When NASA tested the OMEGA Speedmaster

How did the Speedmaster get qualified for NASA’s manned missions? NASA engineer Jim Ragan describes the extreme testing in 1964 and the surprising results.


Tomasina Covell says:

And Jim was a watchmaker too, and could himself COA these instruments?

Jack Naylor says:

Love this video, got my speedy on my wrist right now!

Patrick Kane says:

music ?

Tyler Williams says:

I hope Omega gave this guy a lifetime supply of speedys. They’ve built so much of their brand off of being associated with NASA.

Zeitgeist says:

Great video and a great watch. No doubt.

Corvetteman2013 says:

When you own an Omega watch, you own a piece of history. I just learned that many RAF pilots were provided with Omega watches in World War II and they worked very well. An RAF pilot is shown wearing an Omega watch in the new Dunkirk movie.

John Jon says:

I have to give all credit to this master piece. But I still the love the constellation better. Have to give me self some more time to get along this speedy

Andy Summers says:

omega I sort of wanted one years ago … but now after all these fake hollywood remixes on bluray with near field mixes I’d rather take a hammer and smash an omega to pieces.

Andy Summers says:

a fake hoax watch that went to a tv studio with cardboard moon set up


Hello Good Luck Happy Health

Questigon says:

1:07, now I know why some people say that there isnt a flag on the moon… its because they destroyed it!

Moose 9144 says:

One story for Omega that demonstrates their knowledge, accuracy and legitimate their role in the watch industry

Logan Cagle says:

This is a beautiful commercial, as a 17 year-old that aspires to be an astronaut, I would love to own one of these. Beautiful timepiece.

Peter Silk says:

I sell the moonwatch every day and am surprised the lack of a screw down crown and hesalite allowed the watch to still operate in the vacuum of space. Must not need any equalisation valves..

Dravasp Shroff says:

Sheer Brilliance! You don’t just own an Omega

R4bbit68 says:

Still get compliments on my 1971 speedy…good design and quality never goes out of fashion

Omega 007 says:

The footage speaks for itself. The Omega Speedmaster Professional is well respected among professional and amateur watch collectors.

Carlos Almendárez says:

Great video

drfrancky says:

This video is pure commercial. Nothing really answers the question “How did the Speedmaster get qualified for NASA’s manned missions?” Nothing also ” describes the extreme testing”. Skip the commercial part, we know you are good, just give us the details.

rsprout1 says:

I have an Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean. I planned to buy the moon watch, but then omega chose Obama loving George Clooney to represent them…once they drop him, I’ll buy the moon watch…

VIC says:

Did you know the famous indestructible Rolex was part of the test? You know what happened to it? The hands melted together in relative humidity. Pathetic…

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