4K Review: Patek Philippe Nautlius 5712/1A-001 Unboxing 2018

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the L.W.C channel.

This week we have a full unboxing of one of my holy grail watches: Patek Philippe Nautlius 5712

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Andrew Connolly says:

Hey! Your old channel got deleted. What happened??

UKR aka Urban Kickz Recordings says:

Inspiring video! 🙂

Stewart e says:

Fantastic glorious watch what an epic unboxing congratulations great great great super smashing fantastic

فهد الزهراني says:


Lukas Tobias says:

My holy grail is the Datejust 36 and i already got it Cause it’s Not that damn expensive

Robert Lulek says:

Patek is a master manipulator holding back Supply to make morons think that they’re the best watch out there AP gives it 52 Swiss kicks in the ass they are very dainty as well

Stephen Song says:

One day…

:P says:


Tempo Nelson says:

Superb my favorite since the 70’s . My drum teacher bought his in 1977 I remember seeing the catalog first then he had on. A masterpiece !!!!

RDM-10 says:

A true masterpiece. Will you wear this every day or just on special occasions? It would kill me, if i scratched it! Congratulations and thanks for sharing

David Ghe says:

Nice choice

Dk Tran says:

Fits your wrist perfectly! How much did it cost you?

lalalalallala Land says:

Welcome back thank god you’re finally back!!

Teddy Miukey says:

wow nice highquality

My Metro Manila says:

“Wear it with some shorts and have some barbecue” you nailed it man! Congratulations!!

Steve GenevaFan says:

Wow! What a piece…. Looks great on your wrist. What is cost in London for this?

Finesse Beats says:

Congratulations that’s a beauty

Howard Bamber says:

Each to his own but all that luxurious shopfitting and location rent you pay for. You can get exactly what you showed on the grey market for a big discount

Daryll Agustin says:

It is a beautiful review. Congrats on your new purchase.

arentol99 says:

Great inspirational comments at the end and, of course, thrilled that you attained the personal goal you set for yourself. More power to you and peace & blessings to you and your family. Just followed you on Instagram and looking forward to more outstanding content.

Stefan Denic says:

It’s a great movement, but the price defeats its purpose, it is virtually useless.

Beng Chiat Seah says:

May I know, at its smallest, can the watch fit a 15 cm wrist?

Madson Jean says:

Beautiful Patek Philippe! Great video!


Why did the authorized dealer have to ship you this watch?

Mike Mclaughlin says:

i know this voice

Blaise Ortiz says:

Great video! Thanks.

sypen1 says:

i cant wait for mine to come. congrats bro

Ashish Bedi says:

Ahh…why did you delete your earlier channel and why did you leave?

Pepe's bodega says:

My goal, carrer wise, is to be so succesful that I will be able to wear a Patek watch daily.

mrpicky510 says:

Impeccable quality. This video really captures they tightness of the tolerances that this watch is built with.

psidhu1979 says:

Looks absolutely beautiful on your wrist mate.


All is fantastic.. only hope that they make it in 42mm also !

Peter Sampson says:

It looks beautiful

XpertJim says:

My dream watch is this I AM IN LOVE WITH WATCHES I am 17 and all I got is a Raymond Weil a citizen and other watches but my dream watch is this exact watch

Stefan Denic says:

Loved the cap, tho, you could find it a bit cheaper…

moo boo says:

suits your wrist perfectly

Boss A says:

I have 1974 model I want to sell very cheap contact me

David Cohen says:

$54.000 now what do i think of the watch
ahhhh over price
but if you got the money and your that bord
i guess having that watch will make you feel better about your self
its not that great of a looking watch its fare not boring but fare
ahhh i rate it a 6 out of 10
price 2
now would i want it ahhhh NO
the watch has no Bing to it you know what i mean
dosent stand out to me

Andrih Assaf says:

A remarkable watch huge congratulations hope you enjoy such a work of art

Geoff Longford says:

No excuses for being late now.

Stig Palm says:

Anyone? What’s the price for this displayed Nautilus?

Danijel Vidos says:

Mechanical perfection, real thing of beauty

Zedrem says:

Very true they are refusing any names since 1.5 years, keep up the good nice job…
Hope to connect soon, all the support

Taystesouth says:

I wish I had a holy grail watch. I’m obsessed with watches but I just don’t know what my favourite is. Beautiful watch.

Ifk 1899 says:

It’ a watch. Noting more.

gaeleus says:

Awesome watch review! Congratulations on the beautiful 5712. Not only educational but also inspirational as I know it is hard to get and it gave me hope to keep at it and keep looking to get my nautilus!

Howard Bamber says:

Nice but moon phase is the last complication I’d like. The Nautilus Chronograph and the duel time are way above to Me personally

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