Underrated Watches From Popular Brands Part 2 (Tissot, Omega, Sinn, Zenith & More)

In this video, we continue looking at underrated watches from mainstream watch brands. That means no microbrands on this list and we are going to look at one watch per brand and look at multiple price ranges from affordable to luxury.

So in this video, we are going to be looking at underrated watches from mainstream watch brands. That means no microbrands on this list and we are going to look at one watch per brand and look at multiple price ranges from affordable to luxury.

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Most underrated watches of all time: https://youtu.be/GV01OmcV2no

Underrated watches from popular brands part i: https://youtu.be/8iVlJKP9EoY


Josh Smith says:

Tissot is so underrated, what they offer for money is amazing. Their watches punch well above their weight imo. Are they as luxurious as a Patek Phillipe? No, but they’re made well, the brand has some amazing heritage, they’ve been making watches for well over 100 years, and they’re built for being worn. Tissot is what got me into horology.

Luis Claudio says:

I’m a new watch enthusiastic, and I bought a Swiss Military Hanowa navalus, my first classic watch, what do you think about that
? Was a good buy? Anyone with experience on the brand?

Ramy G says:

Love your content and great watch bands btw. Please stay true to your viewers and don’t sell yourself in the future.

zafert85 says:

The seastar is soooo fucking uygly and feels underwhelming.

A V says:

He says “sapphire crystal” always in the same way. That’s actually impressive.

Kasper Hedegaard says:

My gripe with the Tissot is the powermatic movement..

Pete Romano says:

Great video, I own the Junghans Form A and I love that watch.

Coolest SHIT says:


Nick Nolte says:

So, Teddy. I just got my Seiko SNK809 about a month ago, and I already got a few dings on it, and it’s really bugging me. It almost makes me not want to wear it. What advice do you have for this OCD? Thanks!

Snakeorliquid says:

Hey teddy, what do you think about Montblanc watches?

Adam Fialka says:

I think that Longines Conquest is good watch, but the aesthetic of it looks to my eye like it’s sterile..for the price, you’re just getting fancier logo in ok-finished case..it is nice but beside that 30bar wr nothing special, and in this bracket there are many more interesting and highier qual. pieces

smutgod612 says:

You should do a video on weird watches like the wired AGM404

Antonio Torres Vazquez says:

Great job as always! I would like you to review edox watches. Thanks!

Daniel Quintana says:

Just a little irked by how you pronounce “Junghans” but otherwise a great video, Teddy

Marinus Antonius says:

Should have bought the Citizen NY- series in blue more earlier. I’ve underrated them. Now they are being fased out I am glad I did.

The Watch Lounge says:

I love my el Primero and sinn 104

Spencer Lush says:


Galvin Wong says:

The Tudor Pelagos (especially the LHD) is a great alternative to the Railmaster. Thoroughly modern watch with vintage inspiration, in-house movement with silicon hairspring, but with a longer power reserve and you also get the innovative bracelet. The Railmaster was my grail but in the end I got great deal for a second hand LHD.

Rolex Reviews says:

Underrated is a Understatement

lori thorpe says:

they bring out some lovely watches these days , & i quite like the tissot & the longines watches, they look really nice , but if i had the money it would have to be a jaquet droz with the bluetit or one of those big jacob & co watches , just to keep lol . what would be your all time favourite ? teddy .

Fouad AL-Hatlan says:

Modern Zenith in general is very underrated. the elite lineup looks incredible in person

godfatherNYC says:

Where’s the link to the most underrated watches of all time? Thanks.

dae lee says:

Picked up the new Railmaster last year as my first Omega and I can’t get over how beautiful it is. Fell in love with it ever since I saw it revealed in Baselworld 2017, and is still my favorite everyday piece.

Kor3xican says:

I’m a fan of the aqua terra

Brandon Sullivan says:

Those Tissot Seastars are sweet…….. except the odd sized lugs. Why?

Michael Martin says:

Sorry Ted , NO WAY can I walk round with a watch that has ANUS slapped in the middle of the dial , it’s just one of those once seen thing’s

USP40guy says:

Mido Multifort and Multifort GMT. Your videos are great and cover good less popular variants of watches.

Marcus Gosty says:

Agree about the Railmaster being best of trilogy series.

hellper198 says:

Who’s the icon associated with the Omega Railmaster?
James Bond = Omega Seamaster
NASA = Omega Speedmaster
????? = Omega Railmaster
That is the Omega Railmaster’s challenge. The Speedmaster makes me feel like an astronaut, the Seamaster makes me feel like James Bond.

andrei-cosmin popa says:

Explorer (1) and the Railmaster are the 2 pieces I probably appreciate the most in the world of watches. Thanks for the video!

Alessio Bruni says:

Yesss, finally you mentioned the 356

Slava Kim says:

The 2018 Tissot seastar 1000,powermatic 80 is definitely the most underrated diver on the market under 700$. swiss eta movement, 80hour power reserve, ceramic bezel, 300m water resistant, sapphire crystal glass, windable, hackable. Superb finishing and a brand that has decades of horological history. What more would u want?

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