Vintage Omega Watch Collection

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On this video I talk about how now 2016 is the right time to buy vintage dress watches.
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William Sopp says:

0:14 Audemars what?

Truthfears Guilty says:


TonTon says:

Those Seamasters are so sexy. I gotta have one, someday.

Patrick B says:

It’s Ahdumar-Peegay.

quokka mode says:


ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

Been looking at getting one for an investment and the fact I’d love a old omega!

myvenusinuranus says:

I’m trying to buy a 1971 Omega Geneve automatic on a Canadian watch forum. I hope I get it…….but no answer from the guy yet. I hope no one offered to buy it before me.

there’s a lot of Franken watches on Craigslist and shady deals. you know it’s a scam when the pic looks like it was stolen from the internet and the guy selling it doesn’t know a single thing about the watch he’s supposedly selling

xavi Bon says:

What do you think of the refinished dial omegas? Even tho they look like good if done properly, does it affect the value or is that subjective?

Ubaldo Guzman says:

One or two of those omegas have some really bad redials. look at the Omega Calendar, really bad redial.

jas zg says:

Hi Fernando.You have nice collections.I own a 1971 omega geneve gold plated 1481 caliber.The watch is very occurate(3-5 seconds per day)Can you tell me what is the difference between 1481 compare to other Omegas calibers? Is it seamasters or other models have a more quality or worse quality movements? What s your experience? Best regards.

jpim75 says:

Great vintage pieces.

francois.jacobus kleingeld says:

Hi Have a 1956 omaga Seamaster I want to know what’s it price today can any one help me and mybe will like to take it from me for a price need TLC but in a working odder

Jerry Garcia says:

do you sell this watches?

myvenusinuranus says:

why do some seamasters have the seahorse logo on the back and some don’t??

Jpman 276 says:

After my granddad passed away I got his omega seamaster from about 1957 with the black dial and golden hands, but the minute and hour hands aren’t working and omega is charging quit some money to repair the watch (515-1000€). Is it worth it ?

Collecting Vintage Watches says:

hi, the Omega seamaster 711, that’s one of my personal watches and it’s so hard to find, good luck in finding another one. thank you for commenting

muffemod says:

you speak english pretty well

Barking Spider says:

I got a 1967 18k seamaster de ville with the black face!

A. S. says:

Great video! Thanks! Tangential question: What kind of watch strap do you have on the 14K gold-topped Seamaster?

jyrki says:

i have omega electronic 300 hz De Ville chronometer , year maybe 40 , my uncle bye this -45
and i dont see nothing like this in youtube, like gold and heavy…if you now something about this clock, please…say something …

PoloBoyMal says:

Hello Fernando, you have a great collection. If i may ask how hard is it to obtain a 1960’s Omega Seamaster De Ville and at what price my i get one at? Great Collection, Thank you

Mohammed Alamri says:

Is most of them has no original band , where do you buy your original band

hakan khk says:


محمد الشامي says:

عندي مثلهم اوميغا عدد 2 للبيع في الأردن

Optidorf says:

Nice collection and some vintage Omegas are indeed quite cheap. I bought a Seamaster Day Date from 1979 for a reasonable price. If you compare this with the prices asked for Speedmasters from the same year…

Chevy Chevelle says:

What’s your opinion on the older Geneves? I don’t know the year range, but I’m talking about the ones with the triangular minute markers.

hakan khk says:

Hello mister Fernando , you have (vintage omega watch collection) uploaded YouTube video Omega wristwatch with black leather strap with white automatic Vintage Series If you own the product you are thinking of selling

gmshadowtraders says:

Holy shit homes this is gonna be good!

kernow trebartha says:

excellent video and commentary.

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