£30,000 Patek Philippe vs £300 Seiko

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the L.W.C channel.

This week we have a £30,000 Patek Philippe vs £300 Seiko

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noah stump says:


MegaLucifer1981 says:


Queba Hombre says:

nice vid

techstyle123 says:

Both watches do same jobs be wise save money

Obaid Harres says:

Great video you are a great man.

Jay-M says:

New Patek on my wrist

Mars Dweller says:

the patek bezel is butt ugly

Almen Bibic says:

Always a pleasure to watch your vlog!

Abbi Ravindhran says:

You need to watch your time not your watch

uzzie88 says:

I’m not a watch person, but I understand watch collectors.
For example, I was out shopping with my cousin, he walked into a watch store and sees a limited edition watch, and paid the £7k without blinking. It’s an investment for some. For me, the best investment is houses.

philorkill says:

I bet if the japanese put their mind to it, they would create a watch for 10k that rivals a Patek nautilus in presentation and execution. Of course, it would’t be that scarce, but still…

Rhenaldi Wijaya says:

Can you please review fashion watches such as police or Ax

RexakonGaming says:

Ohhhh you live in londonistan? That explains why you don’t wear the Patek.

JIAQ Y says:

modern technology is winner

Amit bhowmik says:

I will go for seiko for sure

Trinidadmax says:

I have to say. The Patek looks great, but it doesn’t look $30k great. I mean really its barely different from the Seiko, visually.

Ahmet Yılmaz says:

i think seiko is a better

NaviaYork __ says:

Both are watches, nothing else, is like a ” Ferrari vs Skoda”. PP ultrathin thickness calibre, perpetuamente or anual calendar, micrototor, chronometer ultrahigh watchmaking vs 7s26????. Formas beach i preffer Seiko but…

standard931 says:

Your thoughts on the best watch for everyday use around £500? Thanks…

commentNAZI says:

Yah but can it close my rings…

gabrielgalaxygh says:

I don’t know but I would honestly take the Seiko over the Patek and the main reason being

I’m broke

heredotrecayi says:

if you dont use patek daily , it means you are not enough rich .

Adrian says:

Model of seiko?

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