Watches That Should Have Been Hits – Omega Watch Edition – Tim

Watches That Should Have Been Hits – Omega Edition – Tim

In todays episode we go pre recorded due to some bugs. However Tim discuss what watches he thinks should have been hits, particularly when it comes to Omega watches. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Larry Banda says:

Tim: amazing content, your retention is staggering, thanks.

bloodmorel says:

To the guy in Chicago, go in with an air of confidence, and you’ll be fine. I routinely watch-shop in casual clothes and haven’t had an issue with the sales staff. And if you’re a repeat customer, you’ll build a rapport with the staff you’re comfortable dealing with.

p4956 says:

Great video.

AA says:

Great video.

CP Bratz says:

Great video as always, Tim. Can you advise whenever you get a chance re the rotor questions in the comments on your recent JLC master control date video? Thanks again.

John Salevurakis says:

The Tresor was killed by the date window and diameter as well as the PM only thing. Produced in stainless, sans date, at 36-38mm, and with a gilt dial, it would have sold like proverbial hotcakes.

Gerold At Large says:

Alex. Keep listening to Tim and gain some of his knowledge. I visited Michigan Avenue in Chicago last Fall and walked into the same stores you did no doubt. I started talking GO and the sales staff and I got to know each other. If they see that you’re a real enthusiast , they’ll talk watches. The same for Vegas. Let’s be realistic, they see a lot of hustlers . Before long the staff in Sin City let me try on 50k watches when I told them explicitly that I could not afford those watches. I found out a lot of these folks have a real interest in watches and they love to talk watches when they meet someone who shares their passion.

Yerassyl Tagambay says:

Nice video as usual Tim. Could you please spell the chinese company name. Really want to check it out

watchuwantinc says:

Hi all, thanks for your patience with the delayed video format. I hope this themed short (with Mailbag Q&A) is a fun placeholder for our usual Monday live broadcast.

Gerold At Large says:

X33,- ugly.

tbone one says:

no interest in any china made watch regardless of back story

mclaren855 says:

Tim what is the name of the sister company that you mentioned in the video around 11 minutes or so? Thanks

Andrew Steel says:

Wonderful comment on china and her venture into matchmaking. I see potential there. question do you know of any other manufacturers who use the eta 2804-2 other than hamilton and d.fremont?

Mike Mancinelli says:

Love the answer about the Intimidation factor or how to dress while visiting an Ad. I’ve had a great experience at Govbergs. Treated with the utmost respect regardless of my attire. I’ve found if I go in to an Ad and they aren’t interested in showing a watch based on there perception of me.. I’ll leave. I’d only purchase from a dealer who is willing to listen and certainly not judge. Another great reason to purchase at WUW. You can order a high end watch in a onesie and no one the wiser.

Charles Khoury says:

It would be great if you could talk more about how some brands struggle in doing what they are not know for (not only for omega and rolex), because sometime it’s these watches that offer something unique.

hyperchord says:

Wait, the hour vision wasn’t limited to one year though, right? And yeah, salespeople are idiots

logwind says:

Thanks Tim!

Justin Foord says:

excellent answer on shopping at ADs. I’ve found it an issue, but I’m sure many people do.

psyphi407 says:

ack ack!

Mike Braykovich says:

Tim is truly star of our Horology world. Thanks for another great video.

ilovecars327 says:

It was great! Even if it wasn’t live!

thumperjdm says:

Tim, maybe the problem today with Chinese-made watches is similar to what existed 20 years ago with Korean-made cars. I can remember the first Hyundai and Kia cars were truly terrible. But look at what those companies produce today, well-built cars that compete on the world stage. I think that currently Chinese watches just need more exposure, so potential customers can come to their own conclusions as to their craftsmanship/value.

Young KC says:

This dude is streets ahead in the yt watch reviewing and commentary game. His point about ceasing to use made in China as a slur is spot on wisdom. Time will tell. Well done!

Captain Zed says:

I have considered an x-33 for my 12 year son eventually as his first real watch.

Daniele Poreba says:

That’s a good topic

Jsuarez6 says:

Great video. You don’t miss a beat. And that voodoo comment had me cracking up.

nicolajc says:

Just listening to Tim speak is pure bliss

Mike Braykovich says:

War pig!!! Fuck yeah! Tim!!!!

Amintas Neto says:

Great show and points about watch shops dress code Tim

arthur mcphee says:

Fantastic episode! May I just say that in post edit, can you keep the watch you speak about onscreen left of you and kept to longer than a few second glimpse. Great watches you spoke about! Thanks for the video.

Karl Bat says:

Tim take the sunglasses off your head! You are indoors. I love your opinions but it makes me question your taste when you make videos with those on your head.

Watch Looker Watch says:

Tim, you are absolutely a watch rock star! Thank you for making this watch hobby loads of fun.

Dutzu Miho says:

Tim your last point is golden. The pretentiousness of these boutique or AD dealers is ridiculous. They act as if the pre-owned market and the grey market dealers don’t exist.

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