The Watches EVERYONE Wants To Buy ! – Federico Talks Watches

The Watches EVERYONE Wants To Buy ! – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about watches that everyone always wants to buy. Watches that people request from us all the time! The Omega Speedmaster and the Jaeger LeCoultre (JLC) Master Control sector dial are the highest amongst them. We get multiple requests for these a week and cant keep the Master Control or Omega Speedmaster in stock for long! Do these watches surprise you?


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Seiko SKX:
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Danny waldo says:

Hey Federico , what’s your thought of a Formula 1 Tag Heuer , all black rubber for 1600 out the door of a AD in the Caribbean , as my daily watch ?

Stephen Murphy says:

Would have guessed Lionshark?

Trung Pham says:

Is anyone really buying from their shop?

B T says:

I think the popularity of the JLC sector dial is because of all the Hodinkee articles and other watch blogs. Also, ironically, I think I was looking into buying each of those watches mentioned in the video with the exception of the Speedmaster so spot on lol.

Mo 786 says:

Why is the price and popularity of Panerai in the gutter? Could you explain.

Vedad says:

I think having waiting list is not good for your web business. Why would I ever visit it if I know you have those lists so I only get to see the leftovers.

michael ellliot says:

Fed, do you get much demand for the pre ceramic sub or just the ceramic sub?

E. Eeyore says:

John’s got great hair! Well done!

Jerry Mathers says:

An SKX007 with white gloves is pure class.

AH says:

Hi Federico 

Great video. After watching your video do you think a speedy would be a better choice than Heuer Autavia in holding value ? I like them both but might trade it down the road. Thanks for your advice. Again love your videos.

Musab Al-Hallaf says:

how much does Omega speed master 60th anniversary?

Ashwin Kumar Thiruvengadam says:

Federico.. you with your wrist watch check are a one man brand ambassador for Panerai. So I am not surprised

Ruvim stoyan says:

Best episode in a while 😉 it’s so nice to know what interests the majority. Make more vids like this!

Gary Xu says:

Look forward to hearing about the watch in the next episode!

Rey Pad says:

Federico, if given the opportunity would you buy a Rolex Sky dweller s/s full retail to own. thx

Barry island says:

Oh well that’s pushed prices up of the pieces mentioned ….

David Williams says:

An uber-popular microbrand that is really tough to get for good value is Vancouver-based Halios, especially their Seaforth model. Sold out in late Jan in less than five minutes (that’s being generous) and flippers are posting them on Ebay for 2x+….

Rod Rodriguez says:

I have that exact same color BB shirt, Fed! Smaller size of course. I bought quite a few at the outlet in SF. Seriously, you should be a brand ambassador.

Jozef Hrušecký says:

Got I like the speedy. I admire it, I like to have one… but what you (and not just you) are saying has slowly steered me away from one. This (everybody want or have one) and the number of “limited editions”. Such a shame that from all other aspects a great product can get to the point whre its fame is starting to harm it. Interesting to say, I don’t see this happening to subs, or at least not to such extend.
Sorry speedy, daddy is going to look for his new grailwatch somewhere else. :/

Big E says:

Am I alone here or do we all want to see the Brooks Brothers polo collection?

Charles Field says:

Love it! you guys are the greatest. Glad business is going well.


COSTCO watch price beats most others. Thanks for the content.

Kurt Nunn says:

tough get is the Tudor Black Bay 79220n “Red Triangle” – ETA. Can’t find one!

HachiZenki says:

No requests for 5711s? AP ROO skeleton dials?

Mark Thorpe says:

You have just told everyone where to buy a Speedy for 300 dollars less than you sell it at.And you’re running a business?

FreedomVan says:

Dude wtf! Something keeps happening to your major purchases. Remember the Hong Kong incident?

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