Watch & Learn – OMEGA Watch Collector Shows His Watch Collection to Crown & Caliber

Passionate OMEGA collector, Sam Hewitt, talks to Crown & Caliber about collecting watches and what drew him to collect specifically vintage OMEGA watches. To see more of Hewitt’s impressive watch collection, visit


nigel williams says:

Great collection Sam, nice presentation and lovelt to see the respect you have for Omega through collecting watches. Reminds me why I do it too, sometimes it’s hard to keep the collecting going, especially when other things need financing. But like a true collector we are all waiting for that diamond in the rough. Keep up the passion, one can never have too many Omegas!

grandslam1998 says:

Top Class. Thanks

Hai Nguyen Vu says:

what is the trusted website to buy OMEGA WATCH online please?

Jorge Alberto Robles says:

Best collection. You have an parte Cal 550-forniture 1464. I´m needed. Thanks

Waqas Ahmed says:


coltsuperocean10 says:

They are pronounced “aw- meh- goh” not “o- mega”

mohammad amin says:

Nice collection indeed.Omega are Great watches.

. says:

That is a beautiful Seamaster. I have always loved the look of those vintages from the late 50’s early 60’s. I have a constellation from 59′ and it’s remarkable how similar they looked to eachother.

Jack Naylor says:

great video enjoyed this. Seems like a great guy with a great passion

Manuel Diaz says:

That’s a great video. Maybe Sam should have his own channel to share videos and have a little talk. Congrats!

Maverick says:

Beautiful video. Loved It.

pim1234 says:

Great guy, great vid, great watches !

Michael Orme says:

What a fabulous video.

Tim S. says:

mad respect!

UndoneSums says:

Great stuff. Yeah I know precisely what he means about vintage watch collecting being beyond reason… but then all great things are beyond reason.

Jamie Townsend says:

Fantastic collection, love how he’s passionate about them and he’ll help ensure they live further into history.

Agentxphile says:

Great Collection. Makes sense to me! That RG 1948 Centenary is so class.

shae voyce says:


arabizo says:

Love the passion, cant wait to purchase a speedmaster

Robert Praydis says:

Great collection.  I obtained my first Omega, a 30th anniversary Apollo 11 Speedmaster.

cronus says:

Proud Omega owner..

jas zg says:

Very cool guy and collector.I must give you a credit.I love old watches and other history things and stuff just like you so i do understand you completely.Best regards !

Nick J says:

This makes me love my Omegas more and more!

Girija Swaminathan says:

Simply superb video. I too am a collector of mechanical watches. I love to see the oscillation of the balance wheel , especially if the hairspring is blue in colour. I do have a few Omega watches and one of these has a bumper rotor. I also have an omega which has a gold sheet embossed on the case. I have a few omega watches with screw type balance wheel. It is very beautiful to look at. Yes, you are right. There is no justification
in spending so much of money on these watches. But it is a passion. And passion has no logic. Thanks & Regards Swaminathan

Vassilis Petropoulos says:

Great guy and great video! Thank you!

mattashley04 says:

loved, loved, loved this video! only criticism is that I would have loved to actually have a closer look at the watches.

the L giver guy says:

omega shenron,was wearing a omega watch when goku beat him

Johnny J:son says:

amazing collection indeed. wonder what the annual cost are to keep them all functional!

Ali Hasan says:


BIadeSnap says:

Awesome video and collector, thank you!

matajsz74 says:

Can you please make a review on the vintage watches? I am looking for a review of the Seamaster Cosmic. But there is many others on the market with no review. Thanks.

Susheer Govindaraj says:

Awesome watches and i loved watching the video..Speedmaster is one watch that every guy should own..

dillon mundy says:

I wanna have a drink with this guy

Mitchel Kaza says:

Omega is charging for those boxes and watch details

Samson518 says:


matajsz74 says:

Can you please make a review on the vintage watches? I am looking for a review of the Seamaster Cosmic. But there is many others on the market with no review. Thanks.

Steve Gaskell says:

Great Video. Bought my Omega Speedmaster 007 second hand in 1999, hardly been off my wrist ever since. Love it.

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