This IS OMEGA at its BEST: OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300m Review

Omega Seamaster 300m Review | Horology House

The updated version of the iconic Omega Seamaster Diver, was announced at Baselworld 2018, along with 14 variations.

In a moved that pays homage to its past, Omega reintroduced the classic wave style dial, and made some significant upgrades to the classic Seamaster, making this potentially one of their best ever, and one of the best dive watches available today.
The watch is priced in line with the Tudor BB58, and Tudor Pelagos, however Omega are taking at aim the industry standard, the Rolex Submariner. So how does this new release shape up overall? Lets take a look.

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DerpEye says:

i don’t know why they went for a bigger case, contrary to the trend of the market.

kernow trebartha says:

visually the only change I like over the previous ceramic model which I have is the date at 6o’clock, which improves the symmetry of the dial. I do love the omega seamaster 3oo it’s a great watch and so much better value than the over priced sub.

Yaros Snyder says:

Friend I love your video content
I think you took it the wrong way
My wife is Australian
It’s uniquely cool mate
Again you’re doing some healthy stuff in regards to your video content

Kaneth Lapjatupon says:

10,000th subscriber here! wooo

Time Line says:

I stop buying Omega because of low quality!! Higher prices for low quality. No Thanks!!

Very Good Reviews! Need more honest review like this Video..

benzinbruder96 says:

At least for me this watch is the game changer of diver watches. With this great new movement and material choice it is for sure a better watch than a Submariner.

SeaMaster says:

beautiful drawing in the background. Is that the early work of Pablo Picasso? 😀
Great review btw. 🙂

Daniel Orozco says:

I think its better Than the rolex sub in every way

Ryan Coombs says:

So much nicer than any Rolex, amazing!

John Falkenthal says:

Solid review, well done. Your macros are outstanding.

Jason WB says:

Very nice looking watch, Not a fan of the new helium escape valve, why cant they just do an automatic one like rolex on side of case. Also would like all the lume to be the same color, all blue would be nice. really like the movement, and for the price it’s a pretty good deal compared to the more expensive globemaster which manages to be 39mm case width but not 300m resistant. also like the dial, and like how the bracelet really hasn’t changed except for 20mm width, I find wider bracelet are less uncomfortable on the wrist though. But I can see why bracelet is wider because of bigger case to fit new movement for seamaster. I think the 2500 co-axial movement is still a great movement (highly modified ETA 2892) in the older seamaster.

Michael Gomez says:

Don’t like: the thickness (it only got fatter), the hands, the scalloped edges, and the bracelet.
Like: the dial, the waves, and the clasp.
Conclusion: Would sooner buy a Tudor.

Yaros Snyder says:

I can’t stand Avtraaywianhhhh accent
It’s as if one is eating a hot potato and trying to talk English

Ronan Condon says:

I love that dial!

Murray Duncan says:

Picking mine up this week. What is happening with yours? Can you tell us what Omega is doing to remedy the defects in your watch?

Jas hunter says:

also i’m a professional director & cinematographer & wanted to applaud you for the presentation skills, watch knowledge and camerawork here. very polished stuff. may i ask what you’re shooting with? thx

Jorge Vieira says:

Love the quality of videos I am no meas hating. One suggestion your b roll in the intro where just to fast! Keep those stills around 5 seconds. Like you have once you start talking just to make it kore pleasant. I love your channel one of the best HQ youtube watch channels! And I def watch cause of your accent. Haha cheers!

Touching Evil says:

How could you miss the flaws when you bought it ?

Roberto Ramon says:

This seamaster or the moonwatch? It could be interesting comparing these two watches
Tudor bb58 vs seamaster is another good comparison!
Go on with these stunning reviews! Well done

Horology House says:

I LOVE macro!

Drone Enthusiast says:

I absolutely love mine. I have the same black dial on a bracelet.

Csab says:

Slow down please talk tooo fast

Burkinater 48 says:

if they would get rid of that escape valve and that tacky looking bracelet imo it would be perfect.

Dean Naguib says:

Seamaster up against a Pelagos please! It’s basically my choices for my next watch…

Jack Serious says:

Absolutely the BEST Omega seamaster ever made!

rob Marchand says:

Great detailed review.

MLC says:

Nice video and kudos for calling out Omega on the defects.

Michael Halim says:

please do a comparison review of seamaster 300m 2018 va rolex submariner cerachrom black, i think its gonna have a lot of views

Jas hunter says:

this with sword hands would be a stunning no brainer. how many people need to tell them this part of their design language doesn’t work? my 2254.50 is amazing partly because of sword hands

Jeffrey Wood says:

Thank you for another great video. I love the macro shots, they are remarkable. Your reviews are thorough and interesting 🙂

T3L3cast3r says:

It looks very, very nice on that leather strap! Thank you for a very good review.

Mad For it says:

You don’t undo the helium valve underwater it’s meant for real divers (saturation divers)

MrFlodop says:

Any chance you’d tell me where you got that brown leather band? Would you recommend it?

DrA says:

Love it. Got the blue.

Truthfears Guilty says:

nice design. of course nicer being an omega. however, 42mm case is way too big.

Wolf DNA says:

I love it

TheChap says:

Great review! Thinking of getting this but will be sure to take in a loupe in light of those manufacturing flaws!

mikvas says:

beauty…even better on black rubber…

Michael Frilund says:


I am a new subscriber. Sad to see this, but Omega sometimes lacks in quality.

Sure it can happen to any brand, but Omega seems to be a brand where it happens more often.

Tom Smith says:

Horrible HE valve

Sonny Jacob Lee says:

VS BlackBay!

Nrettenb says:

Steinhart has better build quality lol

Ishmael Bulbulia says:

Omega should have toned it down slightly. Compared to the Rolex Submariner, it’s still not a winner. For the experienced watch buyer, it’s still too far from being perfect.
The numbers font on the bezel is too stretched. The dial would have been better matt or satin finished, it just looks too shiny. The wave pattern should have been finer like the original model. The 6 O’clock Baton, is too narrow. Would have been better at the same width as the date window to balance it out. The Helium release button looks a little odd in shape, an afterthought..?
Then the Bracelet should have had a taper, to make it more comfortable and also to lose some weight. Half links on both sides to balance it all out.
Master Chronometer is great but the design lets it down.

박효영 says:

갖고싶다 시부레

Vitomir Maricic says:

uw things are my favs. Cool.

excelerater says:

this is called overdone……Its a mess ,its got too many shapes ,waves dots,points bevels just way overdone

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