Watches that Have Been to Space and the Moon (Omega, Bulova, Sinn, Seiko & More)

In this video, we look at some watches that made it to space in the moon. This one required a lot of research to make so enjoy.

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Sergiu Dumitru says:

Teddy, “Poljot” is pronounced “Palliot” in English…not “Pol-Jot”. Nonetheless, good video as always!

mrdisco99 says:

That Strela looks a lot like the Seagull 1963. I wonder how much they have in common.

Hakuna Matata says:

BUT… There is no space… 😀

fuxiz says:

How about the g shock dw5600?

Mike Martin says:

Excellent video, Ted. One of the top tiers on this ‘Aviation Enthusiast’s’ bucket list is to own a collection that includes each model of watch that has ever been to space– including digitals. Next on my list is to own the ‘also rans’ (ie the models that were tested but failed to meet requirements.) I would love it if you’ld make a follow-up video to this one, and possibly a later one featuring the pieces that didnt make the cut…
Thanks for what you do!

Oh yeah… forgot to tell my ‘moon’ story: in 1969, I was 1 year old when my mother sat me down in front of our gigantic, B&W console tv saying, “you’ll be glad I did this when you get older.” On the screen were these men in big, puffy suits climbing out of a round-ish ship on what I would later find out was the moon… And, while its cool, today, to be able to say I saw Buzz & Neil take the historic moon-steps of Apollo 11, what sticks in my mind the most was how big & ugly my Mom’s B&W, saw-tooth patterned couch (that I was sitting in front of) was. The thing really was not pleasant to look at, even for a toddler! Lol
*Ah, the priorities of a one year old in 1969…

Philip Chang says:

Great video Teddy. Definitely make part 2.

guannan says:

What happens if someone wears an invicta to space?

Syndicated Satellite says:

I have a video idea.. Watches that have been to hell.

The Slender Wrist says:

Awesome video my friend! I’ve always been bad when it comes to history. That was true in high-school, in college, and still today. So having a neatly made video about this topic (or any kind of historical topic, watch related or not) is always great for me – no digging around, just sit back and relax. I enjoyed this one a lot but… where is the background music? 🙂 Cheers!

J D says:

enjoyed the video, though i feel like you left out the most important one (the Sturmanskie). since you touched on the strela, the sturmanskie chronograph (different watch) would have also been worth a mention.

Richard Seekins says:

Great video. Was the original Bulova space watch mechanical or quartz?

44 0 says:

hahaha, he still believes in space. Do you believe in the easter bunny too?

Gary D says:

Teddy, thanks for mentioning the Lunar Pilot. I think the fit and finish of that watch is astounding, especially considering the price. In fact, I prefer it to my Speedy.

Marc SP says:

Part 2 …. fortis,timex , casio , sturmanskie

Saurabh Sharma says:

Teddy can the vostok be in part 2? I think the amphibia has been to space?

Altamash Khateeb says:

Please do a second part !!!

SoCal Entourage says:

Part 2 please

ermate says:

What about Fortis Cosmonaut chronograph? Looks like you didn’t do your homework…. 😉

Stefan Cupovic says:

Nobody has been there. Look into it.

Dennis Durkop says:

Perhaps your best video! Great well researched that kept my interest the whole time!

MALIBUMAN666 says:

What about John Glenn’s ‘Heuer’?

Matthew Quinn says:

Love this do the follow up please

fgsz291 says:

36 Million Dollar

Cysubtor says:

Being interested in one day getting an Omega Speedmaster, I got a Strela chronograph in the meantime specifically because it’s a space watch and potentially to allow me to have representation of both sides of the Space Race in my collection. Oddly enough, I later added a Glycine Airman Purist primary for the 24hr movement yet later learned that it too has been in space. Guess that makes sense as the Airman is an iconic pilot watch both commercially and in the military, so it seem plausible that an astronaut would have one as a personal watch.

I had kind of wrote it off after getting my Strela, but is slowly reconsidering the Bulova Lunar Pilot chronograph. Its precision sounds very alluring as, while I love my mechanical/autos, I do like having watches in my collection that I can trust is consistently in sync with the master clock, if anything, to allow efficient clocking in/out at work, lol

Craig Sekowski says:

Great video.

LordArioh says:

officially Apollo 11 landed and first step was made 20-21 of July, nevertheless awesome video. Alpha M would take DW into space. )

kassapa bandara says:

Teddy if you can tall me about Guanqin watch brand, just a little advice is it good or bad worthy to buy like that.

studes4ever says:

Seiko A829 for part 2? It was THE choice for early shuttle astronauts.

Reynie Reinoso says:

A part II with watches from Gagarin, other soviets, mercury, gemini and other USA programs as well as the european and japanese (Space stations era) would be great.

Also a part about explorers on earth… scalating the everest, the poles, old ruins, the depths of the ocean… that could bring a lot of interesting factor.

Watches are also tools and back then they where also using their rolex and omega and all other brands on pretty rough enviroments.

juiceman977 says:

Excellent presentation Teddy.
G-Shock in pt2 please.

MrMshossain says:

Do a part 2.Please

professorEvans says:

Teddy, this is probably the best video you’ve done (that didn’t feature my daughter, haha)…You did your homework , sir.

The Kavalier says:

I was surprised how little presence Omega had in “First Man” given the history of the watch AND Omega’s proud, unabashed marketing around that accomplishment. Great video Teddy!

Snakeorliquid says:

And now i will be looking for a lost omega speedmaster :d how incredible would it be to find it finally after all these years though, anyway great vidéo!

A P says:

Hey Teddy, you left out at least a couple of soviet watches including Gagarins sturmanskie – first watch in space I believe 🙁

Lasse F says:

What’s the name of the Russian watch?

Christian Burns says:

Fun video! But… no Fortis?

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