Why I Didn’t Buy Another Omega Speedmaster Or Seamaster – Unboxing A WW2 Era 30T2 Pilot Watch

In today’s video I share an unboxing and initial impressions of my latest acquisition. After being heavily inspired by the Omega CK2129 featured in the movie Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan, I decided that my next watch would not be another Seamaster or Speedmaster, but something from the World War II era.
As a massive fan of aviation, especially from the pre-jet age, the watches of that period are also equally fascinating and horoligically important, so it was only right that I added one to my collection.

To watch my video on the watches featured in the movie Dunkirk, click here:

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twstrchasr says:

So great seeing a grown man get that excited about something he’s truly passionate about !!! Great find !!!

David Gonzalez-Luna says:

Hi TGV what is your opinion of the Heuer Monaco reference CAW211P.FC6356?

siciliangamer says:

gorgeous piece

Captain Rambunctious says:

That is absolutely astounding! Such a perfect watch…

Bravo sir!

Tally Bally Ho! Never was that more apt!

Reece Gordon says:

It wouldn’t surprise me if people outside my room legitimately thought I was watching porn when you upload an unboxing video xD

Calvin Rice says:

Hello TGV, I enjoy watching your videos and find them very informative. I am looking to purchase a used Omega Speedmaster Professional. I’m wondering where to to look for reputable dealers as there aren’t really any where I live, (way upstate, NY). This would be my first luxury watch purchase and could use all the help I can get. Any guidance you could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Franky Mcfly says:

Found your channel by accident and I cant stop “watch..ing” lmao awesome channel man

Atlacatl says:

how much you get it for?

siciliangamer says:

why not both? by land and by sea

Héctor Luis Ibarra Larios says:

How you get so lucky at buying these vintage pieces? When checking ebay I only find a lot of watches in very bad condition!. You have an amazing content, cheers TGV!

salamattamalas says:

Hey , TGV , it’s catching , we’ve both just pulled the trigger on a couple of , Seiko’s

Yuri Kuczer says:

I am now certain we have bid against each other on eBay!

Miguel Padilla says:

Your joy in contagious my friend. Congrats! Cheers.
Miguel P.

Joseph Carlson says:

TGV I don’t know if this is the best place to ask questions, anyway, if I purchased a watch from say the 40s, is there a way to learn it’s exact date and place of manufacture?

David Hiley says:

It’s beautiful. Give me a shout when you are ready to sell!

Talha Hassan says:

Awesome video as always. I had a question to ask, I recently saved up to buy my dream watch the cartier tank but now I saw the ballon de bleu. Can you tell me which is a better deal ?

James P says:

Seriously, that watch found you. It has a hart and a will to live long after so many years of service. Lucky man, your blessed. Your signature watch.

Óscar Ramos says:

Beautiful watch!!

Jassi Sangha says:

TGV will you ever do a custom Urban Genrty watch?

Mr Dunn says:

Hi TGV nice vid
I have really gotten into watches over the past 18 months or so and would love to be apart of the community.

I am about to purchase my first automatic time piece which will be the Tissot Couturier automatic chronograph. Really looking forward to it


Spartan Buff says:

Brilliant! Pure class.

liquidswords01 says:

woah! To say that I’m jealous is an understatement! absolutely beautiful piece!

Brad Bjerga says:

TGV! Do you know the difference between the Seiko SRP779 and the SRP779K1??? I can’t seem to find answers! I ordered the SRP779 I’m so excited for it to get here! So retro looking

SacreDro says:

You’re a sucker for vintage watches when watching movies and stuff.

Marktuyet says:

Want to see a cool watch . There is a 1970 Zenith Orbiter Astrographic with blue mystery dial on eBay now .

David Heywood says:

Perfect watch for you man enjoy it!

John Price says:

You jammie beggar! What a wonderful watch. Such a great find. Don’t you ever let it go. Ciao, John

Pierce T says:

Gorgeous Phoenix Nato, British official nato strap. Noice.

JettYung says:

2:57 to 3:20 sounds like he’s about to bust inside her. True Watch Porn.

Cedar Canoe says:


Fouad AL-Hatlan says:

Lovely watch. im considering buying between a dressy 30t2 or a pie pan constellation

Medic says:

Nice to see that sonebody else loves ww2 watches.
I have the honor to own 3 ww2 watches one is a wristwatch from a major from the german headquarter in berlin one from the british army and a self purchased orator from a german sergeant have a great day and beautiful video as always

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