You Want Both?! – 5 Tips To Decide Between Any Two Watches – Omega Speedmaster Or Rolex Submariner?

Today I answer one of the most frequently asked question I get every day. How does one decide between two watches you equally want to buy? You have done the research, tried them on countless times but still can’t make up your mind to pull the trigger. Today I share 5 no no nosense tips that I use when deciding between two watches myself. No matter if you are deliberating between a Seiko SKX009 or an Orient Bambino, a Rolex Submariner and an Omega Speedmaster, this is practical advice I have found useful from my own years of watch collecting.

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Diego Gonzalez says:

Seiko SNK615 vs SNKE01?

David Zak says:

Whats your take on the Christopher Ward pieces? Thanks for a great channel! All the best!! // Dave from Sweden

Al Urbanski says:

Nice intro. Best production values in the watch game. Bar none.

InoxEdge says:

I’m having this very problem at the moment, I can’t decide between the Squalematic 60 ATM grey or the Alpina Seastrong 300 ref AL-525LGG4V6.

I’m leaning heavily towards the Squale but do so want a cushion case diver in my collection.

Sam Jep says:

Dive watches rule im after my 3rd..

Freddie W. says:

I’m just getting into watches. so my question I’m looking for a reasonably priced gold watch. maybe something from a local retail shop such as Zales Kay Jewelers etc. Any suggestions?

Useful Reviews says:

how do you change straps without scratching the lugs? id image there might be at least some hairline scratches?

Anthony Bouton says:

I’m in love with 2 watches and I have been waiting for months already for the decision to become clear…until now, nothing yet. I am between a Sinn 6099 and the Omega Seamaster 300M. Both suit me and my lifestyle, are roughly the same price, gorgeous, will hold their value, and all in all 2 wonderful timepieces…. I have tried both of them on multiple times and the only realization that I have come to is that I will be buying both! But there is going to be a gap between them. So which one first.. Decisions decisions…

PS, would love if you could get your hands on a Sinn 6099 because they are amazing watches. There are only about 2 decent reviews on them out there but they just don’t do it like you do! Plus not many people know about them. However, if you do get the chance to review the Sinn 6000 or 6099, wait until I get mine otherwise the demand will go up and will then cost more to me 😉

Robinson Ang says:

Good day a friend of mine ask me… which one seiko marinemaster SBDX012 or tudor heritage Blackbay S&G 79733N? he needs some input
he work near the port area… but only in office

Chris Lowe says:

Another great sincere and honest video ,the quality and editing of your videos is excellent ,  good advise on deciding what to buy, I believe the build up to buying the timepiece is all part of the attraction of this great hobby .keep up the great work sirRegards C L

DJMark904 says:

Absolutely enjoy your real and enthusiastic videos. Learning a lot about horology. Thank you so much!!!

joseph jose says:

Hey tgv what is your opinion in the seiko lord series.

Track Rat says:

Big Pilot or a Panerai

Mad Stevens says:

the intros are always stunning.

Christian Pullan says:

Fantastic! This was a great video lots of help!
I have been trying to decide on the Speedmaster the black sub or the hulk for about a year. Its looking like the Speedmaster moonwatch watch after lots of trying on. Pictures don’t do this watch justice! Plus I have 3 divers already. A red black bay, SKX007 & 009. I have not go a chronograph. So it makes sense in lots of ways. The colour i dress watch option.
Then next i will need to decide between the two Subs!
I also have the Navitimer v the sinn 903 in the back of my mind!
It never ends! Love it!

Federico Álvarez García says:

You just get the Speedy, that is it

thefreshestprince89 says:

Great video as always TGV. I’m wondering what makes you think watches are trending smaller? If you look at some of the new releases and even some re-issues, a lot of them are going 40mm or above. Might be worth a bit of a video on watch trends ;).

Emoore 0909 says:

Answer to the diver VS chrono question… DIVER CHRONOGRAPH!

Jorge Cortés says:

I am a new subscriber (great channel). I haven’t seen all your videos yet, but i can feel that you don’t like TAG Heuer, ¿or i am wrong? Regards

Arjun Thakkar says:

Deciding between the Rolex Daytona (116500 – White Dial) vs. the new JLC Master Chronograph sector dial. Obviously, at the time of this video posting I haven’t had a time to try on the JLC but the Rolex fits quite well. From the photos, the JLC really speaks to me, and the Rolex just looks incredible.

Jonas says:

two watches I have difficulties deciding between are the explorer 1 36mm and the blue 36mm 3,6,9 oyster perpetual. So alike yet so different. choices them choices…

Nigel Tims says:

skx 007 or 009?

Nithmister Gaming&more says:

Great video

A T says:

Thanks for the vid. Narrowed it down to three, but still struggling between the Omega Speedmaster 57, Seamaster Planet Ocean with blue dial, and Panerai 1312. Love them all, but for now there can be only one! Would love your thoughts and comments.

LFCzeppelin8 says:

On the servicing point… can you tell them “how much” to service your watch? For example if you don’t want them to polish the metal, or you don’t want them to replace certain parts…?

I have the Bond Omega Seamaster Professional, quartz version, and next time the battery dies I will probably get it fully serviced. But I don’t want them to replace things like the hands, markers, dial etc or to polish the metal too much in case it wears down the sharp edges and changes the look of the watch.

Also what about internal parts – if a particular part of a movement is replaced (e.g. a spring here and there) will that reduce the value or “originality” of the watch?


Chris Romieh says:

hey TGV, the new Blackbay chrono or a Hulk for my 40th B-day?

circuscase says:

I have the Speedmaster and Submariner.  Love them both equally.

Brede Lægreid says:

Hi Urban Gentry! im trying to decide between a Ball watchco. fireman enterprice and a maurice laxcroix aikon chronograph, and i need help. So if you read this please help!

Joseph Volpe says:

If you went down to one watch, 40mm to 46mm. What would it be

stephen rhodes says:

For a long time i was torn between the Ranger & Explorer. In the end i eventually bought them both. Problem solved 🙂

Armi Ingratta says:

Great video! Always a pleasure watching. So I am in the market for new piece and have narrowed it down to either the JLC Master Extreme Deep Sea Chronograph ( or the Blancpain FF Bathyscaphe (

I would really love your thoughts on these 2. Thank you in advance

Piyush 11 says:

Sir, please review the casio f91-w replacement that casio has just launched with a name; W217H- 1AV! Or just comment about it in the next video, of how much different is it from the previous one, please!!!

Sarfaraz Shaikh says:

absolute perfect

Kim Justice says:

Love the Lagerfeld quote. Also, I miss the CNN show “Style with Elsa Klensch”, where we used to hear droll bits like that every week from different clothing designers.

Keep on keepin’ on, TGV. Kudos.

Christopher Simpson says:

Try it on! I’ve been lusting over an Explorer 2 for a few months and when I tried it on…. hated it. I almost dropped 4k and would’ve regretted it for sure.

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