15 Things You Didn’t Know About PATEK PHILIPPE

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Is Patek Philippe a luxury brand?
Is Patek Philippe expensive?
What is the most expensive Patek Philippe watch:
Why is Patek Philippe so expensive?
Are Patek Philippe watches swiss made?
Is Patek Philippe worth the money?
Is Patek Philippe a good investment?
Is Patek Philippe better than Rolex?
How much does a Patek Philippe watch cost?
What is the best Patek Philippe watch to buy?
What is the best Patek Philippe review?
How much does a Patek Philippe Nautilus cost?
What is the price for a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch?
Is Patek Philippe made in Geneve?

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David Jones says:

I’ve subscribed and turned on the notification. Alux makes good informative videos I like. But one thing, can we see the lady presenter??

foreverseethe says:

oh shit! that’s why I never heard about rappers mentioning it in their songs!

Tippy Kaffu says:

i wonder if I can order a custom made and wait for 4-7 years and I can pay for it.

Abdullah Al Nahyan says:

Voice, talking style and erroneous use of superlative adjectives of the narrator lady are so annoying…. sorry to say!

20082002 00 says:

<------------------------ never heard of patek philippe

Lokesh Deshbhratar says:

please please make video about Jaeger LeCoultre

Snehal Singh says:

Why don’t you bring a video on Louis Vuitton

hohoho ho says:

Is that the guy from TheWatches.tv?

Steven UK1 says:

Having met PP, I can tell you they are probably the most humble watch company too.

EDM EDM says:

Fact number two is kinda fake, at least in Mexico you can whatever the hell you want as long as you can afford the msrp.

Mr Patek says:

i got a bunch of patek videos on my channel

Michael Dante says:

Poor introduction. Presenter’s knowledge about horology is painfully minute. That being said, Patek first the rest then follow.

Samad Kariyaniya says:

this was a really good video. thank you

F Meraj says:

Make a video on Montblanc.

Mr Patek says:

the guy who bought that 24mil watch was from Qatar

Santiago Del Rio says:

You can walk into any high end watch boutique and just buy a Patek. The only ones that require an application are the rare complications that cost around $1M.


My holy grail is a Philippe Dufour Simplicity. But that’s never gonna happen so I’ll settle for a Petek

Lord of the Jungle says:

Let’s see MCM, IWC, Cisco

Zip Zenac says:

Don’t think money necessarily buys quality. I once spent over a grand for an original Mont Blanc fountain pen. Damned thing never worked properly. It continued to blot the page. I sent it back twice and it was returned with the same result. Really a BS purchase from company that has really lost its brand value as a result of many examples of poor quality control like this.

desert fox says:

i will prefer for swatch and nautica cheap but well known i love patek but omigosh cant afford it hehe

Will Kift says:

What watch is in the Thumbnail?

Alux.com says:

Hey Aluxers, which do you think is the most luxurious watch brand?

ROLEX: https://youtu.be/9IPJT2Yq60c?list=PLP35LyTOQVIv0fNwEgqmkrDd9d9Nkl7dz
Top 10 Most Luxurious Watch Brands: https://www.alux.com/top-10-luxury-watch-brands-in-the-world/

Dinesh Vishwakarma says:

someday I will own one

kalibercutz says:

Disclosure: The anonymous owner of the most expensive PP = Archie luxury.

simone ravenda says:

thank you for this great video, just a little thing, the most expensive watch is not from PP but from the old mummy Breguet, with Breguet Marie Antoniette watch wich costs 30.000.000 dollars.

We are done says:

Lol!! Love the low blow comment which I associate with RM watches at no. 13

darren sugianto says:

i think patek was endorsed in the movie non-stop which featured liam neeson

Manny Big burrito says:

They aren’t rare at all

Tino Miller says:

I own 4 Patek Philippe watches. My dad had 8

Kenny Wong says:

grand seiko please

Slopestyle 2022 says:

These are always great I wish these would be posted on Steemit.com

Zip Zenac says:

I was in Cambodia about 13 years ago. I bought a perfect copy of a Patek Phillipe watch for $17. Today after many years of hard wear and about 15 new good leather watch bands later, it is in the same perfect condition as the day I bought it. It keeps time to the second. I have compared it by looks to real Patek watches and found it impossible to tell the difference.
About 11 years ago I bought a copy Patek in Vietnam for $22. Same story. It’s been absolutely perfect both time wise and in keeping its condition. It also cannot be distinguished by just looking from an original.
So you decide which way you’d like to go folks. Oh, and having looked at many luxury watches, the Patek big open watch faces, free of clutter, are the classy way to go for me. I wouldn’t even look at another brand of watch.
And as far as owning an original Patek goes, I don’t need a mere trinket to ensure my self-esteem and happiness. Only a good woman can do that and those can’t be copied.

Ashley Hunt says:

I own a rolex but a patek is my abition

Scott Satren says:

Their are many fine watches that people can choose for whatever reason motavates them but I think some people miss the point when they compare a Rolex with a Patek. Patek Philippe is not only the most iconic brand but they have contributed so many iconic references & are responsible for so many firsts in horology that they really have no equal. Take the other 2 brands from the ”
” Holly Trinity “, AP & VC both nice but a case could be made for replacing both these brands with brands like Breguet, A Lange & Sohn or Jaeger Le Coultre. AP & VC have had ups & downs through out their history & even used movements not made in house, take AP for example their company is esentially built on one model, the Royal Oak, Patek has a very broad line to choose from to satisfy all tastes.. True their are these small independents like Richard Mille that are expensive & produce very few watches but they are no Patek. If you wanted to go the independent route I would sugest looking at FP Journe or maybe Ressence. Rolex is a great ultra rugged, classic tool watch & to compare it to any one of these other brands is completely missing the point its should be appreciated for what it is & you won’t be sent to watch hell for liking more then one brand. This comment is directed to John Smith in good faith, A Patek Nautilus is a real head turner & any one that appreciates watches would be impressed if you were wearing one & it can’t be mistaken for any other watch on the market, talk about iconic ! As has already been said here before, it only matters what you think, the people that appreciate fine time pieces will notice, who cares what the others think.

Allan Narag says:

I got to hand a 1920 era patek philippe manual in platinum…my cousin sold it for 135k php…

? says:

I honestly hate the watch community, they believe that every watch that doesn’t cost a couple grand is shit

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