$45K Patek Philippe Watch Is Wearable Art: Pettinelli

Dec. 19 — Patek Philippe USA President Larry Pettinelli discusses the company’s exclusivity and brand.


We are done says:

It seemed as they were mocking him and he wasn’t too aware of it

Luke Walker says:

What a joke. Who was that old self-important asshole sitting higher up than everyone else being ignorant and interrupting every 2 seconds with the autistic questions? Dear god I fucking hate mainstream media. This is pure grade A garbage.

Poor Patek. Such an amazing brand with such iconic timepieces subjected to some total autism and ignorant self-involved losers.

RSX type S mobbin says:

The president of Patek us seems like a nice guy and not snobby,and its funny how the bloom fuks dont have a ounce of class but are snobbs!What a great bunch of douchey people!

pokerdotjearsy says:

Massive missed opportunity for the hosts. Zero content /insight.

leepakim says:

does it have gorilla glas? I dont want to get any scratches on the display.

Naeem Patel says:

The Bloomberg guys are a bunch of disrespectful bastards. And the baboon who couldn’t put the watch on, is such an illiterate asshole, doesn’t deserve to be in the same building as a Patek.

Guillermo Campos says:

If you can buy one of this, and it won’t make a difference in your bank account!! Than yes it’s for you

George Grasser says:

This must have been very uncomfortable for Pettinelli. Like being in a room with Retards that you can’t fully communicate with.

RetroGamer says:

Im happy on my ice watch and casio and pearl watch.

Leggo My Ego says:

28 to 35 year olds? Your designs are absurdly old fashion.

Delage Eric says:

Disturbing stupidity from the interviewers…like retarded children in adult bodies..WTF?

TheBishop12 says:

This whole news room is full of fuckery! The usa regional president himself too. “Wearable art?!” Is this what Patek Philippe has come down to these days?

Alex K. says:

Stop interrupting him, you imbeciles.

TheBishop12 says:

This is obviously the first time anyone in the Bloomberg newsroom have seen a Patek let alone a quality wristwatch in their entire lives.

Joakim W says:

“The quartz revolution” did not “nearly ruin the watch industry”, it simply made it more competitive. Looking back, far more innovations and far more accurate calibers have come as a result.

jim LEHMN says:

It’s funny how the guy wears gloves but when they sent mine back from service it was in a ziplock bag.

dinesh jiawan says:

You have to be in the known to understand this.
Patek is not for everyone.
You have to be ready.

Aaron Thacker says:

These interviewers are ridiculously disrespectful: they count money; the interviewee creates art. Bloomberg has herein displayed an unbelievable lack of professionalism. 

rjsn2109 says:

I didn’t know bloomberg interviewers are morons. One of them sounded like an idiot douchebag. Guess which one it is.

jim LEHMN says:

Just a farce. 1-2 years to make the watch bullshit. Come on. Rolex claims the same. They have great PR.

MKI4EVA says:

What a monkey……can’t even figure out to put on a $80K watch……trio of Bloomie idiots.

techstyle123 says:

I love watches but I don’t spend thousands on them a few hundred maybe I love how patek spends hours hand made parts …etc…but I’d never buy one even if I had 45,000…
Rolex are another luxury watch but I don’t like the look of them I’d rather wear a g shock any day but that’s my preferred choice…everybody to their own

Alex P says:

Mr. Pettinelli demonstrated the dignity and class affiliated with Patek Philippe and the Stern family.

To put it bluntly, the interviewers couldn’t tie his shoelaces.

King Jack says:

These hosts are idiots

John Moore says:

These interviewers are useless

Mario Erceg says:

That older guy is approx. 50 y.o. and during his life he never learned not to interrupt someone while they are trying to answer the damn question…american donkey…not to mention the ignorance of the rest…jesus if you never heard od PP or cannot understand the significance of their watches dont do the interview

marczaq says:

Trying to not be LV/chanel? They are nothing compared to patek, eot.

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