£26,000 Patek Philippe vs £7,000 Rolex

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This week we have a comparison review: £26,000 Patek Philippe vs £7,000 Rolex.

What Would You Choose?

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Atsilk m3 says:


Adolfo T. says:

Aguante Seiko 5 ✊

Rice Dogg says:

I can’t afford either of these, but I prefer the Rolex more, and the only reason I dislike the Patek is because of the rubber strap

Pranjal Tyagi says:

How 12 pm is night ? they didn’t think it through i guess…

LowLight says:

Loved the Rolex

karim Mohamed says:

My first video in your channel
And sure i subscribed ✌✌

Tegan Jacobs says:


Shaggy 3700 says:

he paid 26,000 for rubber and stainless steel.

David Alvarez says:

I wear a $50 timex

Maignan Mclopez says:

Dammmnn i really like Rolex, but sorrt guys i ain’t drinking no Pepsi today

Mario Miranda says:

Both are dream watches. I would use the patek as an everyday Watch.

Congrats and enjoy them.

Bobby A says:

Great Video! I’m very jealous of your Watch collection my Friend.

Jon Glyder says:

A lame would buy a steel watch for 7 stacks

Alun Benjamin says:

I CAN AFFORD TO BUY BOTH OF THESE WATCHES (together), but I recognise that it is the biggest heap of marketing abracadabra ever! WTF????? I wear a Seiko sun powered divers watch that will be cost-free for 20 years. Get a life!

Kawa12er says:

the difference is not only the movement. the Patek ist another League. Patek is rolls royce and Rolex is Mercedes imho

Red Jhon says:

Sell to me that patek i have 250 $

syed mujtaba says:


Conor Jordan says:

These watches are pointless

Maignan Mclopez says:

Which Patek is this ?, i never see this model

XxImperial_JCxX says:

A digital watch is better in every waaayy!!!

James S. says:

I’m personally more of a fan of rolexes in general, but I’m not a huge fan of GMT-Masters. I’ve never owned one but personally I feel my day date is the best watch I’ve ever owned. I’ve had for nearly ten years now and I just got it serviced for the first time this year! I own a Patek and I feel that I have had to service it at least once a year. If you’re going for quality definetely go for Rolex. They are brilliantly made and last forever. Patek Philippe’s look nice but they are not worth the hefty price tag. Just my opinion please tell me what you guys think of them!

NikGames says:

And then there is me who cant afford a 100 dollar watch

absar ahmed says:

I am sorry but patek doesn’t even like something worth £26000 it looks like some basic replica

Dog Tired says:

I’m more of a £10 Casio from Argos.

cpayne1990 says:

Rolex all the way but they are both beautiful

wasim khan says:

Rolex! Its not about presentation.. ugly box etc etc! But rolex is much Relaible comfort MANLY watch!!

george sevastakis says:

i have a q&q watch it cost 10 euro ,i change battery about every year, 2 euro and it is very light ……………

Lil matej says:

CK vs Philipp Phlein

Vante Williams says:

Used to sleep on Patek till I seen this model

A J MacDonald Jr says:

I would choose the Patek. It’s very unique, and innovative.

Grumpy says:

can someone tell me why that watch is on such a high price?

Hajak Ngabei says:

Alexander Christie is the best

David Alvarez says:

Patel for me

TB Tech says:

My gear s3 is better then these 2 lol

Arfanawesome ultra instinct says:

Check out my $60,000 Patek Phillipe and a $12,000 Rolex;) I own these watches lol I’m only 13 years old

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