The Omega Speedmaster range and my opinions on these watches.

This is a video covering the entire Omega Speedmaster range and explaining what I think of these models.

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No One says:

thank you for the informative video

Vavazelus says:

The Speedmaster with the hesilite crystal and 1861 movement is the way to go.

algorithm007ify says:

IMO, GSOTM is the best speedmaster…followed by the speedmaster professional

medgasguy says:

Great review my fellow watch enthusiast. Keep up the great work.

A Puppet, Two Vostoks and A Welfare Cheque says:

I can’t afford Omega so I buy Vostok. I have a Vostok ‘Lazy side of the Lager Lout’ its a special lager resistant variant of the Amphibia designed especially for those with an aversion to work and an addiction to bargain basement lager. They’re priced at a very reasonable £20 and have a picture of a little man vomiting on a police officer on the dial.

Altex lan says:

Speedmaster got one problem. the chrono cannot reset to zero. so do quartz chrono watches but for quartz watch there is a procedure to reset to zero. but for mechanical watch you have send to shop to reset to zero and you have to pay for it..

gmshadowtraders says:

All I need to know is this – is the professional watch significantly better than the reduced version which is better-sized, an automatic and now discontinued? Let me know peeps!

Claus-L. Müller says:

Another very informative video. Thank you for this introduction to the Speedmaster line. I’m only missing the ones with a moon phase…

mike .D says:

I have only heard about one watch being a “disaster” and that is the Omega speedmaster” It seems unusable to me , my buddy had his in his hand 3 months for the first year he owned it ! He said he thought it was a Russian make , it was so bad !.

robertgao521 says:

ummm and ummm.. ummm and umm and mmmm uuhmmmm

steve lowry says:

Omega milking the moon thing, darkside grayside and whiteside already done, just waiting for the new `inside of the moon` in tasty cheese colourway

Mike W says:

Excellent vid, think either the MOTM or SM57 are the ones to go for, not so keen on those limited edition versions. Mike

Ian Masterton says:

Being a bit pedantic here, but wasn’t it the calibre 321 that was on Buzz’s wrist?

mario siaven says:

i agree 100% with your selection the 57 standard and blue dial and both mark 2 plus love the subduef understated bracelets on these but yeah difficult to pick the perfect one among those beauties

Oscar Dominguez says:

In my opinion it’s incredibly overpriced, however i own an original cal.321 and it’s increasing in price, so i’m glad

Sehmuz Bayhan says:

The only Speedmaster that went to moon is Caliber 321. Movement has gold parts with column wheel crono. Not the cheap stuff that followed afterwards. Every Speedy that says ‘First Watch on the Moon’ never been to the moon.

Andrew Peters says:

Great Vid!

Adb07d says:

the problem with the ridiculous amount of models that omega has made is that it cheapens the brand. stick with 3 or 4 and make them really well.

Amintas Neto says:

Great review. Thanks for that. It’s amazing to see how many Speedy incarnations exists. Even thought it’s a iconic watch Omega missed a chance to turn it into a classic chrono such as Daytona due to the excess of variations which depreciates the line.
Love my Dark Side of the Moon anyway 😉

Brittania says:

The speed master ranges are overrated. “Man on the fucking moon!!!!!!!!”. Talk about flogging a dead horse….there has been no space missions since 1972. The marketing geniuses must have run out of ideas for the past 40+ years. As for the “solar” one it is one ugly watch! The Mark 2 black one is quite nice and understated.

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