Watches and Thoughts: State of the Collection feat. Rolex, Tudor, Omega, IWC, Seiko

Watches in my collection featuring:
– Rolex Submariner
– Tudor Pelagos
– Tudor Black Bay:
– Tudor Ranger
– Omega Speedmaster (customized)
– Omega Speedmaster (vintage)
– Omega Seamaster 300
– IWC Big Pilot:
– IWC Pilot Chronograph
– IWC Pilot Mark XVII
– Seiko Turtle
– Seiko SKX Pepsi
– Seiko Blumo
– Casio G-Shock 5500
– Casio G-Shock Military Mudman
– Apple Watch

Misspelled “VOLG”, obviously meant “VLOG”. Sorry.

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VLOG # 9 and counting…

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Gary Chong says:

Impeccable collection , a little repetitive but great nevertheless

sid M says:

Good taste brother good taste !!!!!

nbhd11 says:

Great collection!
will you try Panerai in the future?

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Unfortunately the Speedy from ’74 has a service dial. A rather funky service dial.

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

Guy named Tommy:
If you have 16 watches, 3 capable to kill zombies and 10 hotter than hell, why you use your cell phone to watch the hour and the date?

itsKibble Talks Watches says:

Absolutely beautiful collection! You get a sub from me, can’t wait to check out more of your videos 🙂

Adrian Barnard says:

I agree with you about Tudor on the move. Great collection

AjaxForever says:

Wowwww!!!!!! Beautiful collection my friend!

Bille says:

Dude, why do you sound like giving orders?

Bernardo Courrege says:

Very nice collection! Our tastes are much alike!

Marco says:

Nice collection. 3 digital watches. 3 Seikos. 3 IWC’s. 3 Tudors. 3 Omegas. 1 Rolex. I think somebody’s going to buy 2 Rolexes in the future 😛

fugitive88888 says:

Great collection -congratulations

Mike Day says:

Stunning collection of so many favorite best watches…..very nice!

Jit Seng Lee says:

I like your collection, the Sub, Nomos Club, big pilot and the legendary moonwatch!
I guess you’re a pretty outgoing sporty guy judging from your collection, a jaeger lecoultre reverso would be nice addition

R4bbit68 says:

Is the Speedmaster really from 1974? I noticed it didn’t have Omega Speedmaster professional written on the face? I have a 1972 speedy and mine has professional but yours looks like a pre moon

Daniel Sanchez says:

What kind of strap do you have in your iwc chrono?

Daquan Jr. says:

great taste

jean-paul renaud says:

Wow, impressive collection, very nice!!

Garry Perkins says:

Nice collection, but it would be awesome to see a Zenith between the Omega Speedmaster and the IWC set. Just looking at you, I think you look like a Zenith guy. Also, those Tudor’s are seriously awesome. You have amazing taste. Even the Omega strap on the Blumo, killer.

Kayserili38ification says:

always have respect for variety.

Jatthew Mackson says:

Nice video.

Hero5054 says:

You sir have a top notch collection, congratulations!

daevilgoose says:

What kind of strap/deployant is that on your IWC pilot chrono? Looks very nice!

Tony Yip says:

What a collection!!!
Loving the aviation / Diver theme,
If I had the papers, I’d share alot of the same time pieces, Are you not missing a GMT master 1675 or 16710? =)

ryvr madduck says:

Daaaaamn excellent collection, you have good focus, superb taste, fantastic range of models and brands.

ImTaylorGang says:

this collection is insane. really good stuff. my only criticism like others have said is that both speedies are frankenwatches

Amintas Neto says:

Very nice collection! Congrats!!

MrDannyg321 says:

Cool collection 😉

Walter Lee says:

nice very nice

Jason Shuey says:

great collection… but for future reference, don’t use a phone to check the time at the start of your watch collection video.

Logan Ryder says:

P-51 D all the way

AK ADVTime says:

Great collection. Thanks for the video

Robert Marshall says:

Very good collection wide variety wear in good health

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