Top 20 Best Iconic Luxury Watches Under $5000 New/Used – Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Tudor, JLC & More

*PLEASE NOTE: This list is based on late 2016 used and new prices, thank you.

Today I make another countdown video in response to a recent poll held in the UGWC. A few weeks ago I asked my esteemed fellow members to vote on the best luxury watches under $5000, new or used. The results are in, and what a cool list indeed!

20. Rolex Explorer II (Polar)
19. Tudor Prince Date-Day
18. Cartier Tank
17. Panerai Radiomir
16. Omega Planet Ocean
15. Omega Aqua Terra
14. IWC Portuguese Chronograph
13. Grand Seiko GMT
12. Tudor Pelagos
11. Breitling Navitimer
10. Zenith El Primero Tri-Colour Chronograph
9. Tag Heuer Monaco
8. Grand Seiko Snowflake
7. Tudor Heritage Black Bay
6. JLC Reverso
5. Rolex Explorer
4. Omega Speedmaster MOTM
3. Rolex Datejust
2. Rolex Submariner (No Date)
1. Omega Seamaster 300m (Bond)

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AH H says:

I have been away on some business but have now caught up on the last few vids. Hope you are well my friend.

Benendes C says:

Ha tgv I have come to the final decision on a watch purchase which will be my only one for the whole of next year and it’s completely neck and neck with the Tudor black bay dark and seamaster 300 reissue they are both beautiful time pieces but there can be one sadly and I just cannot make up my mind

Jack Stanislow says:

Navi is my #1 😉

tatskamies says:

For me at least MOTFM will always be the number one. 😛

mqabandi says:

Nice video. Surprising no. 1 result! I agree the Semester is a classic, but no.1!!! My guess would have been Submariner at 1st spot, and the Speedmaster at the 2nd spot. And I think the Carrera should make the top 20

Imperatore7777 says:

Well done fratello.

Henk Thoma says:

Hi TGV, is there any reason I am unable to join the Facebook horological group? I tried several times now and after initially showing “Pending” it shows “Join Group” again after some time. Am I getting deleted by the administrators maybe? Thanks!

luke tomaszewski says:

No love for the Nautilus? Or Royal Oak?


what about TISSOT???

Top Gun says:

*My Vote: The Classic Rolex Submariner (Your friends in Bangor, Maine)

Parham Ghaemi says:

could you please do your videos shorter ?

pocopal says:

Good vid…really enjoyed it ..thanks.

Harry Limanto says:

becasue of you… im going to get that seamaster 300 🙂

Hendarin Riandi says:

Very nice and informative countdown …. love this video …… what do you think about the Breitling chronomatic A41360 ? ….. because I really love that watch, but it seems that not much of reviews about that particular model ( is it because that model only produced during 2006-2008 and discontinued ? )

Martin Small says:

I haven’t owned a high end watch, yet! But I think number one was the correct choice.

Fettman07 says:

Your wrist watch check in this episode is your favorite watch of mine, that blue is just captivating.

xXffmbrudiXx says:

What’s this Rolex Day Date looking watch on your desk? New aqcuisition?

Steve Gaskell says:

Enjoy your videos and passion for watch collecting.

Fap LordFap says:

Love this!
But i always wish you do a review on my tissot le loche 🙂

Tim Young says:

Wish you’d review a 38mm Omega Planet Ocean.

Magnus Beele says:

Hey TGV,

ever heard about Tutima?
I just uploaded a review.
I would love to see you criticize my first video =)

Greetings from Germany, keep up the good work!

Gus Wright says:

When you said the date just quartz years ago was affordable and no one wanted it. What watch would you say is viewed the same today?

dvdback23 says:

Excellent as always. Thanks TGV

jose antonio zamora reyes says:

There are several sizes in the reverso line

Giosaurus Rex says:

Ha, the Seamaster was also my first “nice, luxury, swiss watch”. But it’s not the bond version. It’s the electric blue, sword hands.

Paul Bugoni says:

Excellent video T. Re the Monaco just finished watching a special on McQueen and the LeMans movie; in it his son and driver Derek Bell were both wearing blacked dialed Monacos; however McQueen was a Subby fan. My favorite watch here though has to be the El Primero; rarely seen even in the mean streets of NYC…Zenith is pure class!

mikiithe13th says:

This list almost looks like the top watch list in chrono24

Reece Gordon says:

Quite surprised at the way top 10 lined up, it’s tricky with regards to what can come in at 5k these days new or used though!

vallabhaneni vishesh says:

hi man I am a big fan of your work for a long time. could u please suggest me the best rose gold dial watches under 4000 usd and some in 1500 usd

Don Messer says:

Great video, Tristano! Lots to think about and absorb. In my life I’ve been fortunate to own a couple of these great watches: the Rolex no-date Submariner and the Omega Speedmaster Professional moon watch (ref. 145.002-69ST) which I purchased new in 1973. Only eighteen more to go ……

hellotabasco says:

good choices! i was expecting the submariner to be the no.1… keep the good work TGV! cheers!!!

Gilbert Young says:

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster deserve to be in the top 10, especially the 1969!

CrizDuB says:

Tgv I’m getting my first signet ring on Friday. Would you recommend hand or machine engraving on it? Thanks a lot and love the videos!!

Horologist Extreme says:

Very well said TGV on what makes you smile with your Squale 1521 Azul blue which I also own. But right now one that has been taking all the wrist time is my Doxa Sub 1200t Profesional (orange dial goodness) When I put it on my wrist my mood immediately changes. It’s a priceless feeling to own a piece that strikes that sort of chord with you as a collector. It’s definitely an ICON!! interesting fact. Rolex and Doxa worked on the helium release valve as seen on the Sea dweller TOGETHER. Rolex had the funds immediately to apply for the patent so their name is on the patent for the helium release valve. That being said Rolex as a thank you for working together to develop the technology gave Doxa rights to use the same design that can be seen on vintage Doxa Subs as well as my modern 1200t Professional I wear on my wrist as I type this comment. Cheers.

harlequin75 says:

Imagine if Steve McQueen had worn a Casio F91W. I wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the watch world.

STEM Project says:

Just realised.. No GMT Master II ?? Wow !

Luke Di Pietro says:

Please do a video all about the Monaco

Ryan Mead says:

Hi tgv great vid, so the Bond pips every one to the post interesting, so many great pieces in that line up it was simply a pleasure to watch, so thank you tgv your friend Ryan, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

JgHaverty says:

My wife said Im not allowed to watch your channel any more hahaha

Rasmus Helenius says:

Damn TGV. You know all these French/German words so well, and you botch Le Mans. Oh well. Great video once again!

Victor chavez says:

Where can you get a navitimer for under 5k? Let me know so I can give them my money

RolexKings RolexKings says:

Le Mans is prounced ‘le Mon’ TGV…;-)

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