Top 10 Underrated Best Watches From $500 to $1000 – Omega, Sinn, Fortis, Breitling, Hamilton & More

Last week I asked my audience during a video, what price range are they interested in when it comes to spending on watches? The most frequent response was $500 to $1000. So today I take a look at my top 10 personal selection of underrated watches at this price range. Rather then the usual Gentry favourites like the Oris Aquis, Squale 1521, Sinn 104, Seiko Divers etc. that dominate this price range, I select 10 that I feel offer great value for money, heritage and quality.
Feel free to hare your faves in the comments, thank you.

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Milan Meister says:

Great video, TGV!
Can you please compare Grand Seiko with Rolex?
Best regards from germany!

Michael Clement says:

Hi- awesome channel. First comment ever on YouTube. Need advice- just bought omega dark side of moon. First ever big boy watch. Just getting started- lot to learn. If I keep second hand constantly running can it ruin the watch internally or is it harmful in anyway? Appreciate any advice

jwswilliampenn says:

Great video and very informative as usual – how about the the longines conquest automatic 41mm – a great looking watch from a well established and premium swiss brand – you can pick these up brand new in the UK for just under £670 about $870 – well worth considering – they even have 300m water resistance which is pretty rare in this price bracket.

cw3extreme says:

Brilliant video. Somehow you are constantly coming up with great topics for videos after all these years. I pray your creative juices don’t stop flowing anytime soon. Cheers.

Sebastian Schmidt says:

A really good selection TGV, some cooool watches in yout list. The Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic in 38 mm would also be a good choice. Maybe next time 😉

cristiclaudiu says:

Great videos TGV! I haven’t heard you talking about any Atlantic watches; your dear friend Federico has a beatifull vintage piece. Maybe you should consider it on your next videos! Good luck with your channel!

michael taylor says:

TGV lovin this channel just wondered if you could help I’ve got a 24year old seiko panda crono it’s on a bracelet and I want to swap it for a NATO what colours would you go for ?

Michael Eccles says:

I’m a touch surprised you didn’t find room for the CWC RN divers. Brilliant watch, great quality, hardly ever come up on Ebay and hold their value very well because of this. The company is a joy to deal with too. Great watch, had two and will probably buy it again!

Dennis Kwok says:

The Sinn 556 has 200m WR. 🙂

Sarfaraz Shaikh says:

please suggest, which Marathon will fit best for my 6 and a half inch risk, is it 36 or 40?

Konstantinos Moustidis says:

That STOWA pilot looks exactly like an IWC Big Pilot. So now I have a dilemma, STOWA or interstellar Hamilton ?

Yoel Gutierrez CPT says:

If you could only own ONE watch for the rest of your life, which watch would you choose

hrobi says:

Fantastic video! These types of videos are the best of TGV, keep it up!!

ForbinColossus says:

Favoloso, Tristano — the Omega pix never get old!
For somewhat newbies like me, I used to think “flieger” was a brand name.
A bit of history on Flieger-styles follows. There are two main ones: the A dial and the B dial. The two types of dials refer to specifically WWII German pilots watches. The German word for pilot is flieger, or “flyer.”
– The ‘A’ Dial is more like a traditional watch with 1-12 around the edge and three hands. These are called fliegeruhren, or “fliers watches.”
– The ‘B’ Dial is the navigators watch. In German they are called beobachtungsuhren, or “observers watches.” This design is (I may be mistaken) specific to WWII Germany. The Allied pilot watches were all similar to the A Dial flieger.

Joshua Tsau says:

Glycine No 1 is the 36mm airman. They have it as a GMT model with a regular 12 hr hand + a GMT hand as well as the purist model with just the 24 hr hand.

Matt S says:

Random: what did you think of the new alien covenant movie?

Nick Guzeli says:

You too huh? FedEx has been a nightmare for me, and this is the second time i’m having to deal with their nonsense. Hope your issue isn’t a huge deal. I’ve learned to stick to USPS whenever possible.

Ben Pollard says:

If i was gonna spend that type money on a watch i would get a Tissot
Swiss made, Sapphire Crystal, high quality leather ,,, all the goodies !!!
for example

Erick Kwiecien says:

Hey TGV, long time viewer, first time commenter. About six months ago, I bought a Sinn 556A after much deliberation, and I couldn’t be happier. It was my first mechanical watch, and I’m not sure if would have ever discovered the brand if it weren’t for your channel. Like you, I’ve been lusting for a Rolex Explorer, but the quality of the 556A is so remarkably high that it’s given me pause to spend more money on a similar piece. I’ve since picked up a Casio DW5600 as my beater watch, and the pair make a killer tough-as-nails two-watch collection. Congratulations for your success with the channel, and thank you for introducing me to this timeless hobby.

coen franken says:

+The Urban Gentry Have you ever heard of Out of Order Watches? You shoukd definitely check them out because they have a very distinct style. Teaser: Their slogan is ‘Damaged in Italy’…

Maxence Rimaud says:

Thanks, great video. Is this a scam at that price?

Jiri Klekner says:

TGV what you think about Prim Czech made watches,is there any value to collect them?

David C says:

Excellent video! I have the Sinn 556a and love it! Torn what to get next, whether to go for the Sinn 104 or the Stowa Antea KS. I’ve wanted a 104 for a while but I sure do like that Stowa….

Feudal Dual says:

Hey man, I love all your videos especially the budget and these types of videos but what are the best websites to buy new/pre owned luxury watches?

Hiram Anzaldua says:

Hey TGV great videos like always I was wondering what are your thoughts on Movado watches especially the Museum Classic

RandMan14 says:

I’ve had my eye on a Fortis chronograph for quite some time now.

Unkle Terry says:

Also:Halios watches….very highly regarded micro brand.

S says:

Hello TGV, I just fall in love with the Sinn 556 red edition!
I think it’s going to be my Christmas present!
Thank you for making me discover this watch that I had never seen before.
Best regards, S.

hervé Chretien says:

Reinforces my interest in Sinn. What a great brand.

TheSupercarGeek says:

Cool video, I was wondering whether you could review the Hamilton Khaki with the reference H70455533 as there aren’t many good reviews out there and you are the best for opinions and reviews. Thanks Jacob.

R G says:

Another great video! I think a review of the Bulova Moon watch would be fun. Not a huge Bulova fan but that watch seems to be very cool.

Rob Weaver says:

Thank you once again for the great video. Not sure if it’s been mentioned, the Sinn 556a currently has an ETA 2824-2 “Elabore” movement and a whopping 200m water resistance. It’s my every day watch and I couldn’t be more in love with it!
Best wishes,

zoostation64 says:

No Tissot?

Andre P. says:

I just bought the Stowa Marine original, 41mm White dial, just love it.
And you are right!!! it is in the black forest, I ordered mine directly from the Factory in Germany and from the Black Forest Area…

Darren Cole says:

Thanks for bringing up Fortis, I have become very interested in them. I really like the new Classic cosmonaut chrono with the steel or ceramic tach bezel.

Timberbreak1 says:

Hi guys, I need your help

what kind of watch is this? Since it doesn’t have any Brand Name on it I’m struggling with the model.
Appreciate all sorts of help 🙂

sk8brd ninja says:

TGV! Great vid, The vintage Omegas are just beautiful and I love the style. SIMPLY CLASSY! The Hamilton is a beast thou, I’m mirrin for sure. My son got a Casio diver and a Casio calculator watch for his B day on Saturday. He’s been “Schwarzkopf’n ever since!

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