from watch makers about the difference.

devid asman says:

It absolutely justify its cost and thanks to you guys i would have never known about those individual details and hard work goes into making a patek, finishing of omega simply looked mass produced next to patek.

amarcord1988 says:

I’ve dedicated to buy a Omega and a Range Rover Evoque 😀 And I still have leftover cash to travel around the world and say to the people that bought the Patek that they were fucked by buying it

Roman Hamilton says:

Very nice video and thank you for the learning experience in regards to Patek. I appreciate their high standards, but Pateks simply don’t look that attractive to me. To spend that kind of money when I can a newly released Rolex President 40mm and then an all-white gold Submariner for the same amount seems crazy to me.

If someone at work saw me with a new 40mm President with the new green dial, they would be in awe of the watch. If someone saw this Patek, they actually would think that it’s in the same class of a Seiko Presage. If I asked the average person at the office about a Patek watch, they wouldn’t even know what a “Patek” is.

Now, if I asked them about Omega or Rolex or even a Tag Heuer, they would be interested.

flavio maia says:

Any luxury product is overpriced by nature. Patek is not an exception…

Nicolas Nikitakis says:

Guys, would you be so kind, and consider a review on the Longines Charles Lindbergh Hours Angle watch? Thank you very much indeed!

Ara Levonian says:

At first you’d say “not worth the extra” but then when you start explaining the work that goes into the PP then maybe you start think it is worth it, remembering that the PP has the platinum case


gorgeous watch not worth 19,900 quid over a Seiko 5 If you think otherwise you are an idiot rich or poor

Phil Maurer says:

RE: capping the column wheel.

Patek has to do it as it is a requirement for the Geneve seal. Among other finishing details required the cap is a somewhat odd one, there is an argument for it being stronger as the columns are a weak point in the movement and the cap makes them more strong with 2 attach points, at the cost of being much more expensive to manufacture. Omega dropped the column wheel in 1968 with the 321 to 861 movement update.

NeoAndersonn says:

two shit together

Sonny Daniels says:

the additional cost is what the buyer deliberately pays for exclusivity

mike davis says:

The Patek isn’t worth 70,000 pounds.. Try reselling it and you will be lucky to get 2/3’s of that… But if you are a rich fucker and just want a nice watch – go for it.. Which is pretty much who Patek Philippe is tarketing .

Jon Mowat says:

I have a Breitling watch and it was the first one that i’ve ever shelled out a few grand for and it’s never let me down. I had a Tag Heuer before that one, but it was under a grand ( £’s sterling ) but even that was a good watch though. I’d never shell out 70 grand for a watch, as that to me is far too much to pay, regardless of the quality. There’s better things out there to spend that sort of money on, believe me!

Nicolas Nikitakis says:

Excellent explanation on both watches. Yes, PP is by far better designed, but somehow to my eyes the Ω , shows better . I think is one of the most iconic watches. Thank you very much indeed! Cheers.

Vlad says:

“Good ain’t cheap, cheap ain’t good!”

NobaDyKnowZ says:

Amazing Review!

gilbs72 says:

Which one is more accurate than a Swatch or Timex? 🙂

Darren Edwards says:

It’s worth more but not £66,000 more. Perhaps 10 grand.

RTaeuber says:

While the craftsmanship + labor is impressive, NO watch is worth 70k, sorry. It’s 70k because there is a small market who can afford it, and want to tell people they own a PP watch.

Henry Yuan says:

If you have the income and the passion, the cost of luxury and perfection are worth the price. E.g. There are $10K+ watches I plan to buy in the future, but I would never spend more than $70 on a shirt.

Hugo Malice says:

Can they tell you the time?

Napster Reckon says:

Luxury is never justified, no matter the cost . We all are materialists . Some less, some more .

Evgeni Krumov says:

Why do you compare them? They have nothing in common besides the fact that they are indeed watches.

Yash Lohana says:

It PP wouldn’t justify it’s cost, it wouldn’t be so costly 🙂

R says:

Seeing as the average wearer will never see any of the internal components, it all seems like a little pointless.

1809 says:

so basically the speedmaster is bullshit compared to the PP

Ken Graham says:

Watchfinder Which camera do you use? The quality is superb.

leonghk12 says:

I’m not sure if it justifies the cost…why don’t you send me the Patek so I can take a look?


Two awesome watches!

absoftitanium says:

You said, ‘The PP…is worth…’. That’s a bit of a difficult thing to define. It would be very hard to prove that PP can actually justify a £73,000 pricetag on the basis of the materials and labour put into it. Also, PP prices have quadrupled in the same timeframe that other Swiss watch brands have only doubled. That smells a lot like greed to me. If people keep buying them, they will keep jacking the prices out of all proportion to their intrinsic value. And Omega watches are starting to hit some really stratospheric levels of movement technology and timekeeping, pretty much the best in the industry.

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